January, 2015


“This is a Hot Mess” EC Emergency Meeting a waste of time

East Cleveland needs firefighters, police, money to pay the electricity, a working ambulance and money to pay health care bill overdue since November.  And an emergency meeting was held to talk about the state of the city and what is important this week and it required all hands to attend including the Mayor, Finance Director, and all city council members. As  Mayor Gary Norton Jr. remote started his Dodge Durango Truck and drove away,  it was apparent that he was heading home to Shaker Heights Ohio.  The part time FinanceRead More

EMERGENCY City Council Meetings 1/29/2015 5:30 PM – Public Shut Up!

    At the request of Barbara Thomas East Cleveland City Council President there will be a series of special meetings where the public will NOT be allowed to speak until the last two meetings.  Meeting three is only setting up next weeks regular council meeting.  The first two emergency meetings will spend the public’s money without allowing public comments meeting one before or after the vote is taken.    Council members like Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler after a year in office have never had a community meeting.  For someRead More

Mike Trivisonno told us government will not investigate themselves

Even with the help of East Cleveland native and top radio personality The Mike Trivisonno Show – WTAM.com Ohio Attorney General sends back the response that there is nothing he can do to help citizens in East Cleveland Ohio.     Constituent Services <ConstituentServices@ohioattorneygeneral.gov> 2:09 PM (17 hours ago) to me Dear Gerald, Thank you for contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s office regarding actions by the East Cleveland Mayor and Police Chief. It is important to recognize that Ohio is a home rule state; meaning no state elected official has the authorityRead More

“Resourceful Seniors” Meet and talk about Helen S. Brown Center

1/27/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio – Seniors from around the city came together to talk about the future of the now closed Helen S. Brown Center and to hear updated plans from East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton and his chief of staff Michael Smedley.  Expected presenters included representatives from Cuyahoga County and Pastor Shawn Braxton from New Life Cathedral.  The group was disappointed by the now show from Mayor Norton and others on the speaking list but Pastor Braxton enlightened the group telling them about the church and what heRead More

Silverman’s Department Store Closes Forever

In his own  words:  Alan Silverman – SILVERMAN’S Silvermans.com Hello, Sadly, after serious consideration, I have decided to close Silverman’s. My Dad started the business in 1946, and through the hard work of the company’s excellent staff and the loyalty of its customers, I am proud to say, we have out lived many of the big chains we once competed against, like Ames, Cooks, Gaylords, Gold Circle, Uncle Bills, Zayres, and others. I am very sad to be closing Silverman’s, (our final sale starts on Thursday, January 29th.) but after workingRead More