Wednesday, April 8th, 2015


Two more drivers needed for EC Field trip to Justice Center

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 4/8/2015 – We need to find two more drivers to help bring some citizens downtown to file charges at the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors office.  Parking fees will be paid and the group will meet and have coffee or a beverage first before proceeding upstairs. Two cars are already filled but we need two additional drivers to help transport and return EC citizens willing to help clean house by filing criminal charges against EC Council President Barbara Thomas, Councilmen Wheeler, King, Mayor Norton, Michael Smedley and aRead More

Helluva East Cleveland City Council Meeting 4/7/2015

EAST CLEVELAND OH – Citizens outraged at the actions of Barbara Thomas prepare to state their criminal case with Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and the Cleveland F.B.I. and several other undisclosed offices.  Based upon the city council meeting where the people tried to ask the council to not sell all the old city vehicles for pennies on the dollar. East Cleveland President of Council Barbara Thomas became the “swing vote” selling the vehicles despite pleas from her own ward constituents to not vote yes, Thomas joined the two Norton sponsored councilmenRead More

Barbara Thomas and others may face criminal Charges

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/7/2015 – Residents upset over East Cleveland City Council President  Barbara Thomas selling out the city with her yes vote on the sale of used city vehicles without giving anyone a chance to bid have some citizens planning criminal charges. Mayor Gary Norton picked someone he knew to get a super deal on vehicles including several trucks worth ten thousand dollars each, the sale was made final with Barbara Thomas voting yes.  Norton and Thomas invited three East Cleveland Police officers to the meeting as a showRead More