Phones really ringing off the hook about this video

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – PHONES RINGING OFF THE HOOK OVER THIS VIDEO – Walter Melton says: Thanks to Mayor Brandon L. King, and his Administration the service department Mike Riley for donating his equipment and Voice For my people we always out here keeping it clean&safe and the council members we can start moving the city East Cleveland forward. God is good y’all

——– We have no control over allegiances with George Michael Riley Sr. who pays people “chump change” to do his dirty work. Truly acting mayor “Insane” Brandon King is enjoying the same stuff he has had since the Noble Road Toxic Dump was created by George Michael Riley Sr. As for the video here, we are giving to you for comments and consideration. For all of the Ex-Girlfriends, Wives, Creditors of George Michael Riley Sr., he is making a stand here in East Cleveland where there are so many gullible people willing to sell out the city and their own people.

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