East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 1/5/2017 –¬†Even a family doctor can be recalled such as what happened to the Strothers family 1/4/2017 as the attending physician was ousted through a recall election that sent them out on the street.
Replacing the recalled doctor came much better treatment and things have taken a positive outlook thanks to not allowing that person to continue dispensing bad pills and judgement.

“SILLY” Willa Hemmons sleeps

East Cleveland Ohio has to realize that when recalled mayor Gary Norton Jr. gave over his throne to Brandon King with a smile that things were not going to change at all. There would still be his gang in power including Michael Smedley, Belinda Kyle, Vanessa Veals, and “Silly” Willa Hemmons who is the personal lawyer for the Norton Family.
Keep in mind that “Silly” Willa Hemmons is NOT the Law Director for the city of East Cleveland Ohio as she stated to the Ohio Supreme Court case reported on #44112News. She defended Mrs. Shalom Norton against felony criminal charges and managed to keep the scofflaw Mrs. Norton out of prison.

HOWEVER, “Silly” Willa Hemmons managed to file false and reverse racist charges against a White Council Clerk (Tracy V Peters) claiming that she, Peters beat the living daylights out of Brandon King. Most men would not want to put it out if this were true that a lightweight woman beat them to the ground. The charges are false and even Judge William Dawson did not want this mess in his court in an election year along with the second set of false charges filed against Devin Branch the person who worked to recall Gary Norton Jr.


YES, “Silly” Willa Hemmons wrote what appears to be a fantastic legal letter but it like most of the cases she has lost filed against East Cleveland is nothing but typed words on a page that have no legal meaning. We talk about it here because many people are reading and not understanding the truth here. Brandon King, Thomas Wheeler, Gary Norton are together on this whole filing criminal charges against people and or making their lives a living hell.

We THE People have already taken care of Thomas Wheeler and Gary Norton Jr. but Brandon King and his entourage including Michael Smedley, Belinda Kyle, Vanessa Veals and “Silly” Willa Hemmons (The Norton Gang) continue to make fools of everyone in town.

They don’t want us to concentrate our efforts on getting rid of Brandon King which would end the all white leadership of the EC Police as well as getting rid of a the “Norton Gang” who all make one hundred thousand dollars a year at least.

The Noble Road Toxic Dump is still hurting people and we still have no insurance on city cars and the salt supply runs low again with so many other things like the investigation of former EC Police Officer Kyle Pettus going no where after the EC Police managed to lose the dash and body camera (The Death of Christopher Kimble Jr.) And finally the recall of Brandon King out of office.

It may take some more people to get the recall thing happening to them but one thing is for sure and that is East Cleveland People are taking back their city and government. We can’t let people like “Silly” Willa or anyone else stop us from recalling Brandon King and doing it pronto before it gets too late.


  1. joan zinn says:

    Hi! You might want to change the word ‘now’ in the second sentence of this post to ‘not’. It’s in the sentence starting with “Replacing the recalled doctor…”. Just a suggestion!

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