HUD Consolidated Plan 2016


Do your homework! What is EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. up to this week? Why did EC Community Development spend a couple of thousand dollars only to not let the public know what is going on with H.U.D. Money? Read it for yourself and comment or share it with someone else.

Media gets taste of Tyranny Rule in EC


Welcome WKYC TV 3 and all the other media outlets who have refused to cover most stories out of East Cleveland Ohio. You all got a small taste of what we have experienced the last five years trying to bring the stories to the people. By the way the cellular phone no charging rule came from both Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and Judge William Dawson.  It’s their own rules and now they claim that no one put their signs up. We have three branches of government, Mayor Gary Norton Jr,Read More

Spread the word about Secret Meeting 7/27/2016


East Cleveland Ohio – SPREAD THE WORD  ABOUT THIS Top Secret – HUD Money Meeting – Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at East Cleveland Public Library (Downstairs) 5:30 PM. Last year we set a new record so this year Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and the City Council of Three – Brandon King, Joei Graham and Thomas Wheeler don’t want anyone to know about this meeting. They don’t want people to find out how the federal money is spent so there is only one sheet of paper posted with no emails being sentRead More

No Negroes – No Justice in East Cleveland


East Cleveland Ohio – Since black people in East Cleveland tend to forget about things going on the forces move forward. In this case the North East Regional Sewer District has some so called asbestos contractors to start on their toxic sewer property on Elderwood. OH by the way our “ACTING LAW Director” Wila Hemmons lost another bunch of cases so they are moving forward on putting in three toxic sites. With councilman Nathaniel Martin suddenly voting yes on the Mayfair dump across from that school, there really is noRead More

Privé night club – Semi-Automatic War Starts/Ends


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – One of the worst shootings in the history of Privé night club with several people shot after a war started at the club. A fancy car came up to to the windows and shot into the club which caused security and patrons to return gun fire through the club windows. 44112News asked the Ohio Highway Patrol division in charge of liquor laws to come to the club earlier in 2016 but they failed to do their job and the club was allowed to stay openRead More