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SLAM and it’s all Poetry at The East Cleveland Public Library

Posted by: | Posted on: April 27, 2015

We took the day off and had fun at the East Cleveland Public Library with poets of all types who shared their talents with the community.  This was a good show and rather than write words we are showing these talented poets on video.

East Cleveland Mayor Penis Picture Text too much

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EAST CLEVELAND OH – 4/26/2015 – Saturday nights appear to be the time when people can send us videos such as the one last week that showcased Mayor Gary Norton Jr. in what some say were racist remarks.  That story continues today as the video of Norton berating East Cleveland Ohio citizens is trending on many websites.

NOW comes via text message this Instagram from the East Cleveland Tattler an underground tabloid published and set via cell phone picture to people on their list.  Unfortunately for 44112News.com we publish our text number and receive all types of picture texts to our phone line.


In this case we had to censor out the very offensive pictures sent to us and wonder if the office of Mayor is too much for Gary Norton Jr.  Perhaps it is time for him to resign and the pictures being sent to us right now don’t need to be published.




REPOSTED – East Cleveland drivers being held hostages – March 27, 2015 – 33 Days

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Day 33

Reposted – http://44112news.com/?p=3574




Senate Bill 342 was signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich in December 2014 and became official Monday March 23, 2014.  Senate Bill 342, sponsored by Sen. Bill Seitz (R., Cincinnati), would require a police officer be present at camera locations to personally witness a violation before a civil citation could be issued.
Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2014/12/19/Ohio-governor-signs-into-law-new-regulations-on-red-light-speed-enforcement-cameras.html#bGbQvohBLmgeHZHc.99


EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/27/2015 – Forget about the whole street of potholes on Hayden Avenue in East Cleveland Ohio that has drivers breaking axles and has become the top flat tire generating street in the city.


Today drivers are being held hostage by the company supplying automated traffic camera enforcement for the city, American Transit Solutions (ATS) from Tempe, Arizona.

It appears that East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has made an agreement to allow the company to continue issuing out traffic citations despite the state law currently enacted.


ATS uses mobile cameras and pole mounted units to issue drivers tickets and there are no police present.  At present East Cleveland Police are looking for part time officers but they will not be at any of the traffic cam units.

Calls to Governor Kasich’s office have not been returned concerning what residents can do about Mayor Norton’s deal with ATS.  Until someone stops what is going on between the mayor and company tickets are being written out daily.

If you are driving through East Cleveland Ohio watch out for the potholes on Hayden Avenue and smile for the traffic camera on all EC streets.

East Cleveland Ohio City Council Week in Review 4/24/2015

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4/24/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio – Week in review starts off showing an empty chair where Mayor Gary Norton Jr. would have been at if he had not decided to disrespect council and residents.  Mayor Gary Norton Jr. also decided to not address the rude and offensive remarks he said in a news conference that went viral on YouTube and later picked up by WOIO TV 19 News.



The blatant disrespect towards East Cleveland City Council and residents continued with Norton hiding out from reporters all week.  EC City Council held a marathon meeting to end the month of April which featured a tour of the East Cleveland local sewage system and other items.

4/23/2015 – The week for East Cleveland City Council ends with a live crew of reporters standing by to talk to Mayor Gary Norton Jr. at an emergency council meeting called to address concerns of the city council group. Click here to read Press Release from EC City Council

Only one of three administrative staff from Mayor Norton Jr. pushed to give a statement as none of the other staff were in city hall on Thursday April 23, 2015.  And this final video may end the week in review unless something happens or Mayor Gary Norton Jr. shows up for work on Friday.

East Cleveland Public Library Board Committee Meeting

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East Cleveland Public Library
14101 Euclid Avenue

Board Policy Committee Agenda
Lower Auditorium

April 23, 2015

6:00 PM


Call to Order
Approval of the Agenda
Discuss the approach to the task of rewriting the ECPL’s Board policies
Discuss how the ECPL’s Board Policy Manual is currently maintained and kept up-to-date
Discuss making ECPL’s current Board Policies available to the public on our website
Audience Participation

Next Board Policy Committee Meeting