September, 2015


Is Una Keenon going to prison like Santina Klimkowski ?

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The Maple Heights Ohio School board thought they could continue wasting and spending money forever.  Under the head of Santina Klimkowski as their queen and school board president citizens much like East Cleveland were afraid to speak up at school board meetings. A public records request was submitted to East Cleveland School Board president Una Keenon by Gerald O. Strothers Jr.   In July 2015 Strothers requested to review, inspect and copy at cost public records that might reveal why the East Cleveland School are atRead More

Bait Car – East Cleveland Police capture two stolen cars

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – East Cleveland Ohio and many cities in Ohio do  not have a stolen vehicle team but that does not stop EC Cops from improvising to catch car thieves.   Monday, September 28, 2015 EC Police captured two stolen cars and a carload of alleged car thieves were taken to the EC Jail. East Cleveland Police are not going to appear on the “Bait Car” television show but they deserve some thanks for rescuing stolen cars and getting attention in Ward Three.

Truth about “Nightmare on Noble Road”

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – After talking with several East Cleveland Ohio city council people it was discovered that even they don’t remember the truth about Noble Road and Arco Inc.   Everyone seems to have forgotten that the people on Noble Road never had a chance to object to the toxic waste dump now in their back yards. TRUTH Once upon a time city councilmen Mansell Baker and Brandon King came to city council with giant smiles on their faces after working out a “Let’s make a Deal” bargainRead More

Sunday Funnies in East Cleveland Ohio “Pink Slips”

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Sunday Funnies as we the people take back our city by getting rid of people not doing anything to help.  And this all started when long time residents got involved to bring out the truth in city government from the last placed City Schools to city hall not being able to buy rock salt for  winter. The new founders of this movement starts with founder Bernice Ewing who helped give the residents a voice in the media.  Although she left us a two personRead More

East Cleveland drivers love receiving traffic camera tickets!

East Cleveland Ohio USA – Thanks to the residents of East Cleveland Ohio simply not caring about getting illegal traffic camera tickets Mayor Gary Norton Jr. plans to extend the program to include police cars equipped with American Traffic Solutions (ATS)  cameras. No other city in the United States has been so happy to receive illegal traffic camera tickets like the residents of East Cleveland Ohio.  Even when ATS (American Traffic Solutions) was giving out school zone tickets during the summer when all school were out resident took and paid thoseRead More