Bald Head EC Acting Mayor Brandon King Picture becomes viral

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 4/20/2016 – A bald head picture of dreadlocks or dreadknots wearing EC Acting Mayor “Insane” Brandon King is the most downloaded item on the 44112News site today.  Because of all of the downloads of the now infamous “Insane” Brandon “Baldy” King picture we have had to move to a larger web server to handle the downloads.


King (Before)

Appointed only to serve as acting mayor until the election of 2017 is decided, King is now on a full fledged run for the mayor seat and is patching up potholes using money the city does not have and buying old beater firetrucks to show he really is doing something.

King (After) Thank you PhotoShop

How can a slum landlord owner who has unpaid taxes really think that the voters in East Cleveland don’t have enough sense to check into his background?  In the case of Brandon King and his family who are purchase equipment on the city credit card and allow unlicensed drivers to take the city vehicle laughing at his bald head picture is not enough to stop what is going on right now.

Little Ernie has no drivers license so why is he driving a city car?

While some think that the latest candidate to join the battle for mayor Dr. Una Keenon is the answer we think not in her case either.  Since we have reported on Keenon and even had local media cover her story we will not talk about the injustice Keenon continues doing to the city (See This Link For complete Details of Keenon’s Stuff)

After enjoying a $200 dinner at taxpayers expense

Neither Brandon King or Una Keenon are the answer to what plagues East Cleveland Ohio and that is Corruption in government and schools.  How dare Brandon King and Una Keenon run for another office in this city when there are people physically sick on Noble Road and neither one of these blow hard politricians as Little Ernie Smith says have done anything to help.

Too bad Mildred Brewer is not here to save the day

Patching up potholes is not the answer when there are people like Michael Smedley getting over one hundred thousand dollars a year salary doing a job where he rarely shows up for work.  And not to mention “Silly” Willa Hemmons who will be looking for a way to take us to court over this story but has lost more cases than any lawyer in the history of the city, both of them get paid big bucks for being a looser ?

As for Una Keenon, we may have the best band in the land at Shaw High School but the schools overall are the worst in the entire state of Ohio and that is certainly nothing to be proud of.  It’s time for change in the School
Board that pays to have catered gourmet meals at their special meeting costing the taxpayers several hundred dollars each time.

Here is a video back when “Postal” Joei Graham talked with some sense and before she became infested with the disease we call corruption.

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Want to know more about Una Keenon?  (THE KEENON STORY)

One Comment to Bald Head EC Acting Mayor Brandon King Picture becomes viral

  1. Valery Hill says:

    Only a few potholes have been patched, certainly not enough to mention in a bid for mayor. Eric Brewer sums up Terrace Road and the filth surrounding the eyesore there. First street is where another filth factory’s been allowed to exist. No mayor should tolerate such deplorable conditions in EC. I would not consider voting for such a person. Neither would I vote for a self serving school administrator who has failed in her present position. A squatter is allowed to live rent free and pay no taxes on city property, while actually running a business there! No, I won’t vote for Mr. King.

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