November, 2012


We Say Our Final Goodbye to Sterlyn L. Ezell

EZELL STERLYN L. EZELL Cherished and loved by many. WAKE SATURDAY, 3 P.M., AT CUMMINGS AND DAVIS FUNERAL HOME, 13201 EUCLID AVE. Funeral at 3:30 p.m. VIEWING FRIDAY, NOV. 30, NOON TO 8 P.M. Arr. by R. A. Franklin Funeral Service. Click Here to Sign the Guest Book

Tattler #28 – The Irish supremacy edition

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla <> To: East Cleveland Leaks Click to download: Tattler #28 – The Irish supremacy edition Good Morning All,   Last night the Auditor of State met with East Cleveland city council to tell Gary Norton the bad news.  He’s being referred to the Ohio Ethics Commission for an investigation of his violating the state’s special meeting laws to introduce and pass legislation to set himself up to receive $45,000 as safety director once he took office as mayor in 2010.  With an over $8 million deficit,Read More

Cops claim man hanged himself in East Cleveland jail Wednesday, A source informed us today that a 42 year old man died in police custody in East Cleveland’s jail on November 21. Councilman Nathaniel Martin says a police source told him the man hanged himself and there’s allegedly video of him committing suicide. The video may be a public record. Council vice president Chantelle Lewis contacted the county coroner today and was directed to Powell Ceasar. The coroner’s office is a 24-hour operation. Lewis is a member of the legislative authority of the city of East Cleveland who hasRead More

Family reaches out to EC People for Help

Sometime on Thanksgiving Day or Night 2012 the East Cleveland Police and  Sterlyn Lamont Ezell came into contact with me and shortly thereafter Sterlyn lied dead in the East Cleveland Jail.  Rumor says that this quiet fun loving man committed suicide by hanging himself with a T-shirt.  Other allegations are that the East Cleveland Police Department brutally assaulted and detained Ezell. Believe what you want but here are the facts:  1. When the young mans mother called to find out what was up, NO ONE from our East Cleveland Police,Read More

A resident on Shawview would like to know when the city is coming around to pick up leaves

From: “Ross Brankatelli” <> To: “‘Chantelle C. Lewis’” Cc: “Turner Dimitrius” <>, “Hood Alisa” <>, “Moore Valerie” <> Subject: A resident on Shawview would like to know when the city is coming around to pick up leaves Date: Sat, Nov 10, 2012 12:11 PM City Council Vice President Lewis  As you know, our leaf pickup efforts have been located primarily within your Forest Hill neighborhood, where there are the most trees and the most leaves.   Furthermore, we lost a good week via hurricane Sandy with numerous trees and wires downRead More