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Trick or Treat – Mayor’s Pay in excess of $40 thousand a year

Posted by: | Posted on: October 31, 2014

Halloween – October 31, 2014 – Mayor Gary Norton refuses to provide access to his pay stubs and W-2 Statements which may show that he has been receiving more than forty thousand dollars a years as voted by the public.NortonCrossing

The November 2012 election brought East Cleveland Ohio voters out to stop their mayor from receiving over one hundred thousand dollars a year.  According to the vote Norton was supposed to stop paying himself for jobs he does not perform for pay like Safety Director.  The people did not allow him to double-dip however with three different finance directors in confusion and fear of losing their jobs Norton appears to be enjoying the same pay he had prior to the 2012 election.

Numerous public records requests pursuant to Ohio Revised Code from former Mayor Eric Brewer and verbal requests at many city counsel meetings from 44112News and the mayor refuses to disclose his pay check stubs and W-2 Statements.nortonandvanessa

It is time for everyone in East Cleveland Ohio to ask Mayor Gary Norton to reveal what is being paid.  A public records request can be done by writing or verbally such as asking for that information at the next EC City Counsel Meeting, Wednesday November 5, 2014, 6:30 PM.  CLICK HERE for the Agenda

For laughs and giggles call the Mayor or Law Office at:  (216) 681-2169 and request to see all pay stubs from November 2012 to present and W-2 statements for 2012 and 2013 on Gary N. Norton Jr.   Expect to be bamboozled and told that someone will get back to you or some other unusual answer.

The last time we asked for documents and then filed a Writ of Mandamus the two law directors under oath swore on a stack of bibles that the information was offered and we did not accept it.  It was a sad situation that two lawyers lied under oath and risked us filing a report with Ohio Office of Disciplinary Counsel – Ohio Supreme Court.  Rather than risk having their license to practice law in jeopardy no claim was made.


We are once again requesting to review, inspect and copy at cost (.05 cents a copy) Mayor Gary Norton Jr., pay stubs since election November 2012 and W-2 statements for 2012 and 2013.  We are asking that all social security numbers be redacted however all numbers including calculation on his W-2 statements not be redacted per ORC 149.43.  The request from Gerald Strothers will be sent via certified mail with a time table of nine days to comply.  This time should the lawyers decide to lie under oath that these records have been provided consequences will follow.


It  is HaloTHEnoseween 2014 today and children will be saying “Trick-Or-Treat” tonight but our rants and combined efforts will yield a “Trick” showing the mayor has been paid more than forty thousand a year,  or a “Treat” watching Norton finally show transparency to the people of East Cleveland Ohio and the soon to be newly reelected Auditor of State Dave Yost.

Now let’s find out once and for all how much money we have paid our mayor since our vote two years ago.  Hey Gary Norton – What’s in Your Wallet?

Mayor Gary Norton heads for the door again

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DSCF4907The October 2014 meeting of the CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION ended up being the longest time spent to date.  Starting at one o’clock the meeting included a presentation which at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars talked about merging East Cleveland with Cleveland as one of the options.

Read the entire proposal (Click Here) 

102914 mtg materials part 1.pdf

102914 PFM Analysis mtg materials part 3.pdf

After being shut down by commission head Sharon Hanrahan over rock salt, salt trucks Mayor Gary Norton walks out of the meeting clicking heels. On the topic of rock salt, Norton after being asked by Hanrahan states that the city has rock salt to the dismay of everyone who has seen the actual video showing there is no rock salt.


The result of everything heard, seen or envisioned is no loan for East Cleveland at this time.  It is expected that Norton and his Finance Director Jack Johnson will go after a loan with our without the help of State of Ohio as Norton continues to spend beyond the budget.

Read the entire proposal to merge EC and CLE  (Click Here) 

15 Minutes of Fame for All East Cleveland Residents

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OBMFinancial Planning
30 E Broad Street, 34th Floor , Columbus, OH 43215 | obm.ohio.gov



OCTOBER 29, 2014   –  1:00 P.M.)


East Cleveland Residents are being allowed a total of fifteen minutes collectively to discuss how they feel about the finances of East Cleveland.    That could be divided to allow the first five to speak only.

This change appears in the October 29, 2014 meeting agenda presented by East Cleveland Finance –  CZAR, Sharon Hanrahan – Financial Planning Commission Administrator.  Who appears to be in a hurry to end the meeting by cutting the total time of audience feedback to fifteen minutes.

See the file:  http://44112news.com/documents/2014/AudiitorOfState/

One of the items on the Hanrahan Agenda is a discussion about Salt Truck Purchase (Already on Order) and whether the city has tons of Rock Salt.   Sadly for Hanrahan and the auditors Mayor Gary Norton has already placed the order for two new salt trucks to be delivered.  (A phone call to the trucking company might be in order)


If  Sharon Hanrahan and company have bothered to visit our empty salt shed on Eddy Road, they would know that the only rock salt we have (Less than half a ton) is completely damaged by water.  It really does not matter because Gary Norton has already placed the order and the salt trucks will be delivered with our without the commissions approval.

We congratulate Dave Yost for his decisive victory in both absentee and walk-up voters to win another term as Ohio Auditor of  State.  With East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton being a “loose cannon” spending money and perhaps even doing some laundry work of sort this will be the first big things to start or end the year with.

HOWEVER,  since Hanrahan is only giving so little time to the people who actually pay the bills in the city and is expected to hear a plea from Norton to tear down more houses,  buy more equipment and hire new people, perhaps the lowly 15 minutes of time should be allowed by a lottery draw.

In summary for Yost, Hanrahan, and Norton just understand that you may keep the people from talking at your meetings or simply “bamboozle” yourselves but the whole world is watching.  Many people have their fingers crossed patiently waiting for the election to be over and the real auditors to surface.  395383_2705522712653_1257174628_n    Some East Cleveland citizens have hopes of seeing  the men and women in black do their respective things and show everyone where the money is hidden.    Perhaps Gary Norton will be forced to show why he disregarded a vote of the citizens that forced his pay to be forty-thousand a year to the amount he has managed to pay himself.

For Sharon Hanrahan and Dave Yost – Think about when this process started how Mayor Norton has his personal TV Channel (Cable 9) William Fambrough covering this event on local television.   While Fambrough continues receiving a siphon of nearly seventy-two thousand dollars a year, there has been no coverage of the once a month meeting anywhere except for 44112News.com.

3minEven the minutes from the meeting are vague and rarely seen online or in print however help is on the way even if the people are not allowed to speak.  We do hope that the time limit be allowed to encompass each and every resident in East Cleveland Ohio who wants to speak their individual three minutes.  Perhaps Auditor Dave Yost and Hanrahan will show the people of East Cleveland that their concerns actually count and give the people three minutes each.


Poetic Justice – Celebrating living legend Russell Atkins

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10/25/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Celebrating local living legend Russell Atkins at a who’s who event of the fall held at The East Cleveland Public Library.DSCF4886 The event featured premiering a documentary of the life and times of Russell Atkins as well as Dr. Dr. David Larson from the English Department at Cleveland State University bestowing an honorary Doctorate Degree to Russell Atkins.

A group of readers treated the poet and audience with their own renditions of selected Russell Atkins poems. Atkins appeared overwhelmed at the huge audience assembled to pay him tribute and answered a few questions for the audience in his own style and grace.

At close of the tribute event everyone in the audience got the chance to show their love by reading “IDYLL” one of Russell Atkins top poems.

See the complete Program: http://44112news.com/documents/RussellAtkins.pdf

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” *

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* “To be, or not to be…” is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene”[1] of William Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet.



The final East Cleveland Ohio City Council meeting was no more than a dress rehearsal to be played by leading man Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Barbara Thomas at the forthcoming Ohio State Financial Planning Commission meeting.  Oddly enough the group meets on the East Cleveland Library, 14101 Euclid Ave.  All members will be seated on the  Library Stage,  Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST.


For the very first time in recent  history Mayor Gary Norton refused to say a single word and during this meeting is seen rolling his head back and forth and text messaging under the table.  The script was approved and it included selling houses and property from fifty dollars up to a top price of nine hundred dollars.  And despite Murtis Taylor center not being able to pay their bills somehow the city funds were used to purchase one of the vacant library buildings and now according to counsel they are moving into their new accusation post haste.

We did get a diesel ladder truck donated to us however there are not many places in East Cleveland that sell Diesel Fuel so the nifty ladder truck will have to travel to be refueled.   Still no mention of fixing the ambulance fleet or buying the firefighters new gears such as masks that do not leak and other much needed tools.

FINALLY, the request to get a loan (bonds) that may total up to eleven million dollars just to pay off some of the recent lawsuits and independent contractors cutting all the grass and have not been paid.  Since this won’t be decided before Auditor of State David Yost gets reelected November 4, 2014,  the group will do their stage show and delay Norton and Thomas the final applause.