February, 2013



From: ejon <ejon1953@gmail.com> To: publisher <publisher@clevelandchallenger.com> CLEVELAND CHALLENGER IS LIVE TODAY!  The first “return” edition of the Cleveland Challenger is now on the worldwide web.  Monthly subscriptions are $10.   Please place the link below in your search bar at the top of the page. http://www.clevelandchallenger.com/ The lead story deals with an amazing allegation that Cleveland Clinic helped the CIA assassinate an Egyptian and Saudi leader.  Delos Cosgrove, the Cleveland Clinic CEO who screwed East Cleveland out of Huron Hospital, is going to be pissed.  Obviously, because I’ve written the story,Read More

The People Speak (EC Residents Point of View)

By: ECLEresident – ECLEresident@gmail.com Ok… c`mon… I’ve lived in East Cleveland for just under a year now and after witnessing all of these meetings on channel 9 and looking around this city, all I have to say is that the city council is an absolute JOKE. First of all, Brewer died.. why is she still listed on the city website that hasn’t been updated in about a year?! Second, who the hell decided to elect this young kid in her position? He is not qualified (nor is anyone onRead More