December, 2013


Last few days for EC City Council to file charges

With only days left before their term ends as a collective city council the members must finally decide if charges will be filed against Mayor Gary Norton.  Earlier this year they attempted to try a civil suit to force Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals to make Mayor Norton do his job (Writ of Mandamus) That suit failed as the court rarely likes to make elected officials to do their job through court order. Several years back three citizens filed criminal charges with the former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason andRead More

Who are the people on East Cleveland House of Cards

Who are the names to pin on each of the cards; we want you to let us know for our chart. We are asking you to name the players on the East Cleveland House of Cards. The cards are shown above and we are asking you to email

The House of Cards is falling in East Cleveland

The house of cards is beginning to fall down with the indictment of East Cleveland top cop and union president Detective Sgt. Scott Gardner, 39 who is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 23 in Medina County Common Pleas Court. According to The Plain Dealer: Detective Sgt. Scott Gardner, 39, was indicted on charges of fourth-degree felony trafficking in tobacco products to avoid taxation, selling tobacco products without a license, third-degree felony tampering with records and fifth-degree felony forgery.  See Indictment – CLICK HERE Gardner shown here attacking Dr. Joy JordanRead More