U.S.S. Norton takes it final 4 year cruise

Getting down and dirty has never been something that East Cleveland Mayor Norton has had a problem with. He won the election to Mayor thanks to some down and dirty photos and now Norton actually thinks the East Cleveland voters will do the same thing October first.
Joining Norton is his “coxswain” William Fambrough who is ready to go down the ship as our crew of six people takes their final 4 year tour.

Residents are not much interested in boarding the U.S.S. Norton this time and are just sitting at the dock waving their hands goodbye and prepare for the new mayor to take her rightful office.

Missing on deck is “Yeoman” Michael Smedly who also serves as the cook and lookout. Perhaps a premature mutiny may be happening as the Master At Arms Police Chief Spotts and several other key members of this crew are no where to be found.

Hold on tight everyone because it’s going to a rough ride until we finally break through the storm and get to Joyland. Time to take the Pirates and their tiny captain off the ship and back on land.

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