April, 2015


Is Board of Education Superintendent going to Double Dip?

East Cleveland Board of Education PUBLIC NOTICE Advance Notice of the JUNE Meeting The East Cleveland School District Board of Education hereby gives public notice in accordance with Section 3307.353* of the Ohio Revised Code that Myrna Loy Corley, who is currently employed by the Board of Education as Superintendent, will be retired and seeking re-employment with the East Cleveland School District in the same position following her service retirement. The Board of Education will hold a public meeting on the issue of re-employing the above-named person at a meetingRead More

The CHAIR – Sieg Heil

    100% Disrespect   EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – April 30, 2015 – “The Chair” is all about how EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. disrespects City Council and all residents by simply walking out of meetings where the people would like answers.  This want to be “Hitler” has even tossed people out of his office if they dare to ask him anything he does not want to hear. East Cleveland City Council Members are totally afraid of Gary Norton Jr. and his campaign to get a good job in theRead More

Part Time Help Wanted

Part Time Help Wanted – Must live in East Cleveland Ohio and be registered to vote in East Cleveland. One week temporary grant funded assignment four hours a day. Email: EC44112@gmail.com

Everything is an Emergency at EC City Council (Dejavu)

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/29/2015 –  City Council reverts back to calling all legislation as Emergency to prevent the public from hearing what they plan on doing.  The next council meeting legislation to increase ambulance fees goes up and the routine construction company Dan-Ray should be on regular legislation gets the emergency treatment. Ask whether either item is an emergency for the public safety, health and welfare?  Certainly the ride in a EC ambulance is an adventure since they have a history of breaking down on the way to theRead More

Special East Cleveland Ohio Board of Education Meeting

East Cleveland Board of Education Board Meeting Scheduled Special Board of Education Meeting Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6:30 p.m. Purpose: Personnel Matters Contract Approval Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Update Treasurer’s Evaluation East Cleveland Board of Education 1843 Stanwood Road – Room 215 East Cleveland, OH 44112 Any questions please call (216) 268-6587 Mary Ann Nowak ________________________________ Mary Ann Nowak, Treasurer/CFO