Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


Ohio Department of Transportation to the Rescue (Flashing Red Lights)

Saving East Cleveland Ohio and it’s people our uncapped crusaders Kelvin Earby and Nathaniel Martin work along with Ohio Department of Transportation to repair the flashing red light intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Park Blvd and Wheeler Ave. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton stated that the repair will cost the city over thirty thousand dollars but thanks to the Ohio Department of Transportation this repair will cost a nominal sum and the intersection may be working by Thursday, February 5, 2015.

The Buck Stops Where? EC Mayor Says not with him

In the time East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton has been running the town into financial ruin he has never taken any blame.  Instead Norton to this day continues to blame former Mayor Eric Brewer for everything that has gone wrong in the city.  Even thing that just happen and go wrong are blamed on the former mayor, Norton has never done anything wrong in his mind. For the very first time in months Norton shows up for the East Cleveland City Council meeting and does not walk out.   InsteadRead More