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My friends are dying on Noble Road, East Cleveland Ohio

Posted by: | Posted on: August 4, 2015

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 8/4/15 – EDITORIAL – This story is my personal editorial where it will get up close and personal for me and I will go first person because it’s a story about my friends and family. For many years we the three people behind 44112News vowed to never go personal however now that we lost our prayer warrior Berenice Ewing perhaps it’s time to let the world know how I feel in editorial form but with feelings coming out like the tears running from my eyes while I write this.


\You see the little story about a toxic waste dump on Noble Road in East Cleveland became real and as the time went by I found out that most people could care less about helping and only want to watch. We have become a nation of watchers who depend on the news to bring the story into our lives. “If it bleeds, it leads” and of course a story or two about animals, weather and sports and it’s a wrap.


In this story not only did I immerse myself in toxic waste which has my lungs unable to hold air I also met the people behind the story and got involved. This is something a reporter should never do to become one with the story she/he is covering. Too bad, my lungs tell me that my newly found friends and adopted relatives on this tiny little street are ailing and need help. Hell I need the same help because I keep breathing in the toxic air without a mask and feel sick a lot.


Who in the hell wants a toxic waste dump in their town less more their back yard? Was the Mayor of East Cleveland and EC Ward 4 city councilman Mansell Baker and his fellow colleges out of their mind even proposing this toxic waste dump be given the right to pollute Noble Road?


Kids on Noble Road can’t play during their short summer vacation and people have to keep their windows closed. Even buying an air conditioner only increases the risk of toxic air that the Ohio Environmental Pollution agency thinks poses no problem to the maximum level.


Every Democratic politician has stayed out of helping these people on Noble Road from U.S.Congresswoman Marcia Fudge who refuses to return any calls or help. US Senator Sherrod Brown won’t even think about helping these people even with conversation or useless banter he just ignores the calls for help.

EC Mayor Norton planned to put up a thirty foot fence covered with felt to filter out asbestos and other air borne pollutants and that added some humor to this mix.

Maybe Mayor Norton will let us pick the color!

Maybe Mayor Norton will let us pick the color!

Finally we contacted the two local funeral homes in East Cleveland EF Boyd & Son and Cummings & Davis Funeral Homes about making plans for funerals and the loan of one casket to show that people are about to die. The sad part about the funeral homes were that I like some others wanted to set-up our funeral plans with a local place but since they both refuse to return a call my search will go elsewhere.


My friends and family are dying and I am right with them I think they call it mesothelioma and now the only chance we might have is a long shot with the Republicans coming to town in Cleveland Ohio. We are not in need of pity and we die proudly fighting for our lives on Noble Road in East Cleveland Ohio. And I will be writing up to the end of this toxic pollution dump on Noble Road East Cleveland so take time to share this story around the world telling about a city long block of people who were killed by people not wanting to get involved.



Thank you everyone for letting me go personal with this Editorial or personal views on dying from something that should not have happened. Thank you to all of the politicians who told us they would call us back someday and the two funeral homes who did not even want to handle our toxic bodies to the people not willing to stop and help. THE END

EC44112@gmail.com    (216) 324-4783   – Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

EC Residents mad as hell about ILLEGAL Traffic Cameras

Posted by: | Posted on: August 1, 2015


EAST CLEVELAND OH – Once again we the people of East Cleveland Ohio are in battle with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his sponsor American Transit Solutions owner of the traffic cameras in EC.  When the East Cleveland voters went to the polls and became the only city approving the illegal traffic cameras November 2011 all eyes were on East Cleveland.


Much of the confusion came when Black on Black Inc. leader Art McKoy championed the cause against keeping the traffic cameras and instead of giving the right message McKoy told voters that a vote yes would get rid of the cameras.  Unfortunately that was misinformation and instead of telling voters a vote yes would end the traffic cameras and the message coming from Mayor Gary Norton someone should have told the truth in 2011.


THE Truth About Issue 49 in 2011

   East Cleveland City Council should have stepped up and told voters the truth because they put the issue on the ballot.  Issue 49 is nearly the same state-wide law signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich signed December 2014.  The new law and EC Issue 49 2011 require that a police officer be present at every traffic camera location and it would have meant more police would have to be hired.

    Essentially if Mayor Norton was telling the truth in the ATS sponsored propaganda he would have told voters that a YES vote would mean more police protection.   Also Art McKoy instead of coming into the debate with a big radio playing the theme from Rocky movie should have told voters that a yes vote would mean more police protection.


A Mulligan for East Cleveland City Council (2nd Chance)

    East Cleveland has never stopped using traffic cameras and there is no litigation in the Cuyahoga County Courts giving the city a free ride.  However, Mayor Gary Norton Jr. under the direction of American Traffic Solutions Inc. refuses to stop the “rip-off” of city and visiting drivers with the non-calibrated traffic cameras on East Cleveland Streets.IMG_1912

    ATS is even giving away School Zone traffic tickets even when the East Cleveland School are closed for summer.  Nothing is out of the question for these relentless speed trap folks and Mayor Gary Norton Jr. so it is time for City Council to place the issue on the ballot for voters to do the right thing this time.

    East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas and long time councilman Nathaniel Martin have indicated that they plan on placing the traffic camera issue on the ballot for November 2015 but the mayor is expected to veto any such resolution.  On the Mayor’s side are expected to be Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler with Mansell Baker undecided.


     In order to pass this issue as an emergency it will take four yes votes in city council and the vote of the people in November 2014.  If you are interested in seeing an end to the ATS Traffic Camera situation in East Cleveland or in support of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. please take time to call (216) 681-2310 Monday through Friday and demand council to hold a special meeting in August to get this on the November Ballot.

Dr. Una H.R. Keenon & EC School Board go to court with 44112News

Posted by: | Posted on: July 30, 2015

schools01EAST CLEVELAND OH – 7/30/15 – After a thirty day tug of war with East Cleveland Board of Education President Dr. Una H.R. Keenon and the board gives up their meal tab for the last couple of months along with some junk they scanned for laughs.


In keeping with our 100% Transparency policy we have created a folder with everything they shared including the menu item.  What is missing is the contract for Myrna Loy Corley and just about everything we requested to see.


Since Dr. Keenon and others on the board refuse to give up public records which belong to the people a case has been filed in the Court of Appeals for a Writ of Mandamus.  What that means is that the court will order Keenon and others to release their perpetual hold on public records which may show that they are spending or wasting money.

#44112News – Court Case starts here (Click)

Meagan Haoui

1:24 PM (7 hours ago)
to me, Myrna, Mary, Donna

Mr. Strothers,

Please see attached from Attorney Mark Jackson relative to the above-referenced matter.  Please note that due to the volume of the responsive records, I will need to send them to you in 8 emails following this one.  Feel free to let me know if you have any difficulty opening the attachments.

Thank you,

Meagan A. Haoui


Pepple & Waggoner, Ltd.

Crown Centre Building

5005 Rockside Road, Suite 260

Cleveland, Ohio 44131-6808

Tel:   216-520-0088

Fax:  216-520-0044

E-mail:  mhaoui@pepple-waggoner.com


East Cleveland <ec44112@gmail.com>

8:24 PM (19 minutes ago)

to Meagan, Myrna, Mary, Donna

Thank you for at least trying to act like you are giving up records I requested.

Your eight so called records remind me of the Maple Heights School Board who actually went through the trouble of copying their white pages telephone book as a request.
Even you folks have go to be as they say LOL or Laughing Out Loud at what you sent.  Forget about the minutes because we all know that those are still a mess and say nothing about the meeting actually held.  How can you send me minutes from an all Executive Level Meeting showing that you folks met in private and discussed and voted?  Really?
The catered meal section will have everyone LOL because you did not include all of the other meetings in the last year where catered meals were served.  Where is the dinner with the Baby Back Ribs?  Where’s the Beef?
Enough said the court will now help you understand what Ohio Revised Code 149.43 is all about and it has been filed today in the Court of Appeals.  You will have a small time to reply and they will also offer us mediation which will cost you time going downtown.
You must understand that the records you hide belong to the people and you are only a trustee holding them.  I gave you a “mulligan” and you did not take it and now the case is with the court.   For the record we can meet and figure out the best way I can REVIEW – INSPECT and or copy if needed.  I want the court to know that you are being offered a chance to sit down like adults and work this out without forcing the three panel judges order you to give up records.
NOBODY wants to have someone else ordering them to do their job and I am sure that the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals Judges do not want to make you do your job.
The download file of the case is not able to be sent via email but I have parked it online for download.
Let me know what you want to do or file your response in court and await their decision.
Gerald O. Strothers Jr.


THE Norton Gang strikes again!

Posted by: | Posted on: July 29, 2015

EAST CLEVELAND OH – According to most newspapers in the area the deal where the City of Cleveland gets the City of EAST Cleveland is over and now the prosecution of Mayor Gary Norton and his crew of administrative assistants begins.


Top L – Belinda Kyle, Top R – Norton and lawyer Bottom L – Michael Smedley Bottom R – Vanessa Veal

The question before the legal system is did Mayor Gary Norton Jr. knowingly forge signatures and or hire people too young to vote and pay them $15 per hour to help him fill up the required signatures.

Also we want to know who got you to sign the Norton petition if you signed was it a young person or one of the Norton gang shown below.   Email us at EC44112@gmail.com

Are your eyes in good shape?  Download the first half of the Norton papers and let us know what you can find in the documents including signatures that don’t match and things that make no sense to you.



For THE Norton Gang we send out these words of wisdom:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to Deceive”

Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C

Is Barbara J. Thomas ready to become Mayor?

Posted by: | Posted on: July 28, 2015

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 7/28/15 – East Cleveland City Council President Barbara J. Thomas is the next in line to become mayor of the city she loves.  And with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. ready to leave town either by an escort from three letters wearing government officials or by his own resignation it is clear that Norton could care less about the people or city he in command of.

The problem the only female elected official in city has is what to do and when because the Norton has gone out of his way to keep all city secrets away from Thomas.  It will be shock & awe for her to be quickly appointed mayor and she will have to count on previous mayors to quickly help her in case of a sudden change of jobs.DSCF6534

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is expected to speak to a selected group of his former followers tonight 7/28/15 in what this brainwashing expert man calls a “Town Hall Meeting” but it is only with the people who will continue to speak good about Norton and in this call he plans on brainwashing everyone into feeling that City Council is bad because they won’t approve a merger right away.

#44112News is not invited to listen in on the call and because they have to call  you to join the conference we are sure our news line (216) 324-4783 will not be called.  (Everyone Smile)


DSCF6533One thing is for sure and that is Barbara J. Thomas needs to be doing all the reading she can about the office of Mayor and checking out every book in East Cleveland Public Library about East Cleveland  Ohio because she may just need to know quicker than she might expect.