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Cleveland media chose to cover a dog over informing black people about a toxic threat to their health

Eric Jonathan Brewer From: ejon <> Descendants of Slaves or a dog? Who’s plight do you think Cleveland’s media chose to draw attention to today? Go to all the local media websites. What are reporters discussing on Fox8, WEWS, WOIO and WKYC? What’s on What’s radio discussing with the exception of WCPN? Keyword “Noble Road toxic dump East Cleveland” and see for yourself how much attention Cleveland’s media has given the hellish and life-threatening plight of the Descendants of Slaves and the Descendants of Europeans, Latins and MiddleRead More

Former East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Eric Brewer (In his own words)

Former Mayor Eric Brewer (In his own words) So the question is what equipment was my final videotaped message to the residents played on when Gary Norton had Ray Robinson take it off the air on January 1, 2010. There’s also an ordinance of council instructing Gary to have the equipment removed from Fambrough’s home in 2012, about two years after I left office.  Norton may have vetoed it, but he damn sure didn’t enforce it. What you should obtain a copy of is my veto of Fambrough’s contract inRead More

Mayor Norton’s EC House Up For Foreclosure

CV-14-837140 WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. vs. GARY A. NORTON, JR., ET AL Mayor Gary Norton and his wife Shalom Norton’s East Cleveland home is in foreclosure at 2120 Newbury Road. He’s not only failing to pay the city’s bills, the once $200,000 a year couple isn’t paying their own. The Shaker Heights house at 3724 Rolliston is also behind on taxes. So what did he do with the $10,000 in unused vacation time he cashed in a couple of months ago? Oh well. I faced a foreclosure 20 years ago.Read More

HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland

HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland. You have NO working EMS vehicles. The second EMS squad stopped operating this morning. The vehicle was smoking due to electrical issues and wouldn’t shift into gear.   The first EMS squad the city owns has a blown engine that’s being repaired. But since Mayor Gary Norton hasn’t been paying bills, the mechanic isn’t very motivated to get the job done. East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance service to provide residents with medical transportation. The private carrier is sending invoicesRead More

Former Mayor Eric Brewer “Rolls it all out”

Former East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Eric J. Brewer Council, I’ve attached pictures of brand new pothole repair equipment I was authorized to buy for $50,000 in 2009.  The pictures show a brand new asphalt warmer and street roller in the service garage.  You’ll recognize Samuel Lockhart next to the warmer.  I’m sitting on the roller. I’ve also included pictures of two street sweepers that we repaired and restored to good working order.  All Mayor Gary Norton needed with the pothole equipment was to buy asphalt to make at grade streetRead More