March, 2015


Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part TWO

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/31/2015 – Hayden Road continues to be the worst road in the City of East Cleveland Ohio however the small street patch team took on some of the larger holes.  Using only a very small amount of cold patch the crew started west to east trying to patch up what they could do. Working with cold patch is just a temporary repair that should be backed up with hot asphalt repair but the city has no immediate plans or the equipment needed to put hot materialsRead More

Blame EVERYTHING bad on Eric Brewer NOT Gary Norton Jr.

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 3/30/2015 – Gerald O. Strothers Jr. This is an editorial or my views on things being reported or stated around town and this one starts with the premise that EVERYTHING bad must be blamed on East Cleveland Ohio former Mayor Eric Brewer according to current Mayor Gary Norton Jr.  We must all learn how to lie from a serial liar who has invaded our land and is running the town into the ground, Current Mayor Gary Norton Jr. WHY? Because current mayor Gary Norton and many reportersRead More

Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part ONE

This is the first of a series designed to help out all of the reporters looking for the worst potholes in Ohio and they can be found in East Cleveland Ohio.  Hosting this section is “The Grinch” who sort of looks like East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton.   “The Terror of Terrace Avenue” Terrace Avenue has been blocked off by the East Cleveland Ohio Service Department after many cars destroyed tires, wheels and the city can no longer pay the damages.    “Terrible Terrace Avenue” starts this series offRead More

FREE Starbucks – Sunday 3/29/2015

  Starbucks® 3093 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 Sunday, March 29, 2015 – 10 AM to Noon     It’s our FREE Starbuck’s event today and you are invited to a Meet & Greet event where we are collecting the final signatures on the recall petition and also talking about problems in East Cleveland Ohio.     Let 44112News treat you to a hot or cold beverage at Starbucks , 3093 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.  You will find this store at the corner of Lee Road and MayfieldRead More

Criminal charges or Recall against some EC City Council Members

    East Cleveland Ohio – 3/28/2015 – Only East Cleveland City Council can stop Mayor Gary Norton Jr. from giving away all of the used cars and trucks for $17,000 – Seven-Teen Thousand Dollars total to a very friendly dealer.  Two of the members already state that they will  vote NO to the idea of giving away cars and trucks without giving residents and other bidders a chance to purchase them at auction. Here is a listing of the truck and cars being given away by Mayor Gary NortonRead More