Sharon Hanrahan quits EC Finance Group (Norton’s Malarkey)


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – One of the only people who managed to keep EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. from spending more money the city does not have, Sharon Hanrahan, has quit from her position as head of the state finance group. Hanrahan’s rocky time in East Cleveland got started with a press conference in front of cable access channel 9 which later became the end of her time in EC. Much of the problem started and ended with EC Mayor Norton wanting to pay for cable access coverage of twenty-thousandRead More

EC Police have lunch at Tower City Downtown CLE


Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – It was a nice day to go out of the East Cleveland area and have lunch for a male and female East Cleveland Police Officers visiting downtown Cleveland Ohio. Despite the fact their zone car or police car like most of the city vehicles has no insurance the two gave no one the idea that they would be having lunch at a fancy tower city restaurant. Kudos to Chief Michael Cardilli and his daring officers who risk the chance of having an accident every time theyRead More

Khadijah F.Guy WikiLeaks hacked Emails – Exhibit 6


Re: PER YOUR REQUEST From ejon To Khadijah Guy, Thomas Wheeler,angle4564,Hanrahan, Sharon,whemmons, dyost Ms. Guy, I’ve not received all the records I’ve been requesting from you since August 8, 2016.  For some reason, you continue to delay my records request with a list of expanding reasons as to why you can’t and don’t have to deliver them to me promptly and “without delay. On August 8, 2016 I asked you for the all the “ordinances” council passed, and all agendas and minutes connectedRead More

Bribery Charges, Corruption at EC City Hall?


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Bribery Charges – We Hope are Coming Soon to East Cleveland Ohio as citizens find out about how much Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his staff have taken from the people. 44112News has asked for help from the local F.B.I. and other sources. After we protested in the rain outside of Starlight Baptist Church, Thursday 10/20/2016 only two people showed up. Shame, because Mayor Gary Norton Jr. brought boxes of candy to give away. People PLEASE share this story with everyone you have on yourRead More



REPLY TO RICHARD RIVERS – EDITORIAL From * KC &The Sunshine Band Hi Richard – Sorry to hear that he also screwed you. He and his son are thieves and conmen. I was a grieving widow with 2 minor children. I had a beautiful large home on a private golf course in FL, perfect credit, a good job and savings of over 900k when the 2 of them slithered into our lives with their lies. He posed as a successful mining engineer with a degree from Colorado Mining Institute. SaidRead More