• East Cleveland Ohio Marina
    Someone decided to dump a boat and trailer in East Cleveland

  • A nice family vehicle being driven by Mayor Gary "Durango" Norton
    Please take pictures of this vehicle as it travels outside of East Cleveland for personal use.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” *

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* “To be, or not to be…” is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene”[1] of William Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet.



The final East Cleveland Ohio City Council meeting was no more than a dress rehearsal to be played by leading man Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Barbara Thomas at the forthcoming Ohio State Financial Planning Commission meeting.  Oddly enough the group meets on the East Cleveland Library, 14101 Euclid Ave.  All members will be seated on the  Library Stage,  Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST.


For the very first time in recent  history Mayor Gary Norton refused to say a single word and during this meeting is seen rolling his head back and forth and text messaging under the table.  The script was approved and it included selling houses and property from fifty dollars up to a top price of nine hundred dollars.  And despite Murtis Taylor center not being able to pay their bills somehow the city funds were used to purchase one of the vacant library buildings and now according to counsel they are moving into their new accusation post haste.

We did get a diesel ladder truck donated to us however there are not many places in East Cleveland that sell Diesel Fuel so the nifty ladder truck will have to travel to be refueled.   Still no mention of fixing the ambulance fleet or buying the firefighters new gears such as masks that do not leak and other much needed tools.

FINALLY, the request to get a loan (bonds) that may total up to eleven million dollars just to pay off some of the recent lawsuits and independent contractors cutting all the grass and have not been paid.  Since this won’t be decided before Auditor of State David Yost gets reelected November 4, 2014,  the group will do their stage show and delay Norton and Thomas the final applause.

NO More Dumping SHIP Around Us

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Dumping out of control
We have seen the continued dumping on Elderwood & Page Streets ranging from televisions to just plain garbage and thought that  it could not get any worst than those scenes.   A walk down those streets today and you may see anything from old paint to chairs and tables and even after it was reported here no one took interest in stopping the dumping.

Today we are tired of this SHIP – Yes Ship and not the potty word that some would say about trash being dumped.

IMG_1277 IMG_1276 IMG_1266 IMG_1275 IMG_1271This dumped boat was left at the now closed daycare center next to Silvermans Department store on Hayden Ave, East Cleveland Ohio.

Residents of East Cleveland have a weapon in their hands and need to start using it to capture the license plates and faces of the people trashing our city.  Smart Phones, I-Phones, or just good old cameras can be a good weapon to bring some of these frequent dumpers to justice and since our own Judge Dawson has regular clean up days around the city perhaps we can stop some of the pollution.


HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland

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HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland. You have NO working EMS vehicles. The second EMS squad stopped operating this morning. The vehicle was smoking due to electrical issues and wouldn’t shift into gear.


The first EMS squad the city owns has a blown engine that’s being repaired. But since Mayor Gary Norton hasn’t been paying bills, the mechanic isn’t very motivated to get the job done.10606238_10154768848355634_9220978152871836855_n

East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance service to provide residents with medical transportation. The private carrier is sending invoices to the residents, who have to pay the bill themselves. Norton and Council President Barbara Thomas cannot provide residents with EMS service even though they’re paying taxes for the life saving service.


The fact that East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance provider means that University Heights, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Euclid and South Euclid fire departments are not assisting with East Cleveland EMS runs. East Cleveland residents can’t expect another city’s residents to divert equipment purchased with their hard earned tax dollars away from the residents who paid for it.

Keep in mind that in July 2014 Norton purchased a more than $41,000 Dodge Durango Citadel SUV for himself a month before the state expected him to miss payroll. He purchased new police cars that could have been repaired, instead of using the money to fix two of the four fire trucks, to buy another EMS squad and to repair the two trucks that carry and spread salt, and plow snow. Norton used your money to take care of himself … as always.

I’m looking for East Cleveland to get more hard news over the upcoming week. The mayor has employees whose medical and pension fund contributions aren’t being paid, and they’re not happy about it. He’s misappropriating the medical bill money and using it to meet payroll. He and Judge Will Dawson refuse to cut the workforce to the level the city can afford, which is at least another 25 percent off what staffing is now. East Cleveland residents need to know their employees have legal steps they can take that will send the city on a major decline just as winter sets in.

And no, the mayor’s got the same amount of salt in the shed as you saw in the picture I shared a weeks ago. I pray he’s got it on order and can pay it. He should return the $41,000 SUV.

I hope Scott Taylor of WOIO picks up on this information as an alert to the residents of East Cleveland. If you have someone who needs to get to a hospital, find a private ambulance carrier or be prepared to drive them.

Blizzard® at Superior Elementary School streets

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A Blizzard® of insanity has hit the City of East Cleveland in the form of selling property for as low as $50 to city council voting to spend over fifty-six thousand dollars to demolish more houses.  This is a multiple part blog entry which starts with the nifty cold patch job done around Superior Elementary School by someone who donated some cold patching material.  There are two ways to patch up potholes ranging from Hot Asphalt being put down by a professional road crew or the simple cold patch material which can be purchased at any building material store like Home Depot®. DSCF4855

The only problem with this D.I.Y. cold patch came from the weather  outside of the school and how it affects the material(wet, rainy).  When using cold patch materials it is imperative to apply it on dry pavement or the temporary patch will fail before expected.  Keyword: temporary    All cold patch repairs are temporary and used until a hot patch can be completed.  The period of temporary requires proper application of the material.

While the students and residents of the Garfield and Lambert Streets appreciate the temporary patch it could have been completed the right way by taking the thousands being spent on tearing down more houses and correctly repairing these streets before winter hits our rock salt free city.


This is a brief period of rest from huge potholes for the residents and students, staff of Superior Elementary School from dodging 5-7 inch deep potholes.  And as the wet patch slowly disintegrates into a material that resembles the cookie crumb toppings of a OREO® Cookies flavored McDonalds McFlurrry  or DQ Blizzard® it becomes a science project of sorts.


44112News.com disclaimer: Parents make sure the children don’t think this toxic patch material is edible and keep them from collecting the cookie looking asphalt bits. If they do happen to taste or swallow this toxic material Call 911 or The Cleveland Poison Control Center, Address: 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 – Phone:(216) 231-4455

OMG When is a Church NOT a Church?

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Requested By:   Department of Community Development

Sponsored By:   Councilor Mansell Baker

Sometimes when something does not seem right it just needs some investigation and common sense to show the light and here is an ordinance that makes NO sense.  How can Murtis Taylor need anymore real estate when they can’t pay their own bills?  DSCF4773

In order for a government entity to get involved with a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit group requires that any mention of worship must be taken out of the mix.   Enter in Resolution 34-14 and just call it a “Center of Assembly” and no one should notice it being past.

Most people in East Cleveland have no idea that East Cleveland Library through the prior board of trustees sold the two buildings at an unknown cost.  That sale is still being investigated but this crafty resolution might just lend some light to the investigators.

DSCF4727Church and State collide in East Cleveland and unlike other churches, we the people have already paid the collection plate with the sale and now change for yet another church in the Hayden/Shaw bible belt.