Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


February 2015 Recall Mayor Norton – Yes or No – Your Vote Counts

This is an unofficial “Straw Poll” asking should Gary A. Norton be recalled? Please don’t be afraid to vote – Click on it and go to Straw Poll Click Here to Vote in the poll

Mike & Mike – About that New house on 15619 Terrace

Michael Smedley has managed to stay out of the public eye including his daycare center which was mysteriously closed. As one of two of Mayor Gary Norton’s assistants his official title is Chief of Staff a job which may pay him up to seventy-nine thousand dollars a year. Smedley instructed the new Law Directory not to provide any of his payroll documents despite the fact that all are public records. How is it possible that the Chief of Staff makes more than his boss? In addition to not providing anyRead More