December, 2016


FIGHTING FIRE with WATER and LOVE (Happy New Year)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – FIGHTING FIRE with WATER and LOVE As the new year approaches a fire fight of sort has broken out between Gary Norton Jr. supporters who love to get money in their hands and a few brave souls willing to give up everything to make the East Cleveland a better place.    The talk about the Norton regime being ousted continues since the infamous “Council of Three” remains intact despite their leader (Thomas Wheeler) being fired. He still continues to dish out his orders via socialRead More

PERSON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Arlena LaBron

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO U.S.A. – #44112News – PERSON OF THE YEAR 2016 – 108 Years young Arlena LaBron becomes our third Person of the Year in East Cleveland Ohio. And she earns that title thank to her due diligence in getting help for her neighbors on Noble Road in East Cleveland Ohio. World-Wide Media coverage started with Arlena LaBron using a landline telephone to call 44112News and ask for help. She does not have a computer or smart phone but her years of wisdom make her much smarter than theRead More

Former Mayor Eric J. Brewer to the rescue (In his own words)

Jim Riffle’s infrared camera detected methane gas and hydrogen sulfide at the Noble Road dump site that’s affecting people living in East Cleveland, Cleveland wards 9 and 10, Cleveland Heights and South Euclid within a mile or more radius. We met at Harry Drummond’s home and Riffle took pictures with his infrared “leak detecting” camera and strip samples from inside. Riffle is dropping the samples off at the lab for testing and should have results in 7 to 10 days. I’ll share when the results are in my hands. BTW.Read More

Forensic Journalistic Investigation (Reporters Diary)

  East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/27/2016 – On this date my youngest brother Byron Strothers came to us forty-eight years ago and on this date for his birthday gift he received a long forgotten picture of him back in the day. 12/28/2016 – Now this date and being the rip young age of forty-eight, my disabled Desert Storm veteran brother received a personal visit by surprise from me and cousin aka. my sister Sheryl to complete the story. Much of the day was going good until a call isRead More

Private Emails about George Michael Riley Sr. (Concrete Crusher Scam)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Private Emails that show how George Michael Riley Sr. came up with the concrete crusher scam he played on everyone at EC City Hall from Mayor to Council. They all fell for his scam and the people on Noble Road are paying the price for their lack of doing basic research on this dude just because he is white. George “Mike” Riley Sr. is trying to live the life at THE CARLYLE CONDOS OF Lakewood Ohio where he is charming lots of lonely womenRead More