GREEN signs changed to RED – Voters highly upset

It’s a childish game played by losing candidate in a heated election and its called steal the opponents yard signs and put your own there. Normally this does not involve the voters but in East Cleveland it appears that over 30 GREEN yard signs from Democratic candidate Dr. Joy A. Jordan have come up missing and been replaced by RED signs from incumbent Mayor Gary Norton.

Citizens return RED signs and want their GREEN signs back

The actions by Norton and his team have voters upset and wanting their GREEN signs back. Many brought Norton’s unwanted RED signs back to the Joy Jordan office for exchange back to GREEN Joy Jordan signs.

Dr. Joy Jordan contends that she nor her team have touched any of the RED Norton signs and they would never go into citizens yards unless they are posting one of the two GREEN Joy A. Jordan for mayor signs. Jordan tells all citizens to not worry about the sign thievery but to concentrate on October 1, 2013 election.

EC INDEPENDENCE DAY – VOTE On October 1, 2013 for GREEN – Our endorsed candidate and helluva good dentist – Dr. Joy A. Jordan. If anyone can fix some of our holes and cavities in East Cleveland streets and city hall a trained dentist is our best choice.

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