April, 2014


Mutiny at the East Cleveland Library

Mutiny at the East Cleveland Library Stealing a news phrase from Cleveland television station 19 we are now “EVERYWHERE” in East Cleveland and thanks to YouTube we are streaming live as news happens in East Cleveland Ohio. The latest “EVERYWHERE” segment involves a story not reported by Channel 19/43 or any of the other Cleveland stations; in general all of the Cleveland media was “NO WHERE” to be found when the East Cleveland Library board met Tuesday April 29, 2014. Also since William Fambrough seen in this video controls ourRead More

Trashy Mayor Gary Norton – Bamboozle King of East Cleveland

Trashy Mayor Gary Norton – Bamboozle King of East Cleveland How was it possible for WEWS News Channel 5 able to air a piece about East Cleveland Trash while Ohio State Commission was meeting at East Cleveland Library just minutes away from their live set-up? It appears that slick Mayor Gary Norton jumped out of the city finance meeting with a slick lie about a Doctors Appointment. BAMBOOZLE Everyone got bamboozled in classic Gary Norton style as the meeting tried to move ahead and Norton gave this news piece toRead More

Who the hell is William Fambrough?

This website is the only public access media in the city of East Cleveland Ohio; we the people do not have access to our cable access public television. Our honorable Mayor Gary Norton managed to get East Cleveland Cable to run a live channel right to the basement of William Fambrough at his East Cleveland Oho residence 15832 Glynn Rd, Cleveland, OH 44112 (216) 397-3200. Ordinarily publishing a private residence is not normally preferred but since this one gentleman has total control over everything citizens watch on Public Access ChannelRead More