Tuesday, January 13th, 2015


Criminal Charges against Gary Norton – Really?

Before former Assistant Law Director Deborah Blade could make her escape from the sinking ship called East Cleveland City Hall she received a serious letter from EC Councilman Nathaniel Martin included for all to see here.  (Click Here To See Adobe .pdf Letter)  In that letter Councilman Martin asked the local Law Director to file charges against her employer and boss Gary Norton.  This would have come under the Whistle-blower Laws both state and federal had Blade decided to file charges.   She clearly could not have just filed chargesRead More

Tuesday 1/13/2015 – 5 PM & 6 PM* – Cold Meetings at City Hall

This week in East Cleveland continues to bring excitement and twists and turns each day and Tuesday is nothing but fun.  There will be a Personnel and Appointment and a Special Council Meeting back to back starting at 5:00 PM. City Councilman Nathaniel Martin holds his Personnel and Appointments committee meeting with Brandon “LAND” KIng and Thomas Wheeler and that meeting is expected to have an Executive Session to talk about up and coming litigation or charges.  There still is no list of people recently “rehired” as Mayor Gary Norton likesRead More