August, 2015


East Cleveland City Financial Supervision Commission Joins The Circus

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – Circus Week continues a tribute to the UniverSoul Circus® and East Cleveland City Financial Supervision Commission.  This act meets for the first time in months at the EC Public Library, Monday 8/31/15, 1:00 PM underneath the big top at the EC Library. This meeting should be a short one since Mayor Gary Norton Jr, Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King all worked together to insure that the Financial Recovery Plan will not be submitted as ordered by the commission head who thought she had power the city. ThisRead More

Fake or Real? “FoodGate Probe Continues”

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – The probe into why East Cleveland Schools are at the bottom of the list and parents and residents do not seem to be paying attention continues.  Where are the missing public records lost under the direction of East Cleveland Board of Education President Dr.Una Keenon? Even her own Oath of Office is missing or perhaps she did not event take an oath of office like President Obama has had to do twice.  We have seen what the oath of office looks like so why didn’t KeenonRead More

EuclidSoul Circus® comes to EC City Council

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – A special Saturday Meeting was called to order fifteen minutes late only to find the council clowns City Wide Councilman Brandon “LAND” King and Thomas Wheeler who demanded the meeting were absent.  Of course Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his sidekick Michael Smedley were not present as usual and everyone was successful made into fools by their actions. Now on Monday August 31, 2015 the Ohio state finance group will also be made into fools as they read their reports and fail to have a planRead More

Emergency Saturday City Council Meeting – 8/29/15 – 10:30 AM

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – City council members agree to meet on Saturday August 29, 2015 to pass Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr’s last minute Economic Recovery Plan that should have been completed months ago.  In classic Norton form he submitted his report when he wanted to and not as desired by the Ohio State Financial group which has not met for several months. The group members took a unanimous vote to meet on Saturday to pass or fail the plan which is due Monday August 31, 2015 at the financialRead More

Forbes, Fields and King – Land Baron’s

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – “Agenda Review” and a Special Meeting which confused everyone as they discussed prosecution of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. at first then merger with the city of Cleveland Ohio. Councilmen Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King may consider Mayor Gary Norton Jr. their best friend and plead for him not to be prosecuted.  The two councilmen seemed to be  going along with the merger this meeting and their rants made residents completely confused. Even after asking for help from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor to prosecute the Mayor Gary NortonRead More