Former EC Mayor Eric Brewer fights for justice on Noble Road

Noble Road Toxic Dump – Finally the truth comes out and nobody is willing to accept the findings. PLEASE SHARE THIS POSTING

The people on Noble Road, East Cleveland Ohio are sick from the chemicals EC Mayor Brandon King said were healthy. How can a guy who does not live in EC tell long time residents that they are not getting sick from a toxic dump in their backyards? We are now asking if Brandon King got some funding from either Christina Beynon or her ex lover George Michael Riley Sr.

George or Mike Riley Sr.

Read this report posted online from former mayor Eric Jonathan Brewer and give him a thumbs up for helping our folks.…/Nobl…/index.html…

As I promised, here is a link to environmental engineer Jim Riffle’s test results at the Noble Road toxic dump.…/Noble…/index.html

Here’s a link to Resolution 11-14 that authorized the dump operators to buy landbank land for redevelopment purposes only. The former mayor violated it.…/East…/index.html…

Here’s a link to the ordinance East Cleveland city council enacted that only allowed the dump operators to prepare the land for redevelopment…/Reso…/index.html…

Here a list of links to dump inspection reports from Cleveland officials who failed to conduct any tests.…/Seve…/index.html…

Y’all got some reading to do. Please share the test results from the first link with everyone in the affected area.

I saw some of your comments about the Facebook live feed being interrupted. This was my first FB live broadcast. I learned that when people call the feed is interrupted. I’ll check my phone to see if I can stop incoming calls when I go live. If you’ve got suggestions please share. This FB live shit is interesting. Hmmm. LOL.

I hope y’all got the information. If you have any questions let me know. I’m off to a meeting and will connect with you later for any questions about what happened today.

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