July, 2012


Everyone in EC Please make a Public Records Request – “Show Me The Money”

OK the “Lying King” Norton and his lying lawyers won both public records cases filed by myself.  They won it through lying under oath saying that all of the records were provided for me to review, inspect and copy and that was the basis of their defense. LIES Now it’s time to show the court and world what is really going on by the largest number of people ever filing a public records request in Ohio History.  We need everyone to type out a letter requesting access to all ofRead More

The Recall of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. – “Playing the Trump Card” – You’re Fired!

Recall of East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is now a reality and signatures hit the freshly printed petitions soon asTuesday July 24, 2012.   A Political Action Committee has been formed and now the work begins to get 1000 signatures by August 8, 2012.      Citizen extraordinaire Victoria DeNeau is the initiator of this action and citizens met her at the recent meeting at EC Library.  An overwhelming show of support and offers of time and money were pledged by many in attendance.      Now we expect that Victoria will faceRead More

Citizens Town Hall Meeting seeks solutions and not a bunch of talk – Saturday, July 21, 2012

Citizens Town Hall seeks answers and not just talk as we the people tackle the issues. 1.  East Cleveland Police Department – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2.  Pulling the plug on Mayor Gary Norton and his “Norton Network” 24 Hours of him on East Cleveland Cable Channel 9 3.  Opening up the cable access channels for events of the people, like Shaw HS Football and sporting events, Marching Band and events from all of the schools and organizations. 4.  RTA Plan to put a Hydrogen Fuel ProcessingRead More