November, 2013


Catching stray dogs by a gunshot in the head?

November 19, 2013 – East Cleveland Ohio where the police department of this city now in Financial Emergency are unable to pay for the Animal Control department or even hire or pay the bill of an outside animal control contractor. Instead the city has mandated that the ill trained and unprepared police department receive the call for stray animal control. East Cleveland Police are not even equipped with lassos or cages to round up the stray critters; there is no dog pound or animal control truck to hold animals. InsteadRead More

Update on Police Mayhem Story

  A protest was held out in the cold on November 12, 2013 by the parent who Ms. Lani Wood who complained about her children being beaten by East Cleveland Police officers.  All of the statements are documented on this site however there are two sides to every story as East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts stated November 12, 2013. Without a doubt this site is a watchdog of the East Cleveland City Government, police, mayor, council offices.  However in avoiding being a “Mayor Gary Norton one sided TV Network”Read More

Editorial on behalf from 98% of the Registered EC Voters

Editorial from Gerald O. Strothers Jr. This is one of the rare times that I (Gerald O. Strothers Jr.) take time out to look at where we have been, what happened and where are we today. With all of that said let me start this piece with four long years of struggle fighting over the conditions of the East Cleveland Jail, “where’s the money” and an election that only eight percent of the registered voters bothered to participate in. With my own eyes and through the camera lens I haveRead More

Win, Lose, Draw – 2 Good Wins One Loss

East Cleveland finally we got a true winner with Tiffany Fisher winning getting voted the winner of School Board Election. Her campaign was simple and easy to understand: She went after the absentee ballots. EAST CLEVELAND BOARD OF ED MEM 22 OF 22 PRECINCTS REPORTED. VOTE FOR 2 Tiffany Fisher 1217 Abdul Shaheed Jabbaar 843 Eve Lynn Westbrooks 1008 Juan Wyley II 611 Next on the agenda was the tightly fought battle to get two at large spots on city council. Once again Nathaniel Martin went after and won theRead More

Super Light Turn-Out at the East Cleveland Election 2013

Another day at the Election Polls and no one is out voting in East Cleveland Ohio. Last election only ten percent of the registered voters cast either an absentee or actual vote in the primary which ended by default putting Mayor Gary Norton back into office today. Now with three city council seats up for grab and no one out and voting in three major precincts this will be a short computation for Cuyahoga County Board of Elections workers. This time all ballots cast are scanned and computed making theRead More