August, 2013


Welcome Home Kevin Frazier – Thank you Judge Dawson

First I want to apologize for the video shot during the jubilant and happy ending of this story. Not sure if the water running from my eyes was dirt or something else watching Kevin Frazier cross Euclid Avenue to meet his mom, Cynthia. At six o’clock P.M. today, August 25, 2013, thanks to an intervention from Judge William Dawson the large group of protesting family got to celebrate with their loved one. A legion of media reporters all tried to get a comment from the East Cleveland Police Department butRead More

Mad as hell about East Cleveland Police Department

A routine trip to the Shell convenience store at Superior and Euclid corners, turned nearly deadly for Kevin Frazier as East Cleveland Police officer E. Jones arrested and allegedly beat Frazier in handcuffs.  EC City Council President listens and vows to assist the family. This is a story heard more this year than ever and this time gets some help from City Council President Dr. Joy Jordan. A group of family, friends and incident watchers take to the street in a protest in front of East Cleveland City Hall SaturdayRead More

East Cleveland Ward Three Candidates (A First Look)

There are three candidates in the East Cleveland Ward Three City Council race in November; Vidah A. Saeed, Ernest L. Smith and Thomas J. Wheeler. Nicholas Williams withdrew himself from the race on August 13, 2013 narrowing the race to these three candidates. Two of the candidates are shown here,  Mr. Wheeler has neglected participation in any of the recent events including the EC library board or Democratic Club events that these two were taped.

Hayden Ave. and Disabled Citizens (Gary’s got to Go Part 3)

Not to be confused with the photo taken in Part One of “Gary’s Got To Go” this citizen now makes this writer use every journalist tool to not get personal on this piece. Sure the whole “Gary’s got to go” thing in itself has a very personal theme the goal with this video piece is to show everyone how bad things are for some citizens here and why he has to go. This affects everyone from bicycle riders to seniors just crossing the streets of Hayden Ave and most ofRead More

Damage Control after Mayor cries wolf (Gary’s Got To Go Part 2)

Our tiny mayor cried and released the murder story to all type of people including out of town folks. Sadly most people do not understand that this is East Cleveland and not to be combined with The City of Cleveland. Now the wake of his breaking news releases are hitting all over the world and it is a day to day job for some of us to correct this total mess Norton has created. Gary’s Got To Go More in this series coming