October, 2013


East Cleveland Cops saying giving away phones are a business

The woods family went to East Cleveland Ohio Municipal Court today before Judge William Dawson and found out that they are charged with running a business without a license among other things. The question of law is whether or not giving away a cellular telephone without any charges constitutes running a business or not. Under the interpretation being applied by East Cleveland Ohio Law this could also apply to anyone giving anything from food to clothes as business operators. The arresting police officers and their sergeant may perhaps be thinkingRead More

East Cleveland Police back to Mayhem

Mother ask for help from Mayor Gary Norton and police chief Spotts. Council reluctant to help them or give time to hear the young men speak. Instead their statement is read for them. Now the family seeks help from outside sources since the Police Chief calls their plea “Grandstanding” and refuses to believe anything the family says. It’s business back to being afraid, VERY AFRAID of our police, their chief and Mayor. Video News Release on 44112News.com Mother asks for help or to file a complaint against gun totting policeRead More

Epilogue to Four Years in East Cleveland Ohio

Two things I know have 10% as a commanding factor and they include my own heart at 10% pumping the amount of voters who gave a damn at yesterday’s Mayoral primary at 10%. Less than ten percent of the voters actually went out to vote or file absentee ballots in the October 1, 2013 election in East Cleveland Ohio. The one chance voters had a chance to change our course went right down the drain with low voter turnout. Tuesday night I was saddened by the loss but proud ofRead More