Former Mayor Eric J. Brewer to the rescue (In his own words)

Eric J. Brewer

Jim Riffle’s infrared camera detected methane gas and hydrogen sulfide at the Noble Road dump site that’s affecting people living in East Cleveland, Cleveland wards 9 and 10, Cleveland Heights and South Euclid within a mile or more radius. We met at Harry Drummond’s home and Riffle took pictures with his infrared “leak detecting” camera and strip samples from inside. Riffle is dropping the samples off at the lab for testing and should have results in 7 to 10 days. I’ll share when the results are in my hands.

BTW. Riffle owns Auburn Environmental and Leak Detector. He’s a nationally-recognized expert who does this shit for the Fortune 500 crowd, states, counties and cities. Remember the sewage in the Brown’s locker room? This is the guy who advised them it was fucking up the health of the players.

What I witnessed today was the aftermath of an insane decision made by ex-mayor Gary Norton in conspiracy with new mayor Brandon King and ex-council president Thomas Wheeler. These mutha fuckas belong behind bars for what they did to the Descendants of Slaves. This is the most despicable act of political manipulation I have ever seen, and they deserve to be scorned in every corner of the Descendant of Slaves community. No racist would ever think they could get away with shit like this today, but these “sellouts” did. No politician would do this shit to “his” people without being paid off.

Think long and hard about what I’m sharing.

Hydrogen sulfide affects the respiratory tract and nervous system. Low concentration exposure may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, or throat. It causes difficulty in breathing for asthmatics. Respiratory distress or arrest has been observed in people exposed to very high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. As mayor I remember how Huron Hospital President Dr. Gus Kious would share with me that asthma was already epidemic in the Descendant of Slaves community before the illegal and highly-toxic dumpsite was licensed by Governor John Kasich’s administration.

Exposure to low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide may cause headaches, poor memory, tiredness, and balance problems. Brief exposures to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can cause loss of consciousness. In most cases, the person appears to regain consciousness without any other effects. However, in some individuals, there may be permanent or long-term effects such as headaches, poor attention span, poor memory, and poor motor function. Riffle said hydrogen sulfide will cause “death.”

Methane gas is combustible. So the risk to the people living nearby is from explosions that will create fires that burn the comingled pollutants and contaminants in the garbage at the illegal dump. Once the fire starts there’s no telling what type of pollutants and contaminants will end up in the atmosphere and “run off” water entering the storm sewers. More to the point, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s board should be demanding an investigation of the dump to see how it’s already affected the sewers.

Drummond told Riffle and I that Pete & Pete Container Services visits the site early in the morning and dumps trash. That’s illegal. We observed workers with no masks who are untrained ex-offenders just wanting to work. Those are major and life-threatening OSHA violations. We observed unpermitted equipment, an EPA licensing violation. We won’t know until Riffle gets back the test results and offers his analysis just what else is affecting East Cleveland and Cleveland residents who are living near, walking near, working near and driving by the illegal dump. The students at Collinwood and Shaw should be up in arms. So should the Apex Charter School students and workers at the General Electric Nela plant.


I sent news releases this morning to WKYC, WEWS, WOIO, FOX 8 and the Plain Dealer. I’m going to send a story for free to the Call & Post to see if Ken Bell runs it.

Shanice Dunning from WOIO showed and it’s okay that she didn’t interview me. I figure WOIO – after I teed off on Harry Boomer’s lying ass – is handling me with kid gloves and they should. Besides. This ain’t about me. The folk on Noble Road and y’all know I’m coordinating this effort. I’ve never been one to run to the media so I could see myself on the news. Riffle and I are teaming with others to get help for the East Cleveland and Cleveland residents living near the dump.

Dunning interviewed Riffle and Drumond and I gave her councilwoman Barbara Thomas’ telephone number. King and Norton aren’t returning calls to answer for their manipulating the city’s charter, ordinances and Ohio laws to rig a deal for dump owner George Michael Riley. Personally, it’s a waste of time to talk to them with all the public records available that tell the most accurate “official” story and exposes their illegal conduct.

WOIO’s Dunning got a lot of nice pictures and great information from Riffle. I appreciate the fact she said the information was “scientific” and new to her. I appreciate her asking him to explain. It’s what I did when I recorded Riffle talking with Drummond and conducting tests.

Jerry Strothers asked me to send him a picture to share with WEWS. I’ve checked for past stories to see who covered the dump. WEWS has been front and center. The Plain Dealer, according to Jerry, assigned a reporter who was “on the way” but hadn’t arrived between the hours of 9:30 a.m. when Riffle and I arrived and around 12:30 p.m. when I left for another meeting. Riffle continued with Dunning from WOIO and left before or around 1 p.m. Let’s hope the media is more involved when he gets the test results and shares them with me to share with you.

There’s a lot of politics in this shit and I’m going to make enemies for doing what I’m doing and about to do. I’d rather not but the responsible elected and appointed officials have not been responsible.

Think about it. I’m fucking with Kasich and his people, along with Ohio Attorney General Richard Michael DeWine and his people. This is going to touch on Mayor Frank Jackson, Councilman Jeff Johnson and the entire council. Jackson and the council manage and legislate the city’s “Division of Air Pollution Control.” It’s going to touch on Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish and his people. Noble Road resident Kathy White said she initially thought the land belonged to Cleveland and called Johnson’s office. His aide knew nothing about it even though Cleveland is named in the EPA’s license to Riley’s now “former” company.

George Michael Riley Sr.

Riffle tests landfills all over the USA. He’s never seen any in a densely populated urban area next door to homes. I have every intention of pissing off everybody I just named until they get off their mutha fuckin’ asses and help East Cleveland and Cleveland residents living near that pile of life threatening shit. This is not how Ohioans are supposed to be treated by their elected and appointed officials and it’s that gotdamned simple.

Think Flint, Michigan when you think of this fucking dump. For the people living, working and driving by it there’s absolutely no difference. This is misery.

And yes. That’s my old azz in the picture with Riffle and his infrared camera. It was cold as shit outside and I thought I had layered pretty well. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you know it’s cold outside when a white man puts on a jacket. Jim said, “Bro’. It’s cold as a hell out here.” Check out his before and after jacket shots between his pictures with Harry and me. LOL.

BTW. I took all the pictures but the one of me and Jim. WOIO’s Dunning took that one. The one overlooking the dump was from Harry’s 3rd floor. Sickest sight I’ve ever seen in any neighborhood.

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  1. Eric Jonathan Brewer says:

    Jerry, I’m only picking up where you led the residents. You’ve kept me informed and I appreciate you for it.

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