SHHH – NO Names or you will be put in EC Bedbug infested Jail

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – There is jail time in East Cleveland if you talk or say anything about some of the members of the temporary mayor Brandon King’s army of overpaid employees who do their jobs despite the return of bedbugs at city hall. Some of these current and fired/retired employees continue to have their hold on the public records showing what they are all paid and money coming into the city.  This is a warning to anyone planning to go to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Meeting, Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 6:30 PM, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center, 13944 Euclid Ave, 2nd Floor Community Room.

44112News asked for public records and “Silly” Willa Hemmons the lackluster employee / lawyer now claiming to be the Law Director makes sure no one including the State of Ohio Auditor, David Yost and his people get nothing. Just ask them the name of the bank the money from Huron Hospital demolition RECALLED / FIRED former mayor Gary Norton Jr. talked about some years ago. NOBODY CAN SAY WHERE THE MONEY WENT TO AND WHO GOT PAID.

Whatever you do please do not mention any of the EC City Government employees making good money or perks like EC Lawyer Willa Hemmons, acting Mayor Brandon King, Joei Graham, Ernest Smith, Vanessa Veals, Belinda Kyle, Michael Smedley, Gary Norton Jr., Thomas Wheeler, Pac-Man, Scott Gardner, Randy Hicks, Malone Twins, Melran Leach, Jack Johnson, Angie Benson, and Khadijah F.Guy.

Those folks sit back counting their perks while the rest of us in EC go through hell especially in Ward Three where the FAKE City Councilman Ernest Smith is not doing a darn thing in his short FAKE time replacing Devon Devin Branch the REAL Ward Three Councilman.

Abuse of power by Brandon King & “Silly” Willa

IN 2017 THE Biggest problem we have is that the REAL City Council folks, Nathaniel Martin and Barbara Thomas sit powerless while Temporary Mayor Brandon King wreaks hell on EC though his illegal city council takeover, not paying his property taxes and keeping us from recalling his unfit tail from office along with Joei Graham the other REAL Councilperson who has joined forces against white folks in city council. It is time to name folks and put them all on front street.  Why are “Silly” Willa and Brandon King keeping us from getting a recall petition to get rid of two more elected officials?  (Recall Brandon King and Joei Graham)

“Council of Three” – Down goes Thomas Wheeler

We apologize for not mention Cuyahoga County Councilman District 10 – Anthony T. Hairston. who has managed to keep his mouth shut about the problems at the Noble Road Toxic Dump site (ARCO). Next time we will mention some other names like foul mouthed George Michael Riley Sr. and Christina Beynon who are laughing out loud while EC folks are sick inhaling toxic stuff into their bodies.

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