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    Busting down doors and taking the ATM Machine is now a crisis in EC

ATM Whole Machine Thefts a Big Problem in EC

Posted by: | Posted on: February 13, 2016


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – With a mayor and three city council people thinking more about being on cable access than law enforcement thieves are having a field day in East Cleveland Ohio.


This all started when PLS Check Cashing had a pick-up truck crash and grab their ATM Machine April 6, 2015 and the smash and grab has hit a lot of EC business with ATM’s near their front door.


From Walgreens, to Dollar Stores EC Police do not have the manpower to cruise our main street Euclid Avenue to prevent the smash and  grabs.  With alarms ringing the thieves have been able to smash a stolen vehicle into the business and lift the ATM up and out of the building in a matter of minutes.


It takes EC Police only minutes to respond to a call and several time the EC Police have chased perpetrators ending their pursuit at the city lines.  With no vehicle insurance some EC Police are not willing to have their personal drivers license suspended and are counting on neighboring police to pick up the chase.


The smash and grab ATM Machine thing has caused stores like Walgreens to reduce hours and replace both their doors and outer perimeter to prevent any further damage or theft.


Family Dollar Stores are robbed in East Cleveland on regular basis with the EC Police responding and chasing some of the robbers on foot and by car.  That store is hoping that the FBI will help them find the robbers who come back on a regular basis.  Oddly the dollar stores refuse to hire security including off duty EC Police Officers.


With the rash of armed robberies increasing Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is busy providing legal help for his wife alleged to also be a thief using the Law Director.  Three city council people Joei Graham, Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler are more interested in getting on cable access than fighting crime.

East Cleveland Ohio may not have rock salt for it’s roads, and the city parking lot has a ten inch deep hole destroying tires.  Another thing are the less than ready for winter tires on most of the city vehicles.  Perhaps one small thing that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and city council people could agree to purchase is a door handle that every employee needs to grab to enter work.


Is there anyone out there willing to donate a door handle for the ATM machine chasing police officers and other employees to open as they come to East Cleveland City Hall?  The door handle is almost completely broken and everyone including Mayor Gary Norton Jr. enters and leaves city hall through this door.


“Black Lives Still DON’T Matter in East Cleveland Ohio”

Posted by: | Posted on: February 11, 2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – “Black Lives Still DON’T Matter in East Cleveland Ohio”
The Kimble Family awaits the over $800 dollar ambulance bill from East Cleveland Fire Department. This bill is for transportation of Christopher Kimble Jr. to University Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead after an East Cleveland Police Officer hit and killed the young man as he crossed the street.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was not called and no one bothered to conduct a criminal investigation. Officer Kyle Pettus was return to duty with no worries about even a traffic ticket for hitting Christopher Kimble Jr.

A clever Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and staff cooked up a story saying that the young man actually was in wrong. With no vehicle insurance the city is hoping to tie this matter up for years and take it all the way up to Ohio Supreme Court. In the mean time the family can expect to billed for an ambulance trip and perhaps damage to the car as EC Police Officer allegedly texted and ran into Christopher Kimble Jr.


Since the city refuses to pay the funeral cost for Christopher Kimble Jr. the people of East Cleveland need to do something about what Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is doing to this family by showing up and speaking out.


People of East Cleveland are being asked to attend city council meetings being held, 2/11/2016 6:30 PM and 2/16/2016 6:30 PM both at EC City Council (Judges Chambers)

To Catch a Thief in East Cleveland Ohio

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – On a snowy day in East Cleveland Ohio the city council plans to meet and start the process of rewarding William Fambrough with a twenty-thousand dollar a year contract to provide cable access filming for the year.  Agenda Review Night, Thursday February 11, 2016, 6:30 PM EC City Hall with the public’s last chance to speak up before city council does something really insane.

Actually only three members are intent upon rewarding Fambrough with contract and and they are all in their first term with council.  Welcome Joei Graham (Ward 4), Thomas Wheeler (Ward 3) and Brandon King (City-Wide) who are expected to vote yes and Mr. Fambrough will release the cable channel after holding the signal and equipment hostage.

Other Missing Stuff_Page_1

Click and download and do the math to see how much equipment that Fambrough states is missing or  that he does not have despite being seen using much of this gear and forming his bogus “Legacy Communication” using  the equipment.  (Click Here)

At one point Fambrough was making over seventy-two thousand dollars just to film the two council meeting and any propaganda Mayor Gary Norton Jr. wanted shown.  After Norton could no longer justify paying Fambrough the money stopped and Fambrough cut the signal to the cable channel holding out until the ransom is paid.


The trio of Graham, Wheeler and King are paying  the ransom Fambrough wants despite the city being gridlocked with snow on most of the streets and no rock salt.  Veteran city council members Nathaniel Martin and Barbara Thomas have not sponsored or endorsed giving Fambrough a contract.

Who Stole All Of the Equipment Fambrough Used for Channel Nine? 

There is still a resolution demanding Fambrough bring back the missing equipment that is being completely ignored as the three council people (Graham, Wheeler, King) want to have their faces on television despite the city having no rock salt or insurance on it’s vehicles.

East Cleveland City Council Meets, Thursday February 11, 2016, 6:30 PM, City Hall with new rules chastising adults like children created by Graham, King and Wheeler.  Make sure if you come to this meeting that you don’t say or whisper anything negative or you will be asked to leave.  


Ohio Public Records Law ORC § 149.43 in EC

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – This is a quick lesson in Ohio public records laws being brought to the world by the number one defender of Ohio Revised Code 149.43.  Instead of presenting a court case type presentation the law will be broken down so real people in East Cleveland can understand it.


My story, presented by State of Ohio on Relation of Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

Now that is funny to get public records the case has to have your name as the State of Ohio covering for you or it could be tossed out of the court.  Ohio public records law states that people have a right to review, inspect and or copy at cost their own public records.

Illustration for 2014 report on the accessibility of Ohio public records. Ohio: Open for Inspection?_Credit: Charlie Zimkus / The Columbus Dispatch

Illustration for 2014 report on the accessibility of Ohio public records. Ohio: Open for Inspection?_Credit: Charlie Zimkus / The Columbus Dispatch

You see the people holding our public records in Ohio are merely trustees and the records belong to the people not the offices holding it.  In the early stages of  Ohio Public Law it became important for folks to test and determine what public records are.  In the early stages I, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and WKYC Television filed many cases and won.


What is a public office?  In Strothers vs. Weirtheim the Ohio Supreme Court was forced to concede that any office that operates using taxpayers dollars is a public office.  That case also eliminated the medical records from being exempt if they were not held by a medical office.  What that means is that if any office has medical records and they are not doctors the records are open to the public.

Other Missing Stuff_Page_1

Equipment Fambrough says is lost

Sometime in the early 2015 time the court decided not to give attorney fees to broadcast and print companies winning public records cases.  This of course stopped many public records cases from moving forward unless they were the few ones prepared by citizens on their own.


One of the last good cases that helped the entire state with the exception of East Cleveland to set what “at cost” means with public records was  STATE EX REL. STROTHERS V. MURPHY where after an intense debate on how much it costs to make a copy we decided upon .05 cents a page.


Keep in mind that the copy machines, paper, employee time, electricity is already paid for in full by the public.  There were many cities misguided like East Cleveland Ohio is charging as much as $1 dollar per page to get copies made.  Following the Murphy case everyone including the entire State of Ohio Office dropped the copy cost to .05 cents.  Cuyahoga County finally decided not to go to court over copy cost and ordered all copy costs dropped to .05 cents per page.


In The STATE ex rel. STROTHERS v. FUERST, Clerk. Ohio citizens have the right to inspect public records which means they can’t just copy some files and say you have seen the records.  In East Cleveland Ohio the practice is to create records or spreadsheets but keep the people from seeing the actual records.  You have a right to review, inspect and copy public records but with current case such as Strothers vs. Norton where two lawyers swore that they had provided public records and the court tried to give the two lawyers the benefit of the doubt, public records law is a mess in East Cleveland Ohio.


The two lawyers who signed sworn affidavits quit shortly after running like hell from Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his whole ideas.   Now the city of East Cleveland denies public records even to the former Mayor Eric Brewer who has submitted numerous requests.  The City Council using a law firm that had no idea how Ohio Revised Code 149.43 works decided to combine three cases into one and that case was kicked out of the court.   State ex rel. E. Cleveland v. Norton (That case was a hot mess)

C05BREWER 12/03/99  Eric Brewer, the former chief of staff for East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor, led a recall effort aganist the mayor.Brewer will run for mayor if Onunwor is recalled. PD James A Ross                  J. Tinsley

Former EC Mayor Eric Brewer

That was then and now we are back to hiding public records in East Cleveland Ohio where the people don’t know what their rights are.  At East Cleveland City Hall Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has his mignons keeping public records from everyone.  Norton has managed to even put false documents in some former city employees where the very sexual Mayor thinks certain things can hurt a person.


City Law Director Willa Hemmons and City Council President Thomas Wheeler both think that public records are a profit maker and they are charging above the profit cost from places like Brothers Printing in Cleveland that charges .04 cents a copy making a good profit.  The Dynamic Public Record Duo of Hemmons and Wheeler want to charge citizens .10 cents per page despite being told that we the people own the copies, paper, electricity and personnel making the copies.

Prepared to lose her law license for Gary Norton Jr.

Willa Hemmons looks at EC Mayor

While some people would think that Hemmons and Wheeler have as my grandmother used to say “lost their rabid mind” they are just trying to make their master Mayor Gary Norton Jr. happy.  with Hemmons risking her law license on helping Norton’s wife Shalom who could even think anyone can get public records that could put Norton in jail like his wife may be.  Will Hemmons defend the Norton family if the FBI finally decides to do something about the injustice of East Cleveland.


Finally, Public Record belong to the people and not the tyrants who keep the public from knowing how much money and other things they may be using to their advantage.  With that said lesson One of Public Records Law is complete and if you want more instruction feel free to call (216) 324-4783.  Sorry no anonymous or  blocked number calls so make sure your phone number is visible.




Council to vote on Television Coverage vs. Rock Salt

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 2/4/2016 – The new majority of voters on East Cleveland City Council hold their first committee meeting just to approve Mr. William Fambrough hold holds the city cable access channel hostage, ransom payment of $20 thousand dollars a year along with the past due payment from Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

The three misguided council people, Joei Graham Ward 4, Thomas Wheeler Ward 2 and Brandon King city-wide feel that they need to have the cable access channel to brainwash residents with their message.
In the past no one was allowed to put anything on the “Norton Network” besides the mayor who controlled all access. Norton would not even allow the Shaw High School Band or any of the athletic teams to air on HIS cable channel.

Grand Theft
Shaw High School has their new (STEM LAB) along with video they use  to capture students and with state of the art production equipment and EC students would be happy to record council meetings FREE.


William Fambrough calling himself “Legacy Communications” along with his sidekick and former Library Board Member Devin Branch both say that there is no one in EC that has video equipment.   (Both Fambrough and Branch were kicked off the EC Library board)http://44112news.com/Theft/Other%20Missing%20Stuff.pdf


If Graham, King and Wheeler had any sense they would be talking to the East Cleveland Schools and getting coverage of all evens using students looking to use this new equipment at no charge.


Instead the goofy trio looks to spend money that EC need to buy rock salt for the roads, Insurance for the vehicles and pot hole patching material.  The two dissenting votes coming from Barbara Thomas and Nathaniel Martin don’t count as those two council people want to have rock salt and city streets patched over cable access channel but their dissenting votes don’t count.

Is William Fambrough a thief holding EC Cable Access hostage, see for yourself by checking out the equipment he says is lost and tally up the amount he owes the city already:

Other Missing Stuff_Page_1


EC City Council Meeting for 2/4/2016 for William Fambrough