• Superior Elementary School Parents Upset over 5" Deep holes in street
    When Mayor Gary Norton's children attended Superior Elementary School the street was paved and now the mayor's kids attend private school the streets are a mess.

  • EC Children and their parents duck and dodge 3-5 inch holes in street
    The streets have never looked so bad and Mayor Gary Norton appears to have a vendetta against the school where his children once attended.

S.O.S. Save Our Superior Elementary School Streets

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Parents, Staff, Citizens are asking for an emergency repair to their city streets where some holes on Garfield and Lambert Avenues surrounding Superior Elementary School.

Mayor Gary Norton once worked as a school crossing guard while his children attended Superior Elementary but since he withdrew his children out of the school several years ago some residents claim that he has a vendetta against their school.

Juanita Gowdy and some other residents are asking Mayor Gary Norton to help the citizens and residents of Garfield and Lambert Avenues to at least repair the five inch deep holes in the streets that could hurt more people and automobiles.

Less than two years ago the streets were paved before school started and there were no large and dangerous holes but since the Norton children are no longer students in East Cleveland or Superior Schools there appears on the surface to be either a vendetta or breakdown in communication as to the severity of the roads.
NortonCrossingSee also: http://fox8.com/2012/04/16/local-mayor-turns-crossing-guard-during-budget-battle/
Residents are now sending out an urgent cry for help beyond the Mayor who has refused to do anything to help to anyone who can at least donate some asphalt and repair the five inch deep holes.

Kudos to Nathaniel Martin (Show Me The List)

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Rather than talk about the disappointment this writer felt as East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas first talks about the three agenda items and being voted on not being an emergency and then voting yes trying to pass it anyways. This short blog entry praises East Cleveland City Councilman Nathaniel Martin for standing up for what is right.
In this edition of City Council we present the man behind the camera finally upset enough to go on camera and Nathaniel Martin just saying NO to improper legislation that should have never been listed as emergencies.
Kudos to the ONLY one at this meeting brave enough to just say NO to something that is wrong and the search for the list of properties being sold without the public’s knowledge begins. Show Me THE List!
Clearly the price of property in East Cleveland is very affordable at $150 and this hidden list of properties being sold at that cost must be disclosed.

One Hundred Dollar Holler (Buy a home for $100 in EC)

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$100 Dollars Holler

$100 Dollars Holler

Much ado about nothing as East Cleveland City Council changes their policy on selling homes for one hundred dollars in lieu of the appraised value with this home sale to Ms. Liani Woods.  Previously when City Councilman and home “flipper” Brandon King attempted to purchase a home valued at over one hundred thousand dollars for $100 citizens, media, all made it an issue.

NOW with the new change to Ordinance 39-14 expected to pass at the next EC City Council meeting Tuesday, September 16, 2014 it will open up the door for houses to be saved and sold for $100.  

The only glitch to the system is with long time city residents Maxine and Phelan Cheek are trying to purchase a parcel of land (No house) for $350  (Resolution 42-14). However based upon the new cost of $100 and common sense should prevail offering these citizens a chance to holler at $100 vs. $350. Of course council can amended Resolution 42-14 to one hundred dollars prior to a final vote on Tuesday.

The new “One Hundred Dollar Holler” will allow everyone including EC Councilman Brandon King to purchase homes at the new one hundred dollar rate.  Previously the one hundred dollar rate was only being offered to King but this will open up the door to purchase some lovely homes in East Cleveland Ohio at the new very affordable $100 rate.

If EC City Council votes on Tuesday September 16, 2014 to purchase the first $100 structure, not including a $400 appraisal fee given to the city or an unknown person, everyone will be able to purchase, remodel and flip all of the uninhabited homes in East Cleveland Ohio.  

The lovely home Brandon King wanted should also be given to him at the established price for structures of $100 which is now offered to the first applicants. On Tuesday September 16, 2014 the debate about demolition vs. remodeling should and the dream that the late City Councilwoman Mildred Brewer had of homes being sold at affordable prices may come to fruition.


Writing for Cleveland.com is like being on vacation

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browns-vs-steelers.jpgBrowns vs. Steelers

The first game of the regular football season is on Sunday September 7, 2014 between the Cleveland Browns at the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium Heinz Field on the north shore of Pittsburgh PA.  (Click here to visit Cleveland.com RTA-Riders)

This blog entry is not about the Browns vs. Steelers but it is between Cuyahoga County Regional Transit System (RTA) and Allegheny Port Authority (PAT).  Keep in mind that my hometown is Pittsburgh PA and this trip will involve two transit systems I have come to know so well over the years.

This year your bus rider extraordinaire decided to take a run on both the Cleveland and Pittsburgh bus systems to see how they compare to each other and the journey started in East Cleveland Ohio my home early one September morning.

At my street the RTA Bus 30 greeted me on time with a smile at my Pittsburgh Pirate gear I selected to travel this marathon bus strip wearing.  Since I obtained an all-day pass offered at five dollars there was no issue changing over to the final RTA Bus and flagship “The Health Line” which took me to Playhouse Square and a short walk to Greyhound Bus Lines.  Personally the RTA trip was short but a more pleasant experience at this part of the Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh bus trip.

PAT-Buses.JPGView full sizePAT at Night

After arrival in Pittsburgh a short walk up to Liberty Ave and the “PAT” bus 77 which takes riders from downtown Pittsburgh out to the Far East zone of Penn Hills PA.

Once again this elongated bus driver greeted me with a hearty welcome and informed me that the trip outward requires payment upon exiting the bus.  After informing the Pittsburgh bus driver that I came today from Cleveland and was only dressed in Pittsburgh Pirates baseball attire as travel clothes the driver told me to go take and seat and enjoy being back home.

Unlike Cleveland where the ride is on level group most of the way from East Cleveland, the Pittsburgh elongated bus twisted and turned up and down the hills of the city.  Despite the tour of Pittsburgh’s east side the journey was quicker than expected.  The cost of a one way ticket is the only bad thing (PAT) lost the game with compared to (RTA)   A one way ticket to the third zone cost $3.75 and it appears that (PAT) does not offer an all-day pass and the daily commute is extremely expensive.  Some passes with saving are available but nothing on the daily or weekend savings passes are available.

IMG_1064.JPGView full sizePAT Bus Signs

While I am a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan since birth the winner of this bus ride comparison clearly came to Cleveland where RTA offers lower rides, a train that takes you right to the airport and a host of bus services we take for granite in Cuyahoga County.

Since RTA won this round I am declining to pick a winner in the first Browns vs. Steelers football game but Pittsburgh fans when they come to Cleveland for the second meeting it will be a clear victory for them getting on our RTA coaches, trains and meeting our friendly drivers.  Go RTA!

All Day Pass.jpgRTA All Day Pass is a Winner!

Oh My God! Brandon King and THE WORD Church

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Oh my God – The WORD Church and Brandon King 


East Cleveland Sunday August 31, 2014
Councilman Brandon King and his family continue purchasing property including contested property rightfully belonging to The East Cleveland Library.  Despite the protests and letters from the Ohio Ethics Commission, it appears that King may be planning  to challenge both state and local forces as he continues to buy up all the property he and family can obtain at less than 100 each lot purchased.
    Joining King is the mega-church called The Word who has been holding their local services at the Shaw High School in East Cleveland attracting worshipers who can’t travel to the main church center 18903 S Miles Rd, Cleveland, OH.   With some help from Trevelle Harp and his non-profit group N.O.A.H, and LaRese Purnell a members of “The Word” church will purchase several available and demolished land plots for about six hundred dollars and then present them to their church as a gift.  (Click here to see the agenda)

FREE Land for churches and non-profits


    Construction will start on a modern facility that will bring East Cleveland day care, food for the needy and all of the features everyone will applaud.  It will also syphon off church goers from East Cleveland churches housed in older buildings.  This process gets started with a meeting of the Neighborhood Advisory Board run by Trevelle Harp who will approve of the transaction and next goes to East Cleveland City councilman Manzelle Baker who will receive this in his committee.

It is expected that pressure from mayor Gary Norton and his sidekick Michael Smedley to move this out of committee for a vote.   If Baker refuses to move it forward the mayor will draft legislation simply giving the property to “The Word” church the property free much like what he has done with The Salvation Army and Boys Clubs.  
    The plan used by Brandon King and THE Word Church is simply to find someone to purchase the property at the unrestricted lot next door legislation which does not restrict selling to a commercial operation.  The one hundred dollar charge makes these lots the perfect money maker for professional “flippers” like Brandon King and now churches can also take advantage of the loop hole in our law by getting anyone they want to help the non-profits from having a mortgage to be concerned with.


The new WORD Church East


   Oh My God – This opens up the chance for all 501(c)(3) Non-Profit groups to bring their churches or organizations to East Cleveland.  
And despite the fact that these groups will not pay taxes to East Cleveland perhaps their staff and followers will purchases food and support the local business around East Cleveland and in the case of “The Word” their state of the art church will have a variety of business within itself for new East Cleveland people to frequent on a regular basis.