July, 2014


Let’s take a ride in Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton’s new Truck

In August 2014 East Cleveland Ohio will not be able to make payroll for city employees, police and fire departments. Knowing the situation of his city Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton went out and purchased a nice new truck to chauffeur he and family around to recreation places around East Cleveland and Shaker Heights.   Now East Cleveland police officers are writing tickets and citing people for anything they can sending some folks to East Cleveland Municipal Court only to have Judge Dawson ferret out the truth and in some casesRead More

Horseshoes on Hayden Ave (Something Fun to Do in EC)

Something fun to do in East Cleveland for people of all ages and it comes from two stellar citizens who cut the grass and create a place to “pitch” horseshoes. Most of the young folks may have seen the game played on an electronic game but few have actually thrown or pitched a horseshoe. Kudos to East Cleveland Ohio citizens Mr. Joe White and Mr. Roye “Coach” Kidd who have a steady date to set-up this event on Hayden Avenue near Silverman’s Store. These men are looking forward to EastRead More

Cheers Barbara Thomas (She’s Back!) / Jeers Gary “Durango” Norton

Cheers and Jeers Kudos to East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton for going out and buying a brand new car while city employees are being laid off or taking pay cuts. Norton can ride in style with his gas guzzling four wheel drive Dodge Durango purchased using “Segregated” funds addressed at the recent Ohio State finance group meeting. Clearly Gary Norton gets a big JEER for doing something so stupid that no one on the finance group or audience could believe. NOW on the other hand we are happy toRead More

East Cleveland Citizens Recall The Mayor need volunteers

East Cleveland Ohio – Citizens will meet again at the East Cleveland Public Library to discuss a recall campaign directed at EC Mayor Gary Norton who has spent over the budget this year. The mayor’s overspending has made it necessary for the cash strapped city to borrow eleven million dollars to pay this year’s overdue bills. In addition to the very large debt the city is in the streets are filled with potholes and the city is unable to find a fix. Citizens in some cases are filling in someRead More

Meeting after meeting this week

The reporting staff for 44112News.com consists of one person as photographer and writer and every once in a while we get a break from from guest writers. This week so far we started the week off at the RTA Board meeting early Tuesday Morning where we asked about the lack of transit police and how their flagship bus “Healthline” is totally out of control. Next meeting same day, Tuesday was the “Barbara Thomas” in control city council meeting. It almost feels like Barbara is doing things that the audience andRead More