March, 2016


Merger, Potholes, Fambrough, FREE Land for Dumps

Kudos to East Cleveland City-Wide Councilman Nathaniel Martin for voting yes to bring the third TOXIC Waste Dump to the city of East Cleveland. (Breaking News) Mayor gives away FREE all the land needed to complete this insane project. East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Even after the NewsNet5 Pothole Patrol covered the out of control potholes in EC the infamous “Council of Three” plan on paying alleged thief and cable access channel holder William Fambrough a $20 thousand Dollar Contract to cover and brainwash the people. Even though the videoRead More

Thomas Wheeler sends letters and so do we only ours are Certified Mail

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The insane behavior of EC City Council President Thomas Wheeler will cost the city more dollars in a legal case being considered by Radio Talk Show Host and Community Activist Art McKoy. Thomas Wheeler has decided that any citizens who say bad things about Mayor Gary Norton Jr. or any of the infamous Council of Three will be tossed out of the meeting by police. Wheeler and his fellow three city council members Joei Graham, and Brandon King want everyone to be “good neighbors” byRead More

Easter Sunday News Conference – 3/27/2016 – 5:00 PM EST

ART MCKOY’S RADIO SHOW SUNDAY 3.27.16 5-7 PM MARCH 27, 2016 JUDY MARTIN LEAVE A COMMENT WHEN: Sunday, 3.27.16, between 5-7 pm  – WERE AM 1490 RE: Public Barred from Public Meetings Why did the East Cleveland police chief stand in the doorway and block Art McKoy, and others, from entering the East Cleveland City Council meeting on March 16, 2016? Why did the chief violate the law by blocking the pathway of Art McKoy? It felt like apartheid. Why did the chief put himself on the line by violatingRead More

George Michael Riley Senior – XXX Easter Egg Hunt

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Noble Road in East Cleveland used to be a quiet residential street where everyone knew what was going on across the street.  With very few if any government officials stopping by except during election time no one bothered to remember names or campaign slogans.   When the unknown candidate Gary Norton Jr. came around with promises to make the lives of residents on Noble Road safe he gained the majority of the votes on Noble Road.  Years later he would join forces with an interestingRead More

Do NOT Pay that ATS Camera Ticket in East Cleveland

DO NOT Pay East Cleveland Ohio Speed and Red Light Camera Tickets from American Traffic Solutions! The Billionaire Tuton Brothers owners of ATS in Arizona are partners with EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. to illegally collect money from people driving through East Cleveland. On Hayden Avenue at Mayfair Elementary School the ATS Truck is parked there everyday giving away hundreds of $95 tickets in a school zone that has no signs posting the speed limit or that there is school ahead. Since Ohio passed the law requiring a police officerRead More