May, 2014


Dear City Council President Barbara Thomas . . .

To all of the people who have noticed that East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas actually voted in favor of Brandon King’s move to flip a multiple thousand dollar house for just one thousand dollar we are publishing this blog entry.   For four years this website has managed to operate with very little if any budget or help and we do need help like the group of people who have emailed or stopped the news bicycle on Memorial Day Monday. As mentioned the resolution is still ready toRead More

Don’t slip on this Flip ($100.000 house for $1,000)

Get a one hundred thousand dollar home for only one thousand dollars?   Unlike the Mayor Gary Norton administration this website has published everything found concerning this unique house purchase including all emails in plain sight. So this time a trip to the property in question seemed like a good idea and upon taking photographs of all angles we the volunteers of 44112News wish to purchase this property at the same rate Councilman Brandon King is trying to do for one thousand dollars. See for yourself (Click Here to seeRead More

Hotdog Danky’s – Spicy story

The modern day hot dog has mixed origins where it was originally created and that will not be the lesson taught to this entry.  Instead we are featuring one of the smallest new businesses in East Cleveland recently. “Hotdog Danky’s” is located in the parking lot of Silverman’s Department Store at  1450 Hayden Ave, Cleveland.  Despite not having the capitol to open up on Euclid Avenue the proprietor Abdul Karim Kelly owns a small New York style hot dog cart serving up a variety of goodies to all the hungryRead More

Read our email from the Ethics Commission (For Mr. Brandon King)

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Rawski, John <> wrote: Dear Mr. Strothers: I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail. For some reason, it had been sent to my spam folder. Our office can only provide general information in response to questions sent to us by e-mail. I’ve attached a previously issued opinion addressing the issue of a city council member participating in her city’s land bank program. Please note the discussion beginning on the last paragraph on page two explaining that the council memberRead More

This is Transparency – Ethics Opinion

———- Forwarded message ———- From: East Cleveland Date: Fri, May 9, 2014 at 3:12 PM Subject: Re: Requesting an Ethics Opinion (Correction) To:,,,,,,,,, Correction of the earlier email and letter. 14019 Northfield Avenue East Cleveland, OH 44112 (216) 324-4783 May 9, 2014 Paul M. Nick, Executive Director Ohio Ethics Commission 30 West Spring Street, L-3 Columbus, Ohio 43215 Dear Mr. Paul. M. Nick; We have had so many people concerned because one of our fine East ClevelandRead More