East Cleveland Roach travels and infests – The Carlyle Condos of Lakewood

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – When we first met the man now properly known as George Michael Riley Senior he appeared in EC City Council Meeting with a team of lawyers to get property the city owned for a fantastic price.

The former General Electric facility had stood vacant and Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his crew of men and women along with EC City Council Ward 4 Mansell Baker looked to see the property for what they thought was a profit to this “upstanding” white male figure.

In front of city council the mayor, and others presented a fantastic picture that this would help the city to grow and residents are just going to love the “Concrete Crushing” facility in their back yards.  In that city council meeting the entire audience was bamboozled into thinking that first his name was Mike Riley a multi-million dollar construction giant, and second that he actually had so much money that everyone will profit from knowing him.

In reality no one bothered to do a simple Google.com check on this professional con artist who was at the time on probation for doing what George (He hates that name) does so well.  In his alter-ego of Mike Riley he has managed top steal money from his ex-wives and girlfriends and their families along with several cities from Florida to across the nation.  (DOCUMENTED ON 44112News.

When we revealed to his latest concubine, Christina Beynon who left her future as a up and coming bank manger to follow her heart with George Michael Riley Sr. that “MIKE” was up to his old tricks being featured on  several online dating sites, she gave this crook the boot and kept the loot.

Cash Cow Queen – Christina Beynon

George aka “Mike” was sent out in the cold and had to go to a cheap motel where he was given time to once again look and find the right lady who would believe him as he changed into his “Superhero” outfit of Mike Riley a son of the mob, with lots of money from the construction game.  Driving fancy cars and treating ladies out to expensive dinners even renting a plane to prove he is about money and in only a few months a new fish is snagged.

On the “Gold Coast” of Lakewood Ohio the rebirth of “Mike Riley” has  begun at the prestigious Carlyle Condominiums where he bamboozled the entire staff and residents into thinking they have found the type of resident who can afford the cost of living in the top place they enjoy.

Who is responsible?

The only problem for our boy, Mike Riley is the fact that he opened up his mouth and it went viral on Facebook and many of the residents contacted us directly in fear of having a “roach” in their pristine neighborhood.  Some of the male residents protested and wanted to confront management of the Carlyle and we urged them to wait for us to present this to management.

One of the many requirements to  getting residency in the Carlyle is a background check with no felonies or crimes at all showing up.  Once again, like the EC Mayor and City Council of the past George Michael Riley Sr. was able to laugh at everyone in this plush building as they failed to check his background and he now occupies a first floor one bedroom unit in one of the top condominiums in North East Ohio.

With a platform of being from a family who has millions of dollars (Lie) and having M.A.F.I.A. ties (Lie) divorced from a lady who will not let him see “his” son (2 Lies, not his son) and most recently that he gave Christina Beynon the Noble Road Toxic Dump in East Cleveland (Lie, Lie, Lie) George Michael Riley Senior has outdone anything he has in the past.  Bravo, George for “sticking it to” the entire group of residents, management and owners of the Carlyle facility.

The only problem for George Michael Riley Senior is the fact that his profanity video has gone viral and all of the people from his past including some prison folks are all asking where he is working and living and sadly for him this story is also going viral telling them where and how to find him for the money and other things he owes them.

As for all of the people at the Carlyle facility from top to bottom floors who have contacted us, we feel sorry for you all and know management will be having a meeting about their pest infestation.  Perhaps someone will go to the management office and demand some justice or maybe a rebate on their monies paid to be in a building with no roaches or other infestation like con-artists looking to make a steal from their money.  This guy is not from the M.A.F.I.A.  but there are a few real mobsters and federal agents seeking to find out where this man lays his head down at.  For their beneifit here is the place to be THE Carlye on the Lake, 12900 Lake Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107.

Melissa Cyphert on FB

His latest scam is once again located in East Cleveland Ohio at:  14923 Elderwood Ave E Cleveland Ohio and it involves a lady (Melissa Cyphert) who is his new Chief Operations Officer at Red Rock Services, and according to her Facebook profile LTD and Emergency Medicine Rep at The MetroHealth System.  Carlyle Management and residents this is the young lady George Michael Riley Sr. (NOT MIKE) says is his housekeeper (LIE) and laugh on everyone in the building and management suites.

cc: The Carlyle of Lakewood

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