April, 2012


Citizens Meeting Ends with possible Recall Petition of Mayor

A small group of East Cleveland Ohio citizens met on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the EC Library to decide a course of action to deal with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his misinformation via media. This was the first time that a meeting allowed citizens a chance to talk with council and a representative from the Mayors Office openly reflecting how the citizens feel.   Citizens vented over the lack of crossing guards this week and how Mayor Norton has disregarded public safety.  In addition to that Councilman Nathaniel MartinRead More

East Cleveland Tattler #22 – ECPD is OFF The Hook

Our only chance to get the truth to people is throught renegde publications like The Tattler.  Please download and prnt a copy and pass it on to someone else you know.  It took a while but I collected every edition of the controversial East Cleveland Tattler and have placed them in a file. CLICK THIS LINK:   http://www.44112News.com/Tattler Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

East Cleveland Ohio Citizens website

This is a website created by the citizens of East Cleveland Ohio to express our viewpoints, concerns and events.