June, 2012


Architectural Review Board = Much ado about nothing (King Norton)

It is interesting as this website continues growing world-wide how many smart people bring the stories written here forward.   Take for example the powerless East Cleveland Architectural Review Board that meets on a regular basis to discuss future construction or remodeling of properties. The only problem is that Mayor /“King” Gary Norton overrides most of what this board sets in place including but not limited to the Circle East mess,ClevelandClinicDialysisCenter and that junky construction being built on Euclid Ave.  Every King Norton construction is junky or clunky  All three ofRead More

Pull The Plug on East Cleveland Cable Access Channel 9 aka. “The Norton Network”

The joke of East Cleveland Cable Access is that there is no such thing in East Cleveland.  Why Not? Because King / Mayor Gary Norton gave East Cleveland Cable the green light to run a direct cable pipeline right to the private residence of William Fambrough and there starts the problem. City Council has been aware of this problem and even told that East Cleveland Cable only wants a resolution from council to end this mess. That’s right, all East Cleveland City Council has to do is put a simple resolutionRead More