What would Mildred Brewer Say?

If the late East Cleveland City Councilwoman Mildred Brewer was alive, what would she say about her beloved city merging with the City of Cleveland?

With that question posted, last night, May 1, 2014 Cleveland City Councilmen Kevin Conwell and Jeffery Johnson  held an information gathering community meeting at the Gunning Recreation Center (Ward 9) (Ward 10) Cleveland.  Invited guests from East Cleveland included Council President Barbara Thomas and Nathaniel Martin, Mansell Baker, Judge William Dawson who were not given much time to speak or perhaps were clueless in regards to Jeffrey Johnson taking total control of the gathering.

It became obvious that merger talks are being generated by Jeff Johnson who is now putting out about a vote next year in both Cleveland and East Cleveland.   WEWS TV 5 interviewed the few East Cleveland people who showed up along with star struck Cleveland councilman Jeff Johnson who states that he and EC Mayor Gary Norton talk on a regular basis.

We covered most of the events and you can watch the whole event on our YouTube Channel rather than read about it in print.  Their words – Our Story.

What would the late Mildred Brewer say about all we now witness?

Rest in Peace Mildred Brewer (Left)

Rest in Peace Mildred Brewer (Left)

Clearly this reporter and Mildred Brewer had our clashes but she was the only person who could keep Mayor Gary Norton and City Council on their toes.  I personally remember how much she did not want her picture on this website until her last days when she and I met and she provided what she thought might happen in the future.   For the first time she and I smiled together and then she left this circus of events now happening. Mildred Brewer – Rest in Peace

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