August, 2014


Oh My God! Brandon King and THE WORD Church

Oh my God – The WORD Church and Brandon King      East Cleveland Sunday August 31, 2014 Councilman Brandon King and his family continue purchasing property including contested property rightfully belonging to The East Cleveland Library.  Despite the protests and letters from the Ohio Ethics Commission, it appears that King may be planning  to challenge both state and local forces as he continues to buy up all the property he and family can obtain at less than 100 each lot purchased.       Joining King is the mega-church called TheRead More

March on East Cleveland turns heads at city hall

The United States Navy Blue Angels planes flew overhead and protesters took the streets of East Cleveland to send a message to the city administration. Oppressed Peoples Nation leader Ernest Smith talked about what the protest march is about and sent out a message for unity. Sadly one of the young speakers reflects upon how the East Cleveland Police executed a dog with 13 bullets right before his face. It appears that EC Police simply killed the dog and then placed the “corpse” in a nearby trash can. Citizens speakRead More

March on East Cleveland Ohio August 28th 1:00 PM

East Cleveland Ohio residents will be taking the streets in protest of traffic cameras, potholes, lack of city intervention and failing financial funds as the State of Ohio controls the funds. The march is sponsored by Oppressed Peoples Nation, Black-On-Black Cleveland and senior citizens groups to bring light on city events and plight. Residents will be asking that East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton and City Council not renew the traffic camera contract and come up with a plan to patch the potholes before winter hits. The city has recently leasedRead More

ATS Unleashes Traffic Cam Anywhere 2014

East Cleveland residents along with people passing through on the streets are well aware of the traffic cameras operating on busy streets such as Euclid and Hayden Avenues but a new enforcement “speed trap” has drivers upset. In this case the portable speed camera is actually shooting across to cars coming at it which should have been calibrated well in advance of this setting. (Click here to read the contract) It appears that American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and East Cleveland Public Safety Department are utilizing the mobile unit on streetsRead More

Welcome to N.O.A.H. / East Cleveland Sign and Beautification Project

August 12, 2014 the non-profit 501(c)(3) group N.O.A.H came before the East Ohio Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to ask for exclusive right to create signs welcoming people to East Cleveland with their N.O.A.H logo on them. (Click here to read the N.O.A.H proposal) While the idea was selfish and one sided and BZA asked them to get help from an architect or engineer in designing their signs essentially tabling the plans for N.O.A.H to take over the Euclid and Superior Avenues location it could be tweaked and made toRead More