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Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part TWO

Posted by: | Posted on: March 31, 2015


EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/31/2015 – Hayden Road continues to be the worst road in the City of East Cleveland Ohio however the small street patch team took on some of the larger holes.  Using only a very small amount of cold patch the crew started west to east trying to patch up what they could do.

IMG_1525Working with cold patch is just a temporary repair that should be backed up with hot asphalt repair but the city has no immediate plans or the equipment needed to put hot materials IMG_1528down.  It will require an outside contractor to do the job and since Hayden Avenue is not seen by most as the other major street it may continue to be pothole city.

It will take one hundred times more asphalt than the crew was using today to handle the entire street.  And since RTA buses use this highway to put the east side buses from the Hayden Garage on the road much of the work done today may not be the solution.   RTA should at least give East Cleveland some cold patch since their buses do a big part of the damage on the street.



Blame EVERYTHING bad on Eric Brewer NOT Gary Norton Jr.

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EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 3/30/2015 – Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

This is an editorial or my views on things being reported or stated around town and this one starts with the premise that EVERYTHING bad must be blamed on East Cleveland Ohio former Mayor Eric Brewer according to current Mayor Gary Norton Jr.  We must all learn how to lie from a serial liar who has invaded our land and is running the town into the ground, Current Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

WHY? Because current mayor Gary Norton and many reporters out there blame everything we the people of East Cleveland are going through on Eric Brewer and won’t listen to the truth I decided to write this personal editorial.

Gary Norton so many lies that his words are spoken by his cronies around town. Let Norton tell it the recent ice and cold weather we had in East Cleveland came about because of Eric Brewer who made Norton forget to order rock salt.  And I am am so tired of hearing his book report for Professor Norman Krumholtz which gives the history of East Cleveland, that paper must have earned Gary at least a “D” grade in the course.


Since Norton is never at fault we might as well blame Eric Brewer for making Gary Norton buy a brand new truck for the Norton family to ride in. Gary Norton is the first person I have ever seen who blames everything that has gone wrong in EC including all of the potholes on Hayden Avenue on Eric Brewer.  Since Norton has no good things to take credit for this editorial will talk only about the bad things we the people of East Cleveland are going through thanks to Mayor Gary Norton.

Who? Eric Brewer left office and EC was not in any major financial problem and had a hospital and seemed to be a good city to live in at the time. But according to Norton everything wrong that has happened to have us ready to merge with Cleveland is not Gary Norton’s fault.

What? There are no working people in East Cleveland most people according to Gary Norton, most people here are homeless or have no taxable income. Even most of the reporters are going with that bold faced lie spoken by Norton. In this case let’s all tell misinformation like Gary Norton and maybe even pin the lie that there are no working people on former mayor Brewer. Might as well since everyone else is brainwashed by Norton into his current lies.


When? If we are all going to lie and blame former mayor Brewer for everything bad it must also include Norton closing down the Helen S. Brown center last year and giving the seniors hope that it would open by February 2015. The closing of Silverman’s Department Store and several other business places must also be blamed on someone else and not Gary Norton.  When? The time is right now and we can blame the bad weather that falls on East Cleveland not on news weather crews but on our former mayor Eric Brewer like Gary Norton does daily.

In our campaign to help get Mayor Gary NO to a new job here is a corrected picture.

In our campaign to help get Mayor Gary NO to a new job here is a corrected picture.

Where? East Cleveland Ohio starting with the solar panels that serve up energy for who? Certainly not East Cleveland Ohio. By the way since the solar panels do not serve East Cleveland Ohio that also must be blamed on Former Mayor Eric Brewer who had nothing to do with the deal. But Gary Norton will spin that fiasco on Brewer and Norton never does anything wrong.

How? If we all become like mayor Norton all it will take is for us to remember that all blame for everything bad goes toward and is blamed on Eric Brewer this will put us in synch with Mayor Norton.
Look in the mirror and blame everything bad today on someone like Eric Brewer who is an innocent bystander.  Someone please send Gary Norton a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”



All this personal editorial wants people and reporters to open up their ears and notice that mayor Gary Norton Jr. has never taken blame for anything he has done wrong. From the potholes we all dodge to the fire trucks being a mess it’s all someone else’s fault.  Former Mayor Eric Brewer was off the clock the minute Gary Norton stole his way into elected office so don’t be like Gary and blame the wrong person.

It’s funny how as we prepare for Fire Norton how many people talk about times before Norton came to this town and how things were better. We can’t turn the clock back but maybe some people and reporter will stop believing the misinformation Gary Norton and his small crew put out.

By the way Eric Brewer talked about the broken fire trucks years ago when Norton refused to have them fixed and firefighters at that time ran to the former mayor for help. Now this old story is seen on NewsNet5 like it’s breaking news. The pumper truck they are talking about has been outside so long that the red paint is sun faded. And that ambulance in the story also is sun faded because these things have been so long that they will never be used again.

This plot has some creepy thoughts like Mansfield Frazier on WTAM 1100 AM having a show about East Cleveland Sunday April 5, 2015 that may only include Gary Norton talking about merger and no citizens or council member(s) in opposition. If Frazier were being fair how about letting Eric Brewer and Gary Norton finally have a chance to debate or meet up together.

Enough of my personal rants and raves please respond to this editorial or call me at (216) 324-4783 and say what is on your mind. Make sure you do your homework before calling and unlike Norton I won’t hide under my desk when reporters come knocking.  Most of the time you will find me in the main hall of East Cleveland City Council sitting at my auxillary desk at city hall.

Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part ONE

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IMG_1514This is the first of a series designed to help out all of the reporters looking for the worst potholes in Ohio and they can be found in East Cleveland Ohio.  Hosting this section is “The Grinch” who sort of looks like East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton.   “The Terror of Terrace Avenue”

Terrace Avenue has been blocked off by the East Cleveland Ohio Service Department after many cars destroyed tires, wheels and the city can no longer pay the damages.    “Terrible Terrace Avenue” starts this series off as we visit the worst pothole streets in Ohio.IMG_1516

IMG_1519 IMG_1515


Tomorrow join us on the #1 worst road – Hayden Avenue in East Cleveland Ohio.  

FREE Starbucks – Sunday 3/29/2015

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3093 Mayfield Rd

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Sunday, March 29, 2015 – 10 AM to Noon




It’s our FREE Starbuck’s event today and you are invited to a Meet & Greet event where we are collecting the final signatures on the recall petition and also talking about problems in East Cleveland Ohio.



Let 44112News treat you to a hot or cold beverage at Starbucks , 3093 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.  You will find this store at the corner of Lee Road and Mayfield Road in the plaza,  parking is available.


If you miss the free beverage event tune into WERE AM 1490 Sunday, 5 PM to 7 PM, Art McKoy University Radio Show.  This is one of the only places to hear what is going on in the city of East Cleveland Ohio.  You can listen to this show on your SmartPhone or online but make sure to tune in and hear the latest news, issues, more.

Criminal charges or Recall against some EC City Council Members

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The EC Car Lot On Eddy Road



East Cleveland Ohio – 3/28/2015 – Only East Cleveland City Council can stop Mayor Gary Norton Jr. from giving away all of the used cars and trucks for $17,000 – Seven-Teen Thousand Dollars total to a very friendly dealer.  Two of the members already state that they will  vote NO to the idea of giving away cars and trucks without giving residents and other bidders a chance to purchase them at auction.


Antonio Marshall (Green) and Michael Smedley

EagleAutoParts YahooEagleAuto

Here is a listing of the truck and cars being given away by Mayor Gary Norton Jr.



East Cleveland City Council President Barbara J. Thomas

Only a few selected companies were chosen and no ad was placed on Craigslist or The Cleveland Plain Dealer for bids. Here is the list of people selected:


East Cleveland City Council will give away these trucks and cars some worth over 20 thousand dollars by themselves to one of their selected dealers who will crush and sell all of this metal for many times more than what the city is giving away.DSCF5613

Residents state that they plan on filing criminal charges against every council person who votes yes on the sale of these cars and or starting recall proceedings .  Clearly this is one exposed sale that needs to be offered to citizens and also advertised in the local news paper for the best prices on these cars and trucks.

With Mayor Gary Norton and his band of merry men and women need to retract this sale before it gets the city council men and woman in trouble.  Council will have a chance to take this off the table at the agenda review before first meeting in April 2015.


Many car tires have been used in current vehicles