• EC Police officer stops traffic
    EC Police Officer stops traffic just to hear live news report

  • School Board vote a big change
    Straw poll shows that voters are upset with Una Keenon and others

Praying for help from The WORD Church – OMG

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The Eighth District Court of Appeals has decided to stall their decision on releasing public records until January 2016 including records which will show how much money The WORD Church pays to hold services at Shaw High School.  CA-15-103313 – STATE OF OHIO ON RELATION OF GERALD STROTHERS JR. vs. DR UNA H.R. KEENON, PRESIDENTBoardBrief2ndBrief_Page_03


East Cleveland Board of Education President Dr. Una Keenon continues clouding releasing public records by saying everything is legit.  From “FoodGate” where Keenon has proclaimed that EC School Board Members have the right to enjoy a high priced catered gourmet meal to the over $153 thousand dollar contact the lowest school superintendent Myra Loy Corley enjoys.


Now a prayer is going out to The WORD Church,  Pastor Dr. R. A. Vernon to provide the amounts paid to the East Cleveland Board of Education and or Dr. Una Keenon or her staff or  people.  Pastor Vernon is not involved in this matter.  It is hoped that the church provide the receipts showing who, what, where, when money has changed hands between church goers and EC Board of Education or it’s president Dr. Una Keenon.   OMG


John 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

EC City Councilman Brandon King files assault charges against Clerk

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Following the discovery of bed bugs infesting city hall Councilman Brandon King has filed criminal charges of assault on City Council  Clerk Tracy L. Udrija-Peters.  Unfortunately for the young councilman King his effort to quash the bed-bug infestation whistle-blower is not the City Council Clerk.


At this point if King has a shred of sense he will call the Law Director and tell her to shred up the complaint,  however there are tons of live news trucks ready to cover this fiasco by King.  The person(s) who brought the bed bug infestation do not  include EC City Council personnel.

The bed bug infested King is blaming the council clerk for leaking out the bed bug infestation to the media and now he plans on having  the alleged council clerk sent to prison.


Brandon  King and Thomas Wheeler have united to create complete chaos in the city of East Cleveland Ohio and the charging of a felony on someone who had nothing to with the bed bug incident.  King who is a city-wide councilman shows why the people are preparing to recall him and have already fired his friend Thomas Wheeler.


44112News is looking for help once again from the men and women in black to step up the investigation because innocent people are being bullied by want to be thugs like Brandon King.  We have remained silent as requested but it is important to handle what King is doing in consideration.


East Cleveland Police have not yet placed the clerk in handcuffs to perpetuate this less than honorable charge but they are  expected to use some scare tactics to force the council office to be closed.   To the EC Police Department and Law Director please remember that the  whole world is watching you and it would be to your advantage to think your next actions carefully.


For the record the clerk had nothing to do with the leak which came from someone working in City Hall who will remain anonymous until needed.  This clerk is not guilty of the leak and when the bed bug matter gets fixed and the officers under investigation are all incarcerated we just may allow our whistle-blowers to tell their story.

Why all the black cops but no white cops in EC Indictment?

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“Police Crimes Do Matter”


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The men and women in black have managed to  indict some of the black police officers alleged to be corrupt.  On the face of this indictment it seems to make sense to everyone other than the people who are in prison or have been charged by the East Cleveland detective squad were sent there only by black officers.   In reality the “Street Crimes Unit” has several white officers who who also should not be exempt from prosecution.


Odd that standing  next to  the U.S. Attorney General is EC Police Chief Michael Cardilli who as one of the S.W.A.T. officers during many of these raids stands uncharged.  Did he “rat” on the other police officers or keep safe the white officers such as retired detective Randy Hicks and Scott Gardner?  Another thing happening in East Cleveland is the absence of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. at this critical time.


This is a work in progress and it should include all of the police officers and others involved.





Una Keenon, The WORD Church, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – East Cleveland School Board President Dr. Una Keenon is fighting for her political life and not wanting to go to jail.  Her supporters are willing to take the street saying that the quote “white woman” is any of the  untrue negative things.  By circulating anonymous letters to residents filled with lies or just plain racist remarks will the students of the schools who pick these papers off their porches be changed by what they read?  Perhaps Keenon supporters should realize that children are seeing their racist and sexist remarks they drop off on porches.

When Otis Mays started spreading rumors that Gerald Strothers was dead, had been killed by gunfire it had many people upset enough to send flowers and cards.  Now he claims that the copies of a racist letter being circulated is not his doing or that he does not have any part in the current hate campaign even though he has multiple copies of the color document.

While the children at the East Cleveland Schools fight to stop bullying and racism it appears that some of the adults running the school board are using bully tactics to get reelected or just harass their fellow school board members.

This school board election has gone to an all time low in East Cleveland as Dr. Keenon and her supporters are willing to do anything she can to get the leader of the EC School Board reelected.  

The WORD Church

Under the direction of Dr. Una Keenon her law firm refuses to provide how much they are charging the people of East Cleveland Ohio but they did compose their own receipt with how much The WORD Church is paying EC Schools.  Still no actual signed receipts we are just given a computer drafted statement and have to believe this is the truth.  The WORD Church is not providing any information about money collected or given to the East Cleveland Schools or it’s representatives.



However according to many of The WORD Church Shaw High School church goers they don’t think what has been submitted to the Eighth District Court of Appeals is correct.  Both Keenon and The WORD Church refuse to provide the truth about much money is being exchanged to the EC School Board and Una Keenon or her supporters.

Beachwood Board of Education

One of the top performing school districts in Ohio hold regular meetings much like the Una Keenon East Cleveland School Board with one exception, the food.  Beachwood Board of Education members eat before attending their school board meeting and rarely have the need for catered gourmet meals.


In East Cleveland under the twelve year direction of Dr. Una Keenon the five member school board consumes enough food for fifteen people as they enjoy a gourmet catered meal before they meet.  Unfortunately the heavy calorie meal has made the East Cleveland school board sluggish towards moving the schools from worst in the state.  Perhaps the EC School Board Members should take a field trip to a Beachwood School Board meeting but make sure to eat before going.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


 Cleveland Clinic Foundation was asked about the emails being sent from their system and the only thing they could say was employees are not allowed to transact their own personal business using their email and computer system.  So why are these very expensive meals being ordered using the Cleveland Clinic Foundation system and the number of meals shown is 15 people; inquiring minds want to know.

John 8:32-36  King James Version (KJV)

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

    Perhaps Dr. Una Keenon will consult with the good folks at The WORD Church and Pastor Dr. R.A. Vernon will allow the amounts they pay to finally be seen by the people of East Cleveland.  Will The WORD Church show amounts received and payed to EC School Board or just wait for the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals to render a decesion?  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Recall movement continues cleaning up the city

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Disgruntled residents are taking the city back and with the recall of EC Ward 3 councilman Thomas Wheeler they are serious about giving out Pink Slips.  With many city residents cheering Ms. Pecolia Standberry, Mr. Robert Jones and Mr. Otis Mays for their successful recall of EC City Councilor Wheeler and now moving on to recall Mayor Gary Norton  Jr.


Pecolia Standberry

Robert Jones in his own words:


Mr. Robert Jones (His own words)

According to Ms. Standberry there is no one behind her and their only intention is to save the city rather than merge as Mayor Norton wants.  “God was in front and behind me”  Standberry makes perfectly clear and in the case of Ward Three councilman Wheeler, she says that residents are tired of Wheeler not holding ward meetings or returning telephone calls.

“The people voted what they want”


According to councilman Wheeler “If they don’t want me I will resign” however now that the people have voiced that they are upset Wheeler refuses to leave.  Now the voters will be brought out to vote again in December costing the city money that could be used for rock salt or quick patching  material for streets.