December, 2015


East Cleveland Residents LOVE Traffic Camera Tickets! (Meet & Greet)

East Cleveland Ohio – U.S.A. – Residents in this small suburb love getting illegal traffic camera tickets and paying fines of over $99 dollars to a company in Arizona enjoying our efforts.  At one point city councilmen Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King wanted more illegal cameras to be installed on East Cleveland Police Cars. The fine folks at American Traffic Solutions (ATS) have made a bed in East Cleveland Ohio with their cameras that operate in School Zones even when the schools are closed.  Mayor Gary Norton Jr. loves theseRead More

F.B.I. CLE wants calls to stop (Black Lives DON’T Matter in East Cleveland)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. –  People all over have been calling, emailing and in general bugging the local Federal Bureau of Investigation branch to help two families in East Cleveland who have had members of their family killed by EC City vehicles.   The movement to call the CLE FBI started with a video from the Kimble family that went viral and created a big stir on Facebook.  At the request of the FBI the original video was taken off Facebook and that site refuses to tell why or byRead More

44112News Video Award Winners 2015 – #1 “Black Lives DON’T Matter”

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The 2015 video awards have been tabulated with at least one video going viral “Black Lives DON’T Matter” taking the honors this year.  The runner up is a video about bed bugs which also went viral and was on both local  and national news. #1 video of 2015 – “Black Lives DON’T Matter” A topic held quiet is the pest infestation at East Cleveland City Hall and how both Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council refuse to do anything about the bugs and rodents.  ThisRead More

Logical Solution for East Cleveland City Council President Election

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The leadership of East Cleveland City Council is once again up in the air with current council president Barbara Thomas campaigning to keep the gavel and challenger vice president Thomas Wheeler looking to move up a notch. With new city councilperson Joie Graham coming to office January 5, 2016 a major change could in fact happen if she votes for either Thomas or Wheeler.  Both parties have been schmoozing and pleading their plan for either the merger of EC by Wheeler or fighting merger byRead More

Black Lives DON’T Matter in East Cleveland Ohio – Holiday Edition 2015

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – December 25, 2015 – Yes it’s Christmas Day for some a day celebrated world-wide with gifts, good food and fellowship.  Most people take time to be with family and friends and the youngest look forward to the gifts underneath the Christmas Tree.   As a young man my parents told my two brothers about this mysterious Santa Claus who always appeared on television as a white man coming down the chimney.  Even the star of this day Jesus is shown as a white man onRead More