May, 2016


22 Million Dollars – Detective Randy Hicks (bad cop)

CV-13-805968 ARNOLD BLACK vs. DETECTIVE HICKS – ET AL. OFFICER JONATHAN O’LEARY OFFICER RALPH SPOTS RONALD RILEY JOHN DOES NO. 1-10 INDIVIDUALLY AND IN THEIR OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS POLICE OFFICERS, DETECTIVES, SUPERVISORS, IN-CHARGE OFFICERS, ETC. Thanks Willa Hemmons the personal lawyer for the Norton family for her less than adequate defense of this case; and now the stalling begins all the way up to  the Ohio Supreme Court.  And when he finally shuts down all the bank accounts the mayor, city council and many people will be out of jobs.Read More

One Parade and No Politicians = Marvelous!

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – This city has one parade a year and it happens on Memorial Day May 30th like clockwork. Stepping off from from a point on the west side of the city and sometimes marching the entire length of the city. In recent years the parade route has become shortened from Superior Ave to RTA Louis Stokes station parking lot. And it no longer goes until the end of the city but instead makes a left turn on Shaw Ave ending at the football field parking lot.Read More

Never before seen footage from May 1, 2014 city merger forum in Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – With all of the lies being told about merger between East Cleveland and Cleveland we went searching through the 44112News archives about merger and found some never before seen clips and cuts. What we found were some short clips between the mostly Cleveland group telling how they felt about merging in May 2014. Some of these cuts are just funny while others will leave you SMH (Shaking My Head)    

ALL HELL breaks out as EC residents threatened to be arrested

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/26/2016 – City Council President Thomas Wheeler decided to change Ohio State Law in regards to open meetings. Wheeler wants the public to leave so he can hold a private meeting or Executive Session and in this case an illegal meeting. Even with long time residents showing the infamous “Council of Three” Joei Graham, Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler the laws of Ohio, residents are tossed out of their own public meeting. Two of the five member council walked out before the police got to theRead More

FIRE – 14004 Northfield Ave – East Cleveland 5/26/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Small kitchen fire consumes two family dwelling with smoke. Due to Mayor Gary Norton Jr. cutting back fire forces help was provided by Cleveland Heights Fire Department who were able to put the fire out with minimal damage. Kudos to the first responders from East Cleveland for doing the best they could at first.