November, 2015


What is DR UNA H.R. KEENON, EC School Board PRESIDENT Hiding?

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A.  – Since we publish and provide complete transparency here the whole town and others are wanting to know why the East Cleveland Ohio Schools under the control of Dr. Keenon refuse to provide public records to the public. Initially our request to see employee files was based upon allegations that some people were threatened and forced into doing things or having reprimand letters inserted in the file.  There were some allegations concerning pay disparity and lack of employees actually living in East Cleveland Ohio. According toRead More


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – An update on Original Action (Not an Appeal) CA-15-103313 STATE OF OHIO ON RELATION OF GERALD STROTHERS JR. vs. DR UNA H.R. KEENON, PRESIDENT. The Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals gets to see a real case and not an appeal pursuant to Ohio’s Sunshine Law or Ohio Revised Code § 149.43.  In Ohio people have a right to review, inspect and copy at a cost of no more than .05 cents per copy public records.  As the reigning champion of public records law having won more casesRead More

A case of unethical and wrongful conduct

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – A Case of Unethical and Wrongful Conduct Councilman Wheeler and Councilman King sought and won election based upon the support of Mayor Gary Norton and their commitment to working with his administration, and being his voice on the Council. Unfortunately, for Mayor Norton, Councilman King had a moment of sanity when he voted to override the Mayor’s veto of Ordinance 44-15. However, Councilman Wheeler remained steadfast and ignored the obvious discrepancies in the Annexation Petition to vote against the override. For many residents this wasRead More

ADULTS ONLY – Money, Sex, Power, Murder – Thanksgiving 2015 Protest

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – There is a clear reason why the media in Cleveland does not cover stories in East Cleveland Ohio including murders, robberies, home invasions or even the Mayors own alleged affairs at a local city park are not covered by anyone yet inquiring minds want to know the truth. As many have seen Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is no longer appearing on interviews including the disastrous traffic camera story starring the Law Director Willa Hemmons who is being set up to be the fall person inRead More

Crash and burn – EC Stores Robbed late night hours

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – With robberies at three of the local stores both armed and smash the car or truck through the window type Euclid Avenue is becoming a war zone for EC Police.  Starting with the armed robbery of the Family Dollar Store 15011 Euclid Ave where an uncertain amount of money was taken from the register with patrons rushing to back office until police came back to let them out.  This armed robbery occurred about 8:00 PM November 17, 2015 and East Cleveland Police still refuse to allow theRead More