“Silly Willa Loses Again”

The “Fake Law Director, Silly Willa, lost another case that she tried to appeal to the Federal Courts. WOW that’s 3 major losses of Cases in less that a week. How much money has she cost the City by the filing of these frivolous appeals. This case involves the Quo Warranto filed by the real Councilmen, Devin Branch and Kelvin Earby as well as the duly appointed and sworn in Real Council Clerk, Tracy L. Udrija-Peters. Soon the usurpers (Ernest Smith, Christopher Pitts and Khadija Guy)of the real Councilmen andRead More

Richard Rivers talks about George Michael Riley Sr.

Richard Rivers (In his own words) My name is Richard Rivers I use to own LSUCC Recovery Group LLC and Pearl Custom Builders Inc I ran both these ledgement construction companies in Louisiana for about 32 years . In 2007 after Hurricane Katrina here came George Michael Riley Sr looking for a good honest company to make his scam with . I had the job for Pre-Stress clean up from a customer that I knew for years, in looking for subs for this work some one brought this crook toRead More

“Show me the Body” – A day in East Cleveland OH

Today I discovered a body in a car. Just before 7 a.m.. What a way to start a late-in-the- season, snow-filled Saturday morning. Approaching the intersection a car was stopped. Lights on, wipers on, no flashers. Stopped. Light was green and other cars were going around it. As I passed I looked and didn’t see anybody in it. I continued on my way but it didn’t feel right. I turned around and went back. As I got closer to the intersection I saw the car drifting from its lane towardsRead More


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – By: Korean C. Stevenson Response to Mayors Fictitious News Letter –  Each one teach one. Now– the truth about the recall which is why the newsletter was written…Tom Wheeler is being recalled and early voting started on November 9th for residents of Ward 3 and will continue until December 8th. According to the board of elections on 11/12/2015 at 8:40 a.m., Mr. Mayor the election will cost the city that Mr. Wheeler loves so much that he did not resign even though he promised toRead More

Too many negative stories about EC Schools (Response)

By: Jan To all the negative comments made regarding Myrna Loy Corley, were irrelevant in response to her being rehired. The comments were ghetto and personal. It is my opinion that these comments were made by people that display a tremendous amount of ignorance. How dare you commentators have the nerve to say she does not care about her students or staff, when she proves it everyday. You cannot teach a child unless they want to learn. This is a school system, not a daycare. Based on positivity, the Supt.and staffRead More