Who really cares about Noble Road Toxic Dump victims ? (Video Editorial)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 4/24/2017 – Not even one of the current candidates for Mayor in EC have tried to help the people on Noble Road with this toxic dump site. Of the candidates going for three city council seats only one of them, Kelvin Earby has been active in helping the people on Noble Road. In the up and coming elections Earby is the only one worthy being elected and we are actually in favor of Ernest Smith finally earning the third ward seat over former councilman Otis Mays, who actually created the city charter that has put us all in the mess we are now.

While Otis Mays is an interesting talker and loves Dr. Una Keenon as well as Nathaniel Martin neither one of the two and also Keenon have done anything to help the people on Noble Road (Toxic Dump Site). Mays has been directed to run for the Ward 3 council seat and he is looking forward to being city council president. In this election it is imperative that the Keenon Machine not be elected to destroy the city. Take a look at what Keenon has managed to do with the schools including still feeding the greedy board members a $300 meal at their special meetings.

As for my friend Nathaniel Martin he kept his tail off Noble Road and although he is a personal friend, this is business and Martin continues “Monkey Funking” things up as I use words Ward 3 councilwoman Barbara Thomas created. Nathaniel is my friend but it is with deep personal regret that I “unfriend” him and deal with the business of helping the people on Noble Road, and that is business not personal.

And as for former friend and the current Ward 4 councilwoman Joei “Postal” Graham, she has been a complete disappointment since joining up with “Insane” Brandon King, “Silly” Willa Hemmons and her best buddy “Fired” Thomas Wheeler. Now she, Graham heads the “Fake” City” council that is all in to the destruction of the city from North East Ohio Regional Sewer District. Once again this is business and not personal and as for “Silly” Willa Hemmons saying I am trying to kill my friend Ms. Graham everyone must know the “Lie Director” “Silly” Willa Hemmons is out to lunch like the bartenders at her favorite bar site in Orange Ohio have told me.

This leads us to wonder just who is being paid by George Michael Riley Sr. and his ex lover Christina Beynon the creator and owner of the Noble Road Dump site.

How many of these folks mentioned EXCEPT Kelvin Earby and Ernest Smith are on the payroll of George Michael Riley Senior? Even Nathaniel Martin admitted he got money from Riley and that was shocking but how many others are in this scheme to follow con-artist George Michael Riley Sr. What happened to the weekly meeting from Michael Smedley with Riley, that was going on for quite sometime.

As for the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service folks assigned, they need to take a look at these folks 2016 returns to see if this cash was claimed. Especially Michael Smedley’s Form 1040 which should claim any cash paid to him. Smedley is the “Fake” Chief of staff who barely made it out of high school and has no college degree yet makes over one hundred thousand dollars a year.

My bet is that Smedley will be the downfall of everyone in this matter and he will talk to keep from going to prison. Enough said, what do you all think about this posting? PLEASE LIKE AND GIVE THIS A THUMBS UP ALONG WITH MAKING COMMENTS AND SHARING IT. Some of these folks need to be spanked by your comments.

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  1. In my opinion everyone on the committee that voted for the Arco Recycleling Center , all the council members that voted for it, Norton, George Michael Riley and his girlfriend should be tried for Murder 1 or at Manslaughter.

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