Upset over RTA Hand-Off to East Cleveland Paramedics (Rant Alert)


WEDNESDAY May 7, 2014 – EC – A young man allegedly managed to get his hands on a lovely lady bus rider and she appears to have been upset enough to call her husband or boyfriend to meet the #30 bus as it arrived at our Louis Stokes/Windermere station.

Somehow the young lady managed to call and put her fellow on red alert and he responded by meeting and greeting the perpertrator with a piece of one cobblestone street brick to the head.

We try not lead with a lot of blood but this short video could not avoid the graphic nature of the events that happened.


This young man did not provide enough data for the solo RTA Transit officer to run a warrant check and instead everyone including RTA Dispatch called East Cleveland medics to respond. With our limited funds and old as hell trucks it seems like the whole world dumps their garbage on us; in this case the Paramedics who work extra hard doing their jobs.

Next time RTA, take some time to call for back-up, a zone car or even a bus supervisor before placing our paramedics in any danger. We can’t afford to have any of our limited force out of control so everyone watch out for the paramedics when it comes to them getting in the line of fire.

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