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East Cleveland City Council Committee Meeting – 4/27/2016

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Weekly committee meetings Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

When is the Law Director NOT The Law Director?

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – When is the Law Director NOT The Law Director?   Just ask Willa Hemmons who has been playing the part of East Cleveland Ohio Law Director even though she is just a contractor providing legal services for the city and the Norton family.
How can Mayor Gary Norton Jr. not tell anyone that the city does not have a full-time Law Director?
According to lawyer Willa Hemmons she is a contractor receiving a 1099 statement and not W-2 employee of the city of East Cleveland.
There is a big reason that the city law director must be an employee but since this woman has performed so many cases that could be tossed out if anyone opens up their big mouth and tells
The Office of Disciplinary Counsel – Scott Drexel
Business Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: 614.461.0256
Toll Free: 800.589.5256


In regards to this situation in East Cleveland Ohio. 44112News has already filed against Hemmons and her antics but if the people don’t call or file a complaint this mess will continue. All it takes a s simple telephone call during business hours. 

Congratulations Mr. Willie Morrow – Noble Toxic Rd Selfie Contest Winner

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We thank everyone for sending in so many selfie pictures of the Noble Road Toxic Dump site.

Our winner is Mr. Willie Morrow who showed the piles of junk and a dump truck stacking the place as tall as a three story building.   He gets two tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil and a $25 Gift Certificate to Red Lobster restaurants.



THE Norton Network comes back to EC Cable

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Residents, School Board and Library Board Trustees all upset at Ward 4 EC City Councilwoman Joei Graham, Council President Thomas Wheeler and Council Vice President Brandon King for disregarding the will of the people in regards to the cable access channels.
The infamous “Council of Three” and the worst mayor in the history of East Cleveland Gary Norton Jr. want to pay William Fambrough and his make believe “Legacy Communications” $20 thousand dollars and the $60 thousand Mayor Norton owes him to video tape council meetings.
East Cleveland Schools have offered to have students do the video and post production work for free using state of the art equipment but the Norton crew want to control everything people see and hear on the channel so they are refusing the offer.
The Norton Network will soon return brainwashing everyone passing through channel nine on East Cleveland Cable. Prepare to hear and see little Gary Norton talking about merging with the city of Cleveland.
Everyone should keep in mind that East Cleveland has no insurance on it’s vehicles and police can’t chase cars past the city limits for fear they will be cited and towed.
Anyone with even a shred of common sense would put having auto insurance above paying to own a cable access channel. Everyone is urged to call city hall and tell them how you feel about this issue and or post a comment here. Please Share This Posting and prepare for a recall of both Joei Graham and Thomas Wheeler this summer.

Ray Robinson tells the world about Fambrough

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From Ray Robinson (In His Own Words)


Ray Robinson

Fambrough definitely has the equipment. I was unfortunately hired by Council after being fired by Gary so that he could bring his henchman, Fambrough back to Shifty Hall. Yes. .. Shifty Hall. I would film the Council meetings and take the dvds to the Mayor’s wing and give them to Vanessa or Chief Spotts. Sometimes…I believe her name is Miss Kyle would take the dvds.


I was later told to leave them in the council’s office and Fambrough would get them from there. However, Mr. Ellington, who worked for council refused to let me leave them there. Why? I’m not sure. ..but he refused to allow me to leave the dvds. I contacted Grutadria from East Cleveland Cable and he aired the dvd but told me that he wasn’t going to do it again because he didn’t want to be in the middle. After that Traci began working in council chambers told me that she would take the dvds.


Yet, Fambrough never ever came to pick them up. So. ..I began dropping the dvds in Mr. Fambrough’s home mail box. He aired a few of them and then made up some lame excuse that my disc wouldn’t play in the player anymore.


So….YES…that lying, thieving, conniving, lowdown, demonic, sick rat bastard did steal off with the goods. And now, the good Lord changed the heart of one of Norton’s demons and voted Fambroughs contract down.


Thanks to a weak council that hired me to work for them. ..E.C. still owes me $35,000 !!