• How many people does it take to change a light bulb?
    11 Lane Intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Blvd has flashing red lights

  • This house cost EC over 200 thousand dollars
    Now thieves have already stolen Appliances and prepare to get pipes

A case of unethical and wrongful conduct

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – A Case of Unethical and Wrongful Conduct

Councilman Wheeler and Councilman King sought and won election based upon the support of Mayor Gary Norton and their commitment to working with his administration, and being wheelerhis voice on the Council. Unfortunately, for Mayor Norton, Councilman King had a moment of sanity when he voted to override the Mayor’s veto of Ordinance 44-15. However, Councilman Wheeler remained steadfast and ignored the obvious discrepancies in the Annexation Petition to vote against the override. For many residents this was too much and thus the successful recall of Councilman Wheeler.

There are two legal cases pending before the courts that will shed light on some of the actions of these councilors and the Norton Administration. One, the Writ of Mandamus, filed by Mr. Michael Smedley, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, is before Judge Russo in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. For the record, the Annexation Committee (“Committee”) consisted of Mr. Gary Norton, Mr. Michael Smedley, Ms. Latonya J. Foster, Ms. Lillian Sharpley, and Mr. Darrell A. Fields. Ms. Foster is a City employee within the Police Department and Mr. Fields is the husband of East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission (“Commission”) member Mrs. Helen Forbes-Fields. Residents may remember that Mr. and Mrs. Fields along with the Mayor’s Administrative Assistant Ms. Belinda Kyle served as the East Cleveland Committee for Referendum of Ordinance 101-11 (the Issue 48 ballot measure that sustained Council’s passage of Ordinance 101-11. The Mayor still has not reimbursed the City for the Safety Director Salary, and related payroll benefits, vacation and sick time he received during FY 2012 – $51,918.00).


It became public knowledge by way of Mayor Norton’s own words at the November 5th meeting of the Commission, that the Law Director (Ms. Willa Hemmons) was responsible for drafting the Annexation Petition. The Mayor cited the Charter as giving the Law Director such authority. Section 43 of the Charter does not give the Law Director any such authority. One could inquire why Mr. Fields did not prepare the Petition since he is an attorney. Mr. Norton and Mr. Smedley were acting in their private capacity as residents, in participating as members of the Committee. Council never provided any authorization to the Mayor or his Chief of Staff to act in their public capacity as members of the Committee.


The Mayor’s comments regarding the Law Director is critically important because on more than one occasion the Law Director had the opportunity to disclose to her constituent clients, the Council, and the Clerk of Council, of her involvement in the preparation of the Petition and the revised Circulator’s Statement. Her stated reason was that Mr. Smedley was her “boss,” and representing Council against Mr. Smedley in the Mandamus action was, in her opinion, a conflict of interest. That is why the Council was obligated to secure outside legal counsel. Furthermore, it is likely that Councilman King and Councilman Wheeler were aware of the Law Director’s involvement, but they too choose not disclose that information to their colleagues or the Council Clerk.

Several issues arise that residents of East Cleveland must be cognizance about. Under Ohio’s ethics laws, a public official or employee may not use, or authorize the use of, his or her public position to benefit himself or herself or others in circumstances that create a conflict of interest where his or her objectivity could be impaired. Public officials and employees must not act on situations in which they might gain personally as a result of the decision they make or their influence as public servants. A public official or employee is also prohibited from using his or her position to benefit others, such as family members or business associates, because his or her relationship with those individuals could impair his or her objectivity in his or her public duties.

The Law Director, as a licensed practicing attorney, has specific obligations that rise above her duties for the City of East Cleveland. Attorneys are expected to represent their clients to the best of their abilities, using all reasonable, available, ethical, and legal means to achieve their clients’ goals. Attorneys, however, may not engage in conduct that is illegal or violates any of the rules of professional conduct.

An attorney employed or retained by an organization (City of East Cleveland) represents the organization acting through its constituents (Mayor, Council, city employees, etc.). An attorney employed or retained by an organization owes allegiance to the organization and not to any constituent of an organization or other person connected with the organization (Rule 1.13(a) Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct).


If an attorney for an organization knows or reasonably should know that its constituent’s action, intended action, or refusal to act (1) violates a legal obligation to the organization, or (2) is a violation of law that reasonably might be imputed to the organization and that is likely to result in substantial injury to the organization. When it is necessary to enable the organization to address the matter in a timely and appropriate manner, the lawyer shall refer the matter to higher authority, including, if warranted by the circumstances, the highest authority that can act on behalf of the organization under applicable law (Rule 1.13(b) Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct).

The County Sheriff is currently conducting an investigation into the Annexation Petition, pursuant to Council’s request through Ordinance 44-15. The County Prosecutor will then make a determination on whether to pursue legal actions if warranted. More than likely the Writ of Mandamus will be settled after the Prosecutor’s investigation is completed. What this case exposes is the misuse of public offices and government resources for what is supposed to have been a private citizen activity. It also exposes the Law Director who failed in her duty to the organization and to the Code of Professional Conduct. There are serious penalties for public officials and public employees who violate Ohio’s ethics laws. There are serious penalties for the Law Director for violating her duties under the Code of Professional Conduct, including losing her license to practice law. Mayor Norton and Mr. Smedley not participating as members of the Annexation Committee could have avoided this situation, and they might have had better results.


The other case is before Judge Dawson in the Municipal Court of East Cleveland. This case initially involved assault charges filed by Councilman King and Councilman Wheeler against the Council Clerk. Compounding the injury, the Law Director decided (or was compelled) to amend the charges to include election law related charges that had nothing to do with the original assault charge.

The case before the Municipal Court is an effort to remove the Council Clerk, and thus destroy the ability of Council to protect the interests of residents on the issue of Annexation. Under normal circumstances, a complaint is filed with the Police Department. The detective bureau conducts an investigation, collects all available evidence, and interviews all witnesses to the incident. This information is turned over to the prosecutor who determines if there is enough evidence for charges to be filed. The record will show that proper procedures were not followed, and that the Law Director violated numerous rules of the Code of Professional Conduct.


On the matter of the so-called “assault,” neither Councilman King nor Councilman Wheeler took the opportunity to inform their colleagues of the incident, thereby circumventing the appropriate venue in dealing with an employee issue. It was reported that Councilman Wheeler made the statement to Council President Thomas saying, “The clerk has options, if she resigns, we will drop the charges.” Council has management jurisdiction over its own employee. If the Law Director, Mayor Norton, Councilman King, or Councilman Wheeler had concerns, regarding whether the Council Clerk was doing her job properly, could have brought the matter before the full Council. The next step would be for the Law Director, pursuant to ORC 733.58, to file a Writ of Mandamus against the Clerk. Furthermore, the Mayor could have filed with the Council charges pursuant to ORC 733.35. Filing bogus felony charges against the Council Clerk is nothing more than intimidation.


A closer look at the Law Director’s actions reveals some very troubling issues. A city director of law must apply Rule 1.11 and Rule 1.7 of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct to determine whether a conflict of interest exists between or among a city, city officials, or city entities and whether representation may be provided to each by assistant city law directors employed in the law director’s office (Opinion 2007-4, BCGD). In this case, the Law Director is also acting as Prosecutor. Under Rule 1.7(a) (1), a conflict of interest exists in the representation if the city, its entities, or the city officials are directly adverse to each other. Additionally, the Law Director’s actions are in conflict with Rule 3.8(a) of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. That rule states that a prosecutor in a criminal case shall not pursue or prosecute a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause.


This is a willful and shameful act to destroy the character of the Council Clerk. We have public officials who are using their positions to influence legal actions that have no merit. When the Council Clerk is vindicated, both Councilman Wheeler and Councilman King, by making false charges, have made themselves subject to possible removal from the Council, no matter the results of any recall election. Section 99 of the Charter states: “Any member becoming guilty of gross misconduct or malfeasance in office, being convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude while in office, or ceasing to possess the qualifications herein provided, shall thereby forfeit his office. The Council shall be judge of the election and qualifications of its own members. It may expel any member for gross misconduct, or malfeasance in, or disqualification for office or for conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude while in office; provided, however, that such expulsion shall not take place without the concurrence of four members nor until the delinquent member shall have been notified of the charge against him and given an opportunity to be heard. (Amended 5-3-88.)”


Gerald L. Silvera
Ward 3

ADULTS ONLY – Money, Sex, Power, Murder – Thanksgiving 2015 Protest

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – There is a clear reason why the media in Cleveland does not cover stories in East Cleveland Ohio including murders, robberies, home invasions or even the Mayors own alleged affairs at a local city park are not covered by anyone yet inquiring minds want to know the truth.

As many have seen Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is no longer appearing on interviews including the disastrous traffic camera story starring the Law Director Willa Hemmons who is being set up to be the fall person in this whole thing.  Her putting false assault charges against the East Cleveland City Council Clerk shows that Hemmons is playing ball right along with City Councilmen Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler who are all claiming that the council clerk beat Brandon King to a pulp.

Is that true that the mild-mannered Tracy Udria-Peters is actually Superwoman or maybe even a version of the Hulk cartoon character.  Clearly the East Cleveland Law Director is under total control of Mayor Gary Norton  Jr. and does whatever he wants or faces being fired.  Is the money that good for Hemmons to risk her law license and integrity she has built up teaching the law at local colleges?


In the decrepit East Cleveland City Hall where there continue to be problems with bed bugs, roaches, ceilings caving in is it that some of the ladies are “dolled up” looking like they are ready to go out casino or bar hopping.  Who in their right mind comes to a warehouse wearing stacked hooker heels and yoga pants  to work?  From the rancid bathrooms to having no lunch room there is no reason to look like sex objects at work but don’t take my word for it  see it yourself where only certain people are required to clock in and out of work.



Mayor Gary Norton Jr. gives his so-called Chief of Staff full range to not show up for work and to be able to work anywhere he wants.  His frequent meetings with George Michael Riley Senior the guy who made the people of East Cleveland that he was their friends only to  be found to be an alleged con-artist;  so why is Smedley meeting up with this guy to talk shop or what?


Still the media refuses to cover these stories and Smedley, Norton, George Michael Riley Senior know that East Cleveland people will not believe they have been scammed unless it appears in the one local newspaper that refuses to cover most stories in East Cleveland along with any of the competing news stations.  Only one station and reporter have tried to cover EC News when possible but the Power of alleged corruption is to tell or spin a story of their own.



A long time ago in a place far, far away from East Cleveland the late great Robert Woodman of Lakewood Ohio taught this reporter to follow the money.  Forget about everything else in the story just follow the money trail and every since Huron Hospital was torn down a simple question continues to be spoken:  “Show me the money.”


Are people in East Cleveland so naive to believe everything clearly the worst mayor in the history of East Cleveland Ohio says?  What happened to the money East Cleveland received from the demolition of Huron Hospital go, what bank were the funds deposited in and many other questions unanswered.

NO ONE KNOWS the truth including the state finance group who have been asked the simple question of what bank were the Huron Hospital funds deposited in and they have no idea so the folks from Columbus just stay quiet.  What exactly are the finance  group doing if Gary Norton Jr. is allowed to give his sexy female staff raises in pay and his pants on the floor Chief of Staff more money than he has ever made in his life?


Every Thanksgiving we have kept the memory of Sterlyn Ezel alive and only city councilman Nathaniel Martin has joined us in our quest to find out what really happened in the East Cleveland Jail Thanksgiving Night 2012 as he was found hanging from his “A-Shirt” not “T-Shirt” less than 30 minutes from being imprisoned in the East Cleveland dungeon and jail.

The young Sterlyn was not sent to jail for murder, assault robbery or drug sales just a simple drunk and disorderly conduct.  Just like “Otis” in the television show Andy Griffith Show who would check himself in to sleep his drunken state off that is perhaps what Sterlyn Ezel thought would happen and not a murder within thirty minutes after the jail cell was closed.


In 2015 a new murder goes unpunished as the family of Christopher Kimble Jr. sit back and watch no justice happening this year.  Rather than have protests outside of East Cleveland City Hall like one family did and got justice for their loved one before anything could happen to their loved one the Kimble family is venting out through social media.  But social media is not enough sometimes getting a white poster board and some black ink with easy to  read signs is the only thing to draw attention.

Keeping  in mind that the local  media are not going  to send coverage but to make the people of East Cleveland know that a homicide has happened.  In addition to the city of East Cleveland not having any insurance on it’s many vehicles which has only been covered by one reporter and station there won’t be any Plain Dealer reporters or other station reporters to cover a Thanksgiving protest.

In this case the Kimble family and others who have been in  the East Cleveland pest infested and inhumane jail even for dogs and cats need to  consider coming together to stop the homicide with Christopher Kimble Jr.  We are sorry for the Kimble family because the thought of a big payoff will be years away and many of us will not be alive to  see that happen.  The family will be standing in a long line of other people who have won cases against the city and Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

Happy Thanksgiving  enjoy the meal and say a prayer for Sterlyn and Christopher


It’s the time when East Cleveland acquires turkeys to give out to needing families but this year the frozen birds are being allegedly to people who agree not to vote from Ward Three where councilman Thomas Wheeler faces the first of three recalls elections Tuesday, December 8, 2015.  Allegedly this year the only city council men getting turkey’s to give away are the two Norton men all  city councilmen Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler.  Not  even Barbara Thomas will be giving away from turkeys to her constituents unless she goes out an buys a few.

Russell Means and me

Late great Russell Means and me on the protest line

One Man Protest – Thanksgiving Day – Thursday November 6, 2015 – 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

If having a bite of Thanksgiving dinner with your family, or maybe throwing some cash to  the  local homeless people if that makes you feel good it is not my thing this year.

This Thanksgiving in honor of Sterlyn Elzel and Christopher Kimble Jr. this reporter will be outside of East Cleveland City Hall getting signatures to recall Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Councilman Brandon King.  This year it is a one man protesting.  Not looking or asking anyone to join this one man protest if you join it will be about your own heart telling you to.

Thanksgiving 2012 the news of Sterlyn Ezel dying got me off Intensive Care where I was spending the day after suffering a major stroke.  Most people at the Louis Stokes Veterans Administration Hospital did not give me much of a chance to live through the night.  However a call came in from someone who did not know I was in intensive care and  I answered it with my left arm.  It was a call from Bernice Ewing one of the three founders of 44112News telling me of the death of Sterlyn Ezel.


I never told Ms. Ewing my plight but instead told her I was just in for the turkey dinner served by the hospital.  With  little or no feeling on my right side I managed to sit up in the bed and get  my trusty lap top running and even walked a few steps to a chair.  After contacting the Ezell family something strange happened the feelings on my right side came back.  The following days the massive stroke did not kill me instead I felt like Sterlyn Ezell was with me forever.

Now with the death of Christopher Kimble Jr. at the hands of an East Cleveland Police officer who may have been texting while driving I thank both of these men for living the short  lives they had.  I do this one man protest not for anyone but Sterlyn Ezell and Christopher Kimble to see from the heavens and no one else.


So enjoy and give thanks this year at your  respective Thanksgiving Dinner tables because we all have something to be thankful for or to.  For me I will be in front of East Cleveland City Hall From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2015.  This is my way of celebrating Thanksgiving without any media attention the one man protest will take place outside of East Cleveland City Hall on  Euclid Ave underneath the tattered United States Flag now flying.  Stop by and sign the petitions or Ward Three People prepare to get out and vote on Tuesday December 8, 2015.   Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend and please don’t drink and drive or text while driving.

Crash and burn – EC Stores Robbed late night hours

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – With robberies at three of the local stores both armed and smash the car or truck through the window type Euclid Avenue is becoming a war zone for EC Police.  Starting with the armed robbery of the Family Dollar Store 15011 Euclid Ave where an uncertain amount of money was taken from the register with patrons rushing to back office until police came back to let them out.  This armed robbery occurred about 8:00 PM November 17, 2015 and East Cleveland Police still refuse to allow the public to hear about crimes happening around town.



On Tuesday November 24, 2015 in the early hours thugs driving a stolen vehicle decided they would smash through the doors of the Walgreen Store at 14525 Euclid Ave using their vehicle and grab all they could before police arrived.  This store is within walking distance of the East Cleveland Police Department and would have least been expected a smash and grab location.  However thanks to the Walgreen’s staff forgetting to lock the gates around the building there was clear access to try a smash and grab attempt.


Dollar General at 13741 Euclid Ave continues to be robbed daily with no security people have learned to leave their wallets at home and just steal what is on their mind.  Police response time is slow enough to allow the hooded thieves to escape and store clerks have learned not to get involved in stopping the thievery at their store.
Many of the stores have experienced being robbed with many moving out for example the plaza across from city hall is down to the last stores.  Summer 2014 Wendy’s Restaurant at 13939 Euclid Ave in East Cleveland faced an armed robbery that was captured on video.  The East Cleveland detectives refused to take the video and no one captured following this video robbery.  In all of the stores along Euclid Avenue they all have video cameras showing the robbery and some of the same faces appear on many of their tapes.



East Cleveland Business and people have got to exchange information to allow the few remaining stores in town to prepare for robbery.  Home alarm systems are also not a reliable choice and have East Cleveland police spending valuable time answering false alarms at homes.   On Shawview Avenue the residents are beginning to  install outside cameras to capture what is going on around their street and forming their own block party.
East Cleveland Police Chief Michael Cardilli does not live in East Cleveland and he and the all white commanders and sergeants selected are just visiting the town at this point.  With that race disparity in the forces going on and no one of color or sex wearing a white leadership shirt expect the robberies to escalate as the holiday season approaches.

 Other News Around East Cleveland Ohio

Prepared to lose her law license for EC Mayor

Prepared to lose her law license for Gary Norton

Now as a laugh the current law director Willa Hemmons is moving a fake case forward from East Cleveland City Councilman Brandon King who is Mayor Gary Norton’s other buddy for felony assault charges against city council clerk Tracy Udrija-Peters.

    Everyone on the planet knows these fake and phony felony assault charges filed by King and Hemmons are abuse of power and wrong.  (Reverse Racism)
Hemmons is now acting as mayor as the reporters follow our leads and ask the questions they should have been asking years ago.  Poor Willa made a total fool of herself on WKYC TV 3 11/23/15 (Click Here to See)
   The Udrija-Peters assault trial will happen in East Cleveland Judge William Dawson’s courtroom for Pre-Trial court date set for 11/30/2015 at 08:00 AM in EC Courtroom.   To file a grievance against EC Law Director Hemmons Click here.   Will Judge Dawson set a new record dismissing the charges filed or will he go along with this reverse racism case conjured up by the mayor and his boys?
We at 44112News.com hope that JudgeWilliam Dawson can formulate his campaign and register to get one of the open seats next year in the Cuyahoga County Court and leave this mess behind.  Of course there need to  be some type of punishment for both Brandon King filing false charges and registered voters can do just that by signing a recall petition circulating now.  There is also a separate petition going around to recall  and fire the worst mayor in East Cleveland history Gary Norton Jr.
East Cleveland Residents if you are interested in gathering forty registered voters on your street contact us here by calling (216) 324-4783, sorry no blocked or anonymous calls will be accepted.   Business owners interested in forming a network robbery watch are also urged to call us.  Reporters looking to get the real story are also urged to call us before you go on air and we will provide video and other information that might just give you a great story.
Finally, the first of three Recall Elections happens Tuesday, December 8, 2015 to give Thomas Wheeler his pink slip and sending him out the door.  This election is for Ward Three voters only and you join 44112News.com live at the Mayfair Elementary School on Election Day voting  FOR THE RECALL of Thomas Wheeler.  We still need people to get 20 registered voters in East Cleveland to sign and them come out and vote the three stooges in East Cleveland out of our lives.



George Michael Riley Sr. – Alleged Con-Man of the Year – BUSTED Part One

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The difficult we do at once, Impossible takes a little bit longer and that applies to notorious East Cleveland toxic dump site and it’s so alleged owner.  His real name is George Michael Riley Sr. but everyone calls him Michael Riley or any of his other names including but not limited to: George M S Riley, Michael G Riley, Mike Riley, Michael H Ring, Riley G Michael and many more names and screen names he has created.  His real name is George Michael Riley Senior and this is his story unfolding.



Match.com California (Complaint Comment)
Posted: 2013-10-31 by survivor98
Most paid male members are players
Stay away from George Michael Riley Sr. aka Mike. He is a cruel and sadistic con man. Usually lives in Ohio and claims to be an educated engineer that comes from a family of multi millionaires in the mining industry. Actually he has no HS degree and he’s totally broke from a very poor uneducated family of thieves in NE Ohio…



A check of the current dating sites like Match.com, Ourtime.com and dating sites where widow rich ladies seek attention will show this professional con-artist is prospecting his next wife or  girlfriend even now.

Match.com California (Complaint Comment)
Posted: 2013-10-31 by survivor98
Most paid male members are players
Stay away from George Michael Riley Sr. , from Ohio. AKA Mike. A total crazy cruel con man. He’s interested in only one thing. your money. He’s mentally, verbally and physically abusive and he’s spent 3 years in prison so far for theft and fraud. He steals and cheats everyone. He claims to be connected to the mafia and from a wealthy family…


Have you seen this man?

How does a professional con artist work?

In order for a good con-artist to do  his or her thing they have to first scout out a place where this is most likely not to be discovered.  The most important part of the story is the prospective victim(s) must have no way to check up and find out the con-artist is scamming them.  By using an alias or false name and going after greedy people looking to make fast cash this can be accomplished.

East Cleveland Ohio



The city of East Cleveland Ohio presented the largest con every pulled off by George  Michael Riley Senior using the false name Michael Riley.  Of course since Riley is on  probation for a smaller con that he ended up in prison for it was important for him to locate a new wife and get that woman to invest in his business thus making  her money.  Greed always works even with a wife but in this case she took the plunge and funded a venture into a needy town called East Cleveland Ohio.


One Hundred Twenty-Five Dollar InvestmentIMG_9655

Keeping in mind that greed will keep this con going including taking a city and bamboozling the  mayor, city council and people using an elaborate plan.  East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley thought they were getting a good deal so they sold the idea to city council who did not bother to check on what was being proposed.

ARCO Recycling

With police officers and private investigators looking to finally capture George Michael Riley Senior the idea was to go into “stealth” mode hiding behind his new wife.  So Riley created a fake recycling plant and sold the idea to East Cleveland making sure not to to  tell the people who would  have this trash heap in their back yards what was going on.

Back to George Michael Riley Senior – Our alleged Con-Artist of the Decade

East Cleveland Mayor and city council were only too happy to oblige Riley and never told the residents about this scam unfolding in their back yards.  Instead Riley persuaded his wife to get the money needed to purchase some land in  East Cleveland Ohio and with the help of both the mayor and all of city council they sold this land and Riley from the start was able to make millions from the sale of metal left behind by General Electric the former owners of this land.

2007 CR 00342 – STATE OF OHIO vs. GEORGE M RILEY Sr.


With thanks to the folks from Licking County Ohio we were able to view the criminal record of this con-artist who continues to allegedly defraud the city of East Cleveland, and women, wives, girlfriends all over America.


Also assisting us in the unavailing of this con-artists work are ARTS RENTAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY, COMMODORE BANK and lots of other folks who helped to bring this story to the world.  This whole story may make a great movie if anyone from Hollywood is reading this story.  Imagine a man going from town to town marrying at will, stealing their money and hurting hundreds of people, that would be a great story to see on television or the a movie screen.


Now with the local media preparing  to check into the story and Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his trusty sidekick Michael Smedley prepare to spin their greatest press release, residents of East Cleveland prepare to recall and fire Norton.  And because this story involves multiple states it invokes the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Noble Road Ohio ARCO Toxic Waste Dump Site (What’s next?)


Unfortunately for the people who have to live with George Michael Riley’s greatest scam with a huge pile of junk in their back yards they will have no immediate change.   No help will come from embattled Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and only the F.B.I. and Internal Revenue Service will be able to sort out the scop of this scam and bring the people who profited to justice.


By looking into the cellular phone,  bank and credit and debit card purchases the F.B.I. and I.R.S. we call “the men and women in black” will have the ability to sort though what happened in East Cleveland Ohio. On a state level the current Ohio Adult Probation officer assigned to watch over George Michael Riley Senior is being asked to help sort out how this happened.

To Christina Beynon and all of the others who may be hurt by this con-artist help is on the way.  We are looking for anyone who has been approached on Match.com and all of the dating sites.  Any girlfriends or wives please contact us about George Michael Riley Sr.   Please don’t let any threatening phone calls discourage you from coming forward.  Perhaps there will soon be someone knocking on the doors at 1180 West Exchange Street in Akron Ohio (the former Akron mayor’s house) or anyplace else our subject moves to next time.


Bankruptcy and a Plea Bargain

Needless to say this alleged con-artist checks his smart phone daily to see when he is being busted and he is expected to be calling and threatening witnesses.  George Michael Riley Sr. is not a member of the any mafia family and his false bravado will be his downfall as well as an desire to be with wealthy women.

This story to be continued . . .

Milene Chorovich and Sara Chorovich – sisters to one of his ex wives, Christine Chorovich Riley. They live in Seneca Lake area. From – St. Claresville, OH. She died 6 days after the divorce was final of a heart issue. They went to school with Mike Riley and Milene shared a lot of info, offered to help and then disappeared. Possibly too painful for her. Allegedly George he stole about seven hundred thousand dollars from her sister and was physically abusive to her as well. Allegedly her sister had filed charges against him after “held a gun on and forced to her to perform oral sex“.  She said the police paid little attention and perhaps the men and women in black can help. She also allegedly said that he had tied another wife to the bed and threatened to light it on fire. We are trying to reach that wife right now through social media. Also looking for  Kris Lewis in Columbus Ohio that George left bankrupt.

East Cleveland Democratic Club Meeting November 2015

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 11/19/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio City Councilman Nathaniel Martin is a city-wide representative who has a club that meets monthly. East Cleveland Democratic Club has become one of the major places for people who love talking politics to meet and greet.

From judges to potential East Cleveland city council members this meeting gives two hours of political talk from Democratic candidates and this meeting gave the audience and members just what they came to hear.

The city of East Cleveland is going through a recall election for Ward Three councilman Thomas IMG_9847Wheeler on December 8, 2015. See: http://44112news.com/?p=6931 The top two names being mentioned to replace Wheeler if voters say he should be fired are Otis Mays and Ernest Smith.
The problem happening at this point is the voters still have not had the chance to cast their thoughts.

Should EC Voters in this first historic recall election decide to give Thomas Wheeler his pink slip by voting Yes on the recall it will be a very divided city council who will appoint the next Ward Three City council person. The deciding vote will come from outgoing Ward Four councilman Mansell Baker who will decide or place the appointment process in gridlock. To be appointed it takes three votes out of four with Councilman Brandon King also facing a possible recall as well as Mayor Gary Norton Jr in January 2016.