Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


Everything is an Emergency at EC City Council (Dejavu)

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/29/2015 –  City Council reverts back to calling all legislation as Emergency to prevent the public from hearing what they plan on doing.  The next council meeting legislation to increase ambulance fees goes up and the routine construction company Dan-Ray should be on regular legislation gets the emergency treatment. Ask whether either item is an emergency for the public safety, health and welfare?  Certainly the ride in a EC ambulance is an adventure since they have a history of breaking down on the way to theRead More

Special East Cleveland Ohio Board of Education Meeting

East Cleveland Board of Education Board Meeting Scheduled Special Board of Education Meeting Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6:30 p.m. Purpose: Personnel Matters Contract Approval Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Update Treasurer’s Evaluation East Cleveland Board of Education 1843 Stanwood Road – Room 215 East Cleveland, OH 44112 Any questions please call (216) 268-6587 Mary Ann Nowak ________________________________ Mary Ann Nowak, Treasurer/CFO

EC Narcotics Cops Busted allegedly stealing Money, Drugs

Take a good luck at East Cleveland Ohio’s famous narcotic officers who allegedly stole money and more from alleged East Cleveland drug dealers and supposedly did not turn the bust in to their superiors. 44112News has reported the practice East Cleveland cops have followed since the drug team was headed by the infamous SGT Randy Hicks.  In the past people have made claims including that their stuff was not returned after being falsely accused of drug sales.     Now we need your help bringing out the story concerning allegationsRead More