October, 2014


Trick or Treat – Mayor’s Pay in excess of $40 thousand a year

Halloween – October 31, 2014 – Mayor Gary Norton refuses to provide access to his pay stubs and W-2 Statements which may show that he has been receiving more than forty thousand dollars a years as voted by the public. The November 2012 election brought East Cleveland Ohio voters out to stop their mayor from receiving over one hundred thousand dollars a year.  According to the vote Norton was supposed to stop paying himself for jobs he does not perform for pay like Safety Director.  The people did not allowRead More

Mayor Gary Norton heads for the door again

The October 2014 meeting of the CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION ended up being the longest time spent to date.  Starting at one o’clock the meeting included a presentation which at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars talked about merging East Cleveland with Cleveland as one of the options. Read the entire proposal (Click Here)  102914 mtg materials part 1.pdf 102914 mtg materials financial packet part 2.pdf 102914 PFM Analysis mtg materials part 3.pdf After being shut down by commission head Sharon Hanrahan overRead More

15 Minutes of Fame for All East Cleveland Residents

Financial Planning 30 E Broad Street, 34th Floor , Columbus, OH 43215 | obm.ohio.gov AGENDA CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION OCTOBER 29, 2014   –  1:00 P.M.)   East Cleveland Residents are being allowed a total of fifteen minutes collectively to discuss how they feel about the finances of East Cleveland.    That could be divided to allow the first five to speak only. This change appears in the October 29, 2014 meeting agenda presented by East Cleveland Finance –  CZAR, Sharon Hanrahan – Financial Planning Commission Administrator.Read More

Poetic Justice – Celebrating living legend Russell Atkins

10/25/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Celebrating local living legend Russell Atkins at a who’s who event of the fall held at The East Cleveland Public Library. The event featured premiering a documentary of the life and times of Russell Atkins as well as Dr. Dr. David Larson from the English Department at Cleveland State University bestowing an honorary Doctorate Degree to Russell Atkins. A group of readers treated the poet and audience with their own renditions of selected Russell Atkins poems. Atkins appeared overwhelmed at the huge audience assembledRead More

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” *

* “To be, or not to be…” is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene”[1] of William Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_be,_or_not_to_be   The final East Cleveland Ohio City Council meeting was no more than a dress rehearsal to be played by leading man Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Barbara Thomas at the forthcoming Ohio State Financial Planning Commission meeting.  Oddly enough the group meets on the East Cleveland Library, 14101 Euclid Ave.  All members will be seated on the  Library Stage,  Wednesday October 29, 2014Read More