October, 2016


Get High and Die with Locoweed growing in EC Hoop Gardens

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Datura stramonium aka. Locoweed (JIMSON WEED, Poisonous Plant) Growing wild in the failed “Hoop Gardens” around EC. With over fifteen of the USDA “High Tunnel System Initiative” or Hoop Houses that we call Hoop Gardens in the city of East Cleveland there should have been lots of produce shared with residents. Instead the Hoop Gardens have been no more than a laughing item as in their second year only one of them had plants growing in it thanks to Home Depot providing ready to plantRead More

Very High Speed Chase in East Cleveland OH – 10/29/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Grab a stolen car and then race through the streets of East Cleveland has become a daily event except this time the driver is fighting for his life. Ohio Highway Patrol look over the wreckage where this stolen car struck two and broke two utility poles and a stop sign ending up in the middle of Elm and East 140th Avenues, East Cleveland Ohio.

Chapman Avenue Dump Site (Euclid & Chapman)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The newest dump has been taking place at the corner of Chapman Avenue and Euclid Street where the city council president Thomas Wheeler has allowed it to happen. Full of concrete and asphalt as well as discarded trucks that will never be driven and have no plates. Normally EC Police ticket and tow these vehicles away but thanks to EC Council President Thomas Wheeler this dump is being formed right on main street. The eyesore dump now makes resident on Chapman Avenue upset and withRead More

Sharon Hanrahan quits EC Finance Group (Norton’s Malarkey)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – One of the only people who managed to keep EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. from spending more money the city does not have,¬†Sharon Hanrahan, has quit from her position as head of the state finance group. Hanrahan’s rocky time in East Cleveland got started with a press conference in front of cable access channel 9 which later became the end of her time in EC. Much of the problem started and ended with EC Mayor Norton wanting to pay for cable access coverage of twenty-thousandRead More

EC Police have lunch at Tower City Downtown CLE

Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – It was a nice day to go out of the East Cleveland area and have lunch for a male and female East Cleveland Police Officers visiting downtown Cleveland Ohio. Despite the fact their zone car or police car like most of the city vehicles has no insurance the two gave no one the idea that they would be having lunch at a fancy tower city restaurant. Kudos to Chief Michael Cardilli and his daring officers who risk the chance of having an accident every time theyRead More