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Norton/Smedley Trashy Spell for Summer 2015

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EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/26/15 – Only a few residents are aware of how Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his sidekick Michael Smedley aka. Chief of Staff are bringing in business to East Cleveland. The process starts with new business coming before the “Dynamic Duo” of Norton and Smedley and if they meet the unspecified requirements they get a business permit.DSCF5978

Signs normally require an appearance before the Board for Zoning Appeals and or the Architectural Review Boards this mattress sign was approved even though it breaks several codes. Both the East and west garbage dumps go against city rules, but somehow those provisions were overlooked .


This summer the alleged rumor of Rumpke Company giving up on East Cleveland appears to be coming true with Waste King standing by to take over this issue.  More on that as the world turn (not the soap opera) but perhaps a reality show being shot in East Cleveland right now.

Next Dan Ray will be given enough property to make the west side dump a reality and none of the city council will object. Perhaps when the scent of trash goes northbound towards EC City Council President Barbara Thomas she will either get a gas mask or move.


Michael Smedley has been keeping his brand new house on Terrace Road a reality and since the house promised to EC Councilman Brandon King is locked up there is no chance anyone can bid on either property.

Words of wisdom for East Cleveland residents is to grease your palms and prepare to join the people making millions of dollars dumping or join the land kings who keep control of the best properties. Clearly if the residents don’t wake up and get up off their do nothings and do something years from now everyone will be wondering what happened to the great city of East Cleveland Ohio.

Memorial Day Parade in East Cleveland Ohio – Short & Sweet

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EAST CLEVELAND OH – The unofficial start of the summer season on Memorial Day as the city has it’s annual parade down Euclid Avenue.  This time not much notice was provided to residents however the booming sound of the Shaw High School Band could be heard all over the city.

Normally this is the time when politicians and want to be go up and down the street with signs and other things to give away but this year only three joined the parade.  Of the three only Judge William L. Dawson had organized his group and everyone seemed to thank the judge for his good work as they said.

As for the parade it really should be called the Shaw High School Band Parade as the people of East Cleveland patiently waited for the dancing and performing group to walk down Euclid Ave.   This year the group really loves the brass section and not much emphasis on the drum line in this parade.


Overall the Shaw Band gave the people what they wanted and the politicians for the most part did not disturb the event.  There were two of the twelve police bicycles in action but clearly the riders are not used to being on bicycles and at one point the Shaw Intersection was left open and people turned right into the parade.  Parents shouted out loud at the people not paying attention to the parade and with their screams the police finally came and blocked the street with no accidents happening.


Don’t Throw East Cleveland Bricks $$$

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Call and get a price on used bricks


EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/24/15  EC Residents are unaware of the gold old bricks from demolished houses is bringing in a selected group of people in the city.  Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and others working with him are trying their best to demolish as many houses as they can.  People are happy to see these abandoned houses torn down but few if any know that the bricks are worth big dollars.


The city has a fully functional junk yard holding garbage and other toxic chemicals at the Noble Road site where Cuyahoga County Health Department and Ohio EPA have given a green light to the tower of garbage now requiring a road to get to the top of the pile.  This place holds all of the material they can’t sell while getting all of the bricks and metal quickly out for sale.


Contractors are quickly collecting up demolished bricks same day demolition occurs making sure not to leave their newly found wealth behind.  If the resident ever awoke and realized that the bricks are worth more than anything they might just start collecting some of them for sale.


The Dan Ray Construction Company on Eddy Road is praying that none of the EC Citizens pay attention to their demand to build the west side of East Cleveland Dump.  City Council is prepared to get on their knees and give Dan Ray permission to build the west side dump.  Clearly Mayor Gary Norton Jr. will force this group of council members to vote yes on the junk yard and expansion.


Shaw HS Prom move to Cleveland Clinic = Gridlock (Correction)

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DSCF5946EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/24/15 – This year the Shaw High School “Line-Up” was moved from the high school  to a new location in East Cleveland at Cleveland Clinic’s Stephanie Tubbs Jones facility.  The actual prom was held at another location and not at Cleveland Clinic Stephanie Tubbs Jones facility. DSCF5947

The idea on paper seemed perfect allowing all students a chance to attend the prom and many parents a chance to see the students dressed like a fashion show.  It all made sense and was expected to bring praise for the location change however no one anticipated the Brelo decision adding static to what should have been a memorable occasion.

Another problem with the location change is the city failing to fix  the traffic light at Belmore Road leaving no traffic direction for parents trying to park on the very small road.  East Cleveland Police Officer Malone one of twin officers attempted to direct traffic however he did not have a whistle or any traffic equipment.   At one point a call to RTA over an alleged gunshot was issued and all of the three officer left the prom highway scene only to find the call was false.


Unexpected big problem for everyone was the attention the scantly clad Shaw women had over young men who simply were cruising the area.  Other young females flocked to the scene for attention and that created an even bigger headache for the small contingent of EC Police on the scene.

Media totally confused and looking for a riot scene over Brelo verdict

Media totally confused and looking for a riot scene over Brelo verdict

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Veteran’s Appreciation Day – Saturday May 30, 2015

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EAST CLEVELAND OH – Veterans take the front line in preserving and celebrating military service to the country and city hall in East Cleveland Ohio by first donating flags and then making sure those flags are installed properly.  The U.S. Veterans of Ohio donated all of the flags flying outside East Cleveland City Hall.    DSCF5916

U.S. Veterans of Ohio

Mr. Charles V. Walls and other veterans formed a local group that helps veterans year round with their needs and even guidance for returning veterans.  This group of veterans consist of members of all the United States military units.  These veterans can tell stories from just about every past war and how East Cleveland veterans served in the wars from world war one to present.

Public Affairs Representative Tiffany Walker

Public Affairs Representative
Tiffany Walker – Air Force


Saturday, May 30. 2015 – 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Forest Hills Upper Park

Come join this group in East Cleveland featuring Food, Soft Drinks and fun.

Bring your family out FREE

Volunteers are Needed

Contact Mr. Charles V. Walls at:

(216) 338-8055 or (216) 541-5861