October, 2012


Council worried that Mayor Norton is suffering from a nervous breakdown

 Julinda Mi’Adolla Subject: Tattler #25 – Council worried that Mayor Norton is suffering from a nervous breakdown  — CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Tattler #25 To every Editor, News Director and Cleveland area Reporter, Mental illness is not funny so we’re not poking fun at Mayor Gary Norton this edition. Pathological lying is a mental illness. The clinical term for the mental condition is “Pseudologia Fantastica.” Read more http://depressiond.com/pathological-liar/ The causes of pathological lying are identified as follows: A dysfunctional family Sexual or physical abuse in childhood Neuropsychological abnormalities; such asRead More

Sharon Broussard’s East Cleveland editorial is added to a growing list of Plain Dealer lies

 By: Julinda Mi’Adolla <julindamiadolla@gmail.com> Sharon your approach to the editorial you wrote is so editorially dishonest and factually deficient I believe it underscores now more than ever that the Plain Dealer should close.  Stop reporting what you all call news. Your news stories and editorials come from individuals with absolutely no body of knowledge that allows them to intelligently share valid opinions about any topic upon which greater Clevelanders and Ohioans seek accurate information to shape their own views.  I am issuing an alert to anyone reading this response not toRead More

Vote YES on East Cleveland Issue 48

Vote YES on East Cleveland Issue 48 (Click Here) Lookie Lookie Here –  Click Here and download this document Let’s take a short musical break; VOTE YES

East Cleveland Tattler #24 – Plain Dealer buries East Cleveland’s fiscal emergency story

Julinda Mi’Adolla  East Cleveland Tattler #24 (Click Here) Hi Gary,   This is to Plain Dealer Editor Deborah Simmons and Elizabeth Sullivan.  Come on girls.  Y’all had Gary all up on the front page of the Metro section when he lied that he found $3.2 million in an overlooked Keybank account and blamed it on Eric Brewer.  Elizabeth, y’all did an editorial talking ’bout what a good job he done.  How smart he is.  He a good boy.  But check this out.   L’il Shorty just busted a more than $8.2 millionRead More

East Cleveland Police chief’s illegal receipt of overtime

By – ejon – .ejon1953@gmail.com, Council,  Below is a copy of Chapter 127.05 of East Cleveland’s administrative code which sets forth the conditions that determines the city employees who receive overtime and those who are prohibited from receiving it as found in Chapter 127.05(c).  Below that is section 101.99 of the administrative code setting forth penalties that make the violation of every ordinance a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail with payments of up to $1000 in fines unless otherwise specified.   It has been statedRead More