May, 2012


The East Cleveland Municipal Court – Finish First Probation Program

What is Finish First? Finish First is a 2 hour mandatory post plea probation program designed specifically for people who have plead guilty to misdemeanor crimes. Specific crimes addressed by the program include: • Disorderly Conduct • Resisting Arrest • Fleeing & Eluding • Disturbing the Peace • Obstruction of Justice. Course materials are provided. What: Finish First Where: All programs are at the above mentioned court. Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Dates: June 11 July 9 August 13 September 10 October 15 November 19 December 10 For MoreRead More

Hydrogen Bomb or RTA Resoultion 2012-45

Mayor Gary Norton has had some pretty crazy ideas in the past but 5/15/2012 he and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Agency (RTA) cooked up a butterball turkey that residents surely will not like. RTA Resolution 2012-45 allows RTA to bring into it’s Hayden Transit Garage in EC, on Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Bus.   See the video: Of course we all remember that Hydrogen may have been the direct cause of the 1937 Hindenburg crash.    And from our science class we know that Hydrogen gas burns so hot thatRead More

To Tell The Truth

  After being a witness to the slap a butt, high five, gimme a hug celebration at this weeks city council meeting I am stilll asking where the money Mayor Gary Norton and company have hidden away?   We are talking over three million dollars that Cleveland Clinic placed in the hands of our honorable mayor in East Cleveland. Todays guests on “To Tell The Truth” are Mayor Gary Norton Jr. of East Cleveland Ohio and both his Finance and Law Directors.    We are asking them to tell the truth about whereRead More