216News – Expanding our range


East Cleveland Ohio – We are expanding the range of this website to be able to cover stories from all over as they happen. Please be patient as we change the site over to the new name and import more items directly to  you.

“All IN” to (Ward Three) Recall Election Tuesday


East Cleveland Ward Three  is “All IN” to the most watched election of the year.  Voters from Ward Three go to the polls Tuesday, June 21, 2016, to keep or fire Thomas Wheeler, City Council President. The Art McKoy Radio Show Sunday June 19, 2016 spent two hours allowing everyone including Wheeler to state their case.  Wheeler is for merger and refused to talk about how the people in Cleveland feel about his and Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s plan to give up the city. Under Thomas Wheeler’s leadership Ward ThreeRead More

Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney-Butts for President (For Real)


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Many of us in North East Ohio have heard Reverend Pamela M. Pinkney-Butts talk in public about her campaign to become the next President of the United States. Most smiled and wondered if she was telling the truth our just out in the galaxy.  Even this reporter did not believe her claims to be on the roster for the presidential race but that all stops with this story. She is Telling The Truth! There are over seventeen thousand names on the official ballot for presidentRead More

One in Critical Condition – Gunshots and Residents upset


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Residents on Strathmore Ave have had to put up with people fighting, gunshots and urination on their lawns but today this incident following the close of Prive Nightclub has taken it to the limit. Most were afraid of police retaliation but wanted to say that the street is upset that the club is allowed to stay open until 5:00 AM. Even the police were trying to keep us from filming this scene and did their best to threaten us etc. Sorry that did not workRead More

East Cleveland Collaborative -Initiative to SAVE EC – Town Hall Meeting


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – East Cleveland Collaborative -Initiative to SAVE EC Town Hall Meeting at EC Public Library June 15, 2016. It’s Father and Daughter Night as the first Mayor of East Cleveland Attorney Darryl E. Pittman and his daughter Dr. Cassie Pittman hear resident comments. ECC Media Person Shay joins the discussion and also tells the audience she is a Shaw High School Alumni. This “Grass Roots” organization can be reached by email : citizens4ec@gmail.com