November, 2016


Cassandra McDonald Lays The Law Down on Little Mayor Gary Norton Jr. (In Her Own Words)

Cassandra McDonald‎  November 18 near Cleveland    As someone who also experienced the abuse of power by Mayor Gary Norton, I fully support Devin Branch and his advocacy in helping put Norton on the “recall ballot” this December 6th. As someone who lead a recall last year with many others, I witnessed the fear and overall concern that both petitioners and residents alike shared because of the tyrant behavior of Mr. Norton. This for me has moved far beyond politics. It is evident without consideration or question that characteristically Norton’s behaviorRead More

Randy Burr talks about the Noble Road Speed Camera Trap

I work at a new job on Noble Rd. in East Cleveland, and didn’t know about the ticket camera trap for about the first 3-4 weeks. I have requested a hearing on the first, which is set for December 8th. I found out about SB 342, and figured if I just showed up & contested it, they’d have to throw it out. A co-worker told me they were going on the caveat of taking the fines against their state funding. see below link “Last summer, State Sen. Bill SeitzRead More

Gold Medal Winning Boxer returns to East Cleveland (Delante Johnson)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 11/27/2016 – It was a quiet return for Delante Johnson who has won a gold medal in Russia over the weekend and then took the long trip back to East Cleveland where the quiet town slept through the night not realizing the champ was back home. According to USA Boxing Johnson continued to stun the judges as he took a 4-1 decision over last year’s returning Junior World Champion Bilolbek Mirzarakhimov of Uzbekistan to win his first international title. Johnson displayed a clever skill setRead More

Help Wanted – Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

Chief executive officer of a multi-million dollar municipal corporation. You must have very strong managerial experience in either the public or private sector. If you have never run much more than a lemonade stand, please do not apply. This is not an entry level position for someone seeking experience for another job. The job requires the ability to oversee very complicated contract negotiations; must deal with labor unions; oversee city employees working in diverse fields ranging from law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medical, street and sidewalk repairs, and land-use permitting;Read More

ADULTS ONLY – Recall EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr – XXX Adults ONLY

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – This video is for ADULTS ONLY and contains language and scenes not appropriate for younger viewers. In memory of Sterlyn Ezell, Christopher Kimble Jr, who were killed during the EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. time in office and HIS personal police force who still have not been brought to justice. One of the worst mayors in the history of East Cleveland Ohio, Gary Norton disrespects citizens on camera and there is a big fight in city council over his alleged adultery actions in Forest HillRead More