January, 2013


Washington vs. Norton – One woman stands up to lying EC Mayor

Where is TV talk show star Maury Povich when you need him and that lie detector show? That question is asked because Mayor Gary Norton needs to be wired up to a polygraph for everyone to see he cannot stop lying. Norton told a packed house of mostly his followers that everything happening with the laying off of police is the fault of city council. Not one time did he say he had anything to do with the current mess he has placed city finances. Much like a spoiled child,Read More

We Are Mad As Hell and Not Take This Anymore! & “Show Me The Money” Wed 1/16/2013 – 6:30 Event

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the Helen S. Brown Senior Center King/Mayor Norton speaks Gerald O. Strothers Jr. ec44112@gmail.com Citizens, we must make our stand and get rid of this lying Mayor who continues to “cry wolf” to the media and outsiders. It is time for us to call in some chips like make this thief pay back all of the money he stole from us in 2012. (Yes I called him a thief)  I have asked this spender of our money simply to:  “Show Me TheRead More

BREAKING NEWS – Gary Norton lying about budget cuts … again

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla To: tegger ; dasimmons ; cquinn ; esullivan ; tips ; 19tips ; newsdesk ; newsdesk ; Jerrydj’s News ; garythekappa ; Mayor Norton ; icrowell ; rriley ; rspotts Cc: Joy Jordan ; lewisskeewee08 ; nathaniel.martin ; angle4564 ; Mansell Baker ; Bob Ellongton ; tudrija ; dyost ; Robert R. Hinkle ; cleveland.cv Sent: Fri, Dec 28, 2012 11:30 am Subject: BREAKING NEWS – Gary Norton lying about budget cuts … again Assignment Editors, News Editors, Journalists and Jack Shea, You will do a tremendousRead More

Questions about Attorney General DeWine investigating Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams’ homicide

ejon HOW IS MIKE DEWINE’S OFFICE INVESTIGATING TIMOTHY RUSSELL AND MALISSA WILLIAM’S HOMICIDE AT THE HANDS OF 13 CLEVELAND COPS PER THE REQUEST OF EAST CLEVELAND POLICE CHIEF RALPH SPOTTS? Mike DeWine is Ohio’s attorney general. Ralph Spotts is East Cleveland’s chief of police. The attorney general’s lawful duties are found in Section 109 of Ohio’s Revised Code and the police chief’s duties are in Section 737.06. I’ll summarize and include the specific provisions of law at the bottom of this post; but DeWine, in his capacity as attorney general,Read More