Who dun it? Family loses all appliances due to demolition mishap


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Who you gonna call in EC when no one else will help?  That question entered the mind of Brenda Brown who was at her wits end after a demolition going on next to her home went bad.  She remembered our tips on using her smart telephone to capture pictures and images which she may be called upon to use in a court of law. At the heart of this dispute is the non-profit company going under the name of Cuyahoga County Land Bank (CCLB) whoRead More

A Tale of Two Cities – Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania and East Cleveland Ohio


Wilkinsburg PA – After watching the fantastic documentary from school aged children concerning East Cleveland Ohio called “EAST CLEVELAND TALE OF TWO CITIES” this compare and contrast story came to be. A short trip to western Pennsylvania and the Borough of Wilkinsburg was selected for this story because of the similarity between East Cleveland.  Wilkinsburg PA is the first suburb to the east of Pittsburgh PA and has already started merging the process of giving up their city one street at a time. Just like East Cleveland the local transit companyRead More

Hot sauce and traditional basil pesto – Coit Road Farmers Market


  Hot sauce is so popular because it combines the trifecta of flavor enhancers…salt, acidity, and heat. Most of us have some favorites but making it yourself gives you complete control. Can’t do salt? No problem. Work around it. Don’t like vinegar? Try Lemon juice, citric acid, or avoid the acid all together. Not into heat? Use a very mild chile. Tomorrow we explore all this from 11-1. We will also cover traditional basil pesto since chilies and basil are going to be fading fairly quickly and need to be tended toRead More

Funny? – East Cleveland City Council Meeting – September 20, 2016


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Finally starting back on the regular schedule of First and Third Tuesday evening meetings. This saga the council is confronted in their continued refusal to allow East Cleveland Students to have THEIR cable access channel on East Cleveland Cable. President of Council Thomas Wheeler seems to have a grudge against East Cleveland children as he continues to say he can’t sign a simple letter approving the cable channel. Even after the children produced a documentary that filled the Shaker Heights Cinema as seen in thisRead More

EC City Council of Three and Children’s Cable Channel


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The childish antics of East Cleveland City Council President Thomas Wheeler continues with another secret meeting not provided to the general public tonight, Tuesday September 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM, City Hall. The “Council of Three” continue to keep the public from telling them how they feel and their concerns by not publishing their meeting in time.  According to Thomas Wheeler who is up for recall for the third time in December 2016 along with the worst mayor in the history of East Cleveland, GaryRead More