A Hot Mess at the East Cleveland Library Board of Trustees meeting 3/17/2014

For the very first time video is being sent out to show what is really going on at the East Cleveland City Library Board of Trustees Meeting. Many things have circulated but nothing for the eyes and ears to formulate an true opinion.

So forget about the media stories and word of mouth because today you are going to see a cornucopia of video clips rather than stores. You can click on each one to see and hear what they are talking, ranting or saying.

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A hot mess at the East Cleveland Library Board and help is on the way from the great people of East Cleveland.

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Covering the News Reporters – Joe Pagonakis

It’s interesting how this website always winds up reporting the news as it happens and there are so many East Cleveland residents who make it happen. People call, text, email and even give “word-of-mouth” news tips to make sure it gets covered here.
Troubleshooter - Joe Pagonakis
Today News Network Five (WEWS) trouble shooter, Joe Pagonakis caught reporting about the chuck/pot-hole problems on the two major streets in East Cleveland, Euclid and Hayden Avenues.
One thing that we all know is that our one major snow plow rarely if ever makes it through the whole winter without breaking down. The older style plow tears up our “cold patch” streets and creates a bigger problem when winter comes around for motorists and RTA bus drivers on both streets.
This year I was out early about 5 A.M. on Hayden during our first major snow storm and got the chance to see our faithful snow plow driving very much faster than the posted speed limit. With sparks flying out from the plow our snow crew attempted to plow Hayden Avenue, however their futile attempt made it even more difficult for bus and motorist to navigate the icy streets.
It should be interesting to see if Troubleshooter, Joe Pagonakis can help get our snow plow back on the road or not; lets. pray he can work miracles because EC needs on.

Last few days for EC City Council to file charges

With only days left before their term ends as a collective city council the members must finally decide if charges will be filed against Mayor Gary Norton.  Earlier this year they attempted to try a civil suit to force Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals to make Mayor Norton do his job

(Writ of Mandamus)

That suit failed as the court rarely likes to make elected officials to do their job through court order.

Several years back three citizens filed criminal charges with the former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and that office was willing to move forward on an investigation if City of East Cleveland Council members would meet at the JusticeCenter.  However despite repeated requests from the citizens and several calls from the CountyProsecutor council as a whole decided not to file charges or communicate with the Bill Mason’s office.

Now the citizens and council are faced with only a few days in which to file an affidavit to cause prosecution. Last chance to file is December 31, 2013 as this council’s term ends on that date. (Ohio Revised Code 2935.09)

Oddly enough Mayor Gary Norton since winning election from ten percent of the registered voters (90% registered voters did not cast a ballot) he has been in stealth mode.  Norton has not attended any public meetings including the city council meetings in December.

With all that said it is up to the city council members shown in the video above at their very last meeting to step up or shut up as the city starts it’s new era January 1, 2014.

The House of Cards is falling in East Cleveland

Medina Cigar Shop
The house of cards is beginning to fall down with the indictment of East Cleveland top cop and union president Detective Sgt. Scott Gardner, 39 who is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 23 in Medina County Common Pleas Court.

According to The Plain Dealer: Detective Sgt. Scott Gardner, 39, was indicted on charges of fourth-degree felony trafficking in tobacco products to avoid taxation, selling tobacco products without a license, third-degree felony tampering with records and fifth-degree felony forgery.  See Indictment - CLICK HERE

Gardner shown here attacking Dr. Joy Jordan on live television in the video below:

This is the same cop who went after Dr. Joy Jordan on TV and stated that he is all about the truth. At this point it appears that Medina County wants to know about the truth from Garder and will push forward on this case.   Case Details started earlier in 2013 – CLICK HERE

The Plain Dealer Reports this story and other media is just waking up to the cleaning house happening now in East Cleveland City Hall. More names to follow, stay tuned!     (Indictment Receipt)

Catching stray dogs by a gunshot in the head?

November 19, 2013 – East Cleveland Ohio where the police department of this city now in Financial Emergency are unable to pay for the Animal Control department or even hire or pay the bill of an outside animal control contractor. Instead the city has mandated that the ill trained and unprepared police department receive the call for stray animal control.

East Cleveland Police are not even equipped with lassos or cages to round up the stray critters; there is no dog pound or animal control truck to hold animals. Instead they do the only thing they can and euphemize stray animals despite them being mans best friend or worst enemy; East Cleveland cops shooting them multiple time in the head, scoop them up in trash bags and transport them to a dumpster.

Today EC officers were called out by a citizen who reported that there was a vicious dog running, attacking elementary school children on Northfield and Potomac Avenues in East Cleveland Ohio. Four police officers consisting of a new white supervisor and two new young black police officers reported for the call. It appears that all unleashed a barrage of gunshots at two dogs waking everyone nearby up.

Police officers in East Cleveland are now handling these calls and simply turning their weapons on the animals. In this case the police officers killed both dogs and when this website started filming the action they struggled to get the two bloody dogs in a trash bag to their police cruisers. The pets owners and their next door neighbor state that these two dogs were friendly to everyone and that the neighbor on Potomac was upset.

Sadly while the tactic the East Cleveland Police use to handle stray animal calls is not going to put them on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hot list, it should have East Cleveland pet owners on the alert.

One of the thoughts is to get the police officer the equipment needed to tranquilize these animals in a non-lethal manner. This would also be some of the same gear the police in East Cleveland could also handle some of their human calls by “Tasering” vs. killing.

Taser is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International and that company as well as local media is being given this story to act upon.

Update on Police Mayhem Story


A protest was held out in the cold on November 12, 2013 by the parent who Ms. Lani Wood who complained about her children being beaten by East Cleveland Police officers.  All of the statements are documented on this site however there are two sides to every story as East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts stated November 12, 2013.

Norton and Company

Norton and Company

Without a doubt this site is a watchdog of the East Cleveland City Government, police, mayor, council offices.  However in avoiding being a “Mayor Gary Norton one sided TV Network” we entertained the police chief’s contention. A group of citizens listened and watched their video presentation featuring the alleged young men being harassed.

My review of this short video is that we could have worked this situation out months ago rather than putting a criminal case on these “potty mouth” young men.   While the tape also shows that there was a lot of testosterone talk going on between the young men and cops.  My dearly departed grandmother used to say “Sometime you just need to shut up” and this is one case where that lesson was not driven to these young men.

Judge William Dawson gets this case on Thursday, November 14, 2013 and hopefully he will help guide these young men into one of his many successful programs that help our young men know when to just shut up.

It is a sign of hope that the Police Chief is working on solutions and it will be this websites policy to listen to both sides of the story before coming to a journalistic solution.

To Mayor Gary Norton and Police Chief Ralph Spotts don’t think this is a free pass from us over things like our terrible East Cleveland Jail or the broken down police cruisers we continue to patch up.  Your officers need to get more out into the city and stop having the world in fear of them.


Editorial on behalf from 98% of the Registered EC Voters

Missing Hospital

Huron Hospital

Editorial from Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

This is one of the rare times that I (Gerald O. Strothers Jr.) take time out to look at where we have been, what happened and where are we today. With all of that said let me start this piece with four long years of struggle fighting over the conditions of the East Cleveland Jail, “where’s the money” and an election that only eight percent of the registered voters bothered to participate in.

With my own eyes and through the camera lens I have watched East Cleveland City Council meetings go from less than thirty minutes total to being the hottest ticket on the first and third Tuesday nights. With the exception of two heart strokes I have only missed two meetings these four years.

What Happened? The people of East Cleveland have lost hope in anything ever changing. Two major folks from City Council have left us high and dry with Councilman Nathanial Martin being the only one from the heart trying to keep things moving forward.

I posted this on Cleveland.com in response to their inquisition blaming Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed over the Huron Hospital mess:

Stop blaming Reed for this mess when the blame belong with East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton who still has not revealed where the money he got from this hospital mess is hidden. East Cleveland residents are disgusted to the point that only eight percent of the registered voters went out or through absentee voted. That means that 98% of the East Cleveland residents are tired of this Huron Hospital fiasco by NOT voting.

We need help sorting out where the money went to in East Cleveland from FEDS, IRS and anybody willing to fight the good fight. Yes we are sad over the loss of a firefighter, we everyday here in East Cleveland have the same thing happen over and over and it never gets reported. Our loved ones lose their fight for life after being transported many extra miles away,
http://www.44112News.com – Yes we citizens have our own news channel because there is very little if any news coming out of East Cleveland. “Show Me The Money” or right now just ask Mayor Gary Norton the name of the bank he has the 20 million dollars parked at. Just the name, he won’t even tell anyone that information. Perhaps we can send out some of that money to help folks hurt over no hospital in East Cleveland or fun our own Urgi-Care center through another hospital network.

Perhaps we will get an early Christmas gift if the Feds, IRS and other agencies do their job and find out where the money is hidden. Now that would certainly make my holiday season bright if justice gets served.

Win, Lose, Draw – 2 Good Wins One Loss

Tiffany Wins
East Cleveland finally we got a true winner with Tiffany Fisher winning getting voted the winner of School Board Election. Her campaign was simple and easy to understand: She went after the absentee ballots.

Tiffany Fisher 1217
Abdul Shaheed Jabbaar 843
Eve Lynn Westbrooks 1008
Juan Wyley II 611

Next on the agenda was the tightly fought battle to get two at large spots on city council. Once again Nathaniel Martin went after and won the absentee ballots putting him in the lead early. Even with an expected recount and adding the provisional ballots Martin is still expected to triumph.

Brandon L. King 946
Nathaniel Martin 950
Genevieve Mitchell 280
Ryan Ross 225
Gloria B. Smith Morgan 899

Finally truly the saddest day for Ernest Smith who thought that going door to door was the way to win. Unfortunately while he was going door to door The Mayor Norton Machine was cranking out the few absentee ballots cast in Ward Three. Do the math and notice that less than 1000 folks total voted in Ward Three. Vidah Saeed really had no chance but was actually the one person who has actual experience in politics; she would have been the best choice if she had actually run a campaign.

Vidah Saeed 82
Ernest L. Smith 235
Thomas J. Wheeler 404

The new council takes the keys in January with Nathaniel Martin at the helm of a council that will not have enough votes to override a mayoral veto if the newest “Norton Machine” candidates do not agree.

The people of East Cleveland got a Draw as they made this one of the cities worst turnouts for election day. Less than eight percent of the population even bothered to vote either absentee or in person. That is simply unconscionable in a city trying to stay alive.

Super Light Turn-Out at the East Cleveland Election 2013

Allante Williams ponders the low turn-out
Another day at the Election Polls and no one is out voting in East Cleveland Ohio. Last election only ten percent of the registered voters cast either an absentee or actual vote in the primary which ended by default putting Mayor Gary Norton back into office today.
Now with three city council seats up for grab and no one out and voting in three major precincts this will be a short computation for Cuyahoga County Board of Elections workers. This time all ballots cast are scanned and computed making the task even that much simpler.
Candidates Nathaniel Martin (Incumbent) and Ernest Smith working on a less than a wing and a prayer both hope to get voters out on their respective campaigns. In this case it seems not to be working as people walking by are not even aware that Election Day is upon them.