January, 2017


Hostile Take-Over at East Cleveland Ohio City Hall

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 1/24/2017 – Mayor Brandon King the new dictator of East Cleveland Ohio decided he did not like the current city council members so he overthrew them out of office. The new city council was formed when former Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and Council President Thomas Wheeler were recalled in November 2016.  Next on the recall list was Brandon King a less than popular member of the city council, however because King was council vice president he became the temporary mayor. The remaining members of theRead More

We Hate White Women in East Cleveland Ohio (Really?) Reverse Racism

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 1/23/2017 – This story is about reverse racism in East Cleveland Ohio a city that claims to have some degree of racism but some of the folks just do not like white women in government.  And this story is about two white women facing reverse racism from the mostly black population and we sincerely feel ashamed to be putting this matter out in the public for all eyes to see but someone has to air what is going on in East Cleveland Ohio. White WomanRead More

East Cleveland Board of Education gets failing grade (ORC 149.43)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Two residents have taken the EC Board of Education to court over public records access and those now famous gourmet catered executive session meetings where the public is not invited.  In both cases the board was dead wrong but still continues to keep public records a big secret. We doubt the board will have a Gourmet Catered Meal at this early morning meeting. Please share this with everyone and maybe some of the parents will actually show up at the meeting. This week there areRead More

Former EC Mayor Eric Brewer fights for justice on Noble Road

44112News.com shared Eric Jonathan Brewer‘s post. Published by Jerry Strothers · 19 hrs · Noble Road Toxic Dump – Finally the truth comes out and nobody is willing to accept the findings. PLEASE SHARE THIS POSTING The people on Noble Road, East Cleveland Ohio are sick from the chemicals EC Mayor Brandon King said were healthy. How can a guy who does not live in EC tell long time residents that they are not getting sick from a toxic dump in their backyards? We are now asking if Brandon KingRead More

Cleveland media chose to cover a dog over informing black people about a toxic threat to their health

Eric Jonathan Brewer https://www.facebook.com/eric.j.brewer.9/posts/10158104986450634 From: ejon <ejon1953@gmail.com> Descendants of Slaves or a dog? Who’s plight do you think Cleveland’s media chose to draw attention to today? Go to all the local media websites. What are reporters discussing on Fox8, WEWS, WOIO and WKYC? What’s on Cleveland.com? What’s radio discussing with the exception of WCPN? Keyword “Noble Road toxic dump East Cleveland” and see for yourself how much attention Cleveland’s media has given the hellish and life-threatening plight of the Descendants of Slaves and the Descendants of Europeans, Latins and MiddleRead More